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  1. Biden signed 17 executive orders on his first day. Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet. Is Biden Q?
  2. He could have been under Cameron, but he's too anti-Brexit currently.
  3. They were the only ones available. All the big names are partying with Trump.
  4. Quite a strange speech by Trump. He said the next administration are set up to do well. Briefly he said he achieved so much and then the pandemic hit. He said there are some good economic figures due to come out soon and the next administration have a good foundation. So he's seemingly acknowledging Biden won't be the extremist the Republicans claimed he was. He's also trying to take credit for the achievements of the next administration! I don't know why he didn't give a speech like this in November or at least December and just let his lies about electoral fraud fade away.
  5. Live: Trump leaves White House for farewell rally at Andrews Air Force Base in final hours - YouTube
  6. Most remainers were determined to stop Corbyn and stopping, or softening, Brexit would just have been a nice bonus.
  7. What sort of chaos do you expect? Do you consider the 2019 general election chaotic? (I don't recall anyone disputing the results) It seems like you haven't grasped that the referendum was different to general elections. Maybe if we have another referendum, that will be chaotic.
  8. You can try. Or alternatively don't start thread likes this: "I'm thinking, from different political points: -Gordon Brown who never accepted that he got his ass kicked in the 2010 General Election -Remoaners"
  9. That reminds of a Reagan joke. Doctor: You have cancer and Alzheimer's. Reagan: Oh well. At least I don't have cancer.
  10. They don't decide. Wasn't that when Trump pressured Powell? By the way, if you favour capitalism, there was a much more suitable candidate: Rand Paul (he's not quite as consistent as his father Ron Paul, who was quite successful during the 2008 Primaries, but I think a move from authoritarianism towards libertarianism would be preferable). During the 2016 he described Trump as "a truth-teller without the truth."
  11. Do you think Trump did anything to change this for the better? When Jerome Powell start to increase IRs, Trump was very critical of him. Trump has been far more focused on pumping up the stock market than any previous President. About a year ago when his approval wavered or he faced some criticism, he said: "Maybe you don't like my personality, but you like that your 401k is up massively." Boomers are a lot more wealthy than millennials and have a lot of that wealth in the stock market.
  12. Biden's plan provides $30bn rental assistance and a moratorium on evictions until 30th September. The $1,400 per person and extension of the emergency jobless benefit of $400 per week will also help those who are struggling. Bear in mind that the US has different problems to the UK. We have a housing crisis, but they have a health crisis. Housing is expensive in some US cities, but in much of the country houses are significantly bigger and cheaper than in the UK. But even if houses were free in the US, many would still be unable to pay their medical bills. Student loan debt is also a bigg
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