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  1. What you have to take into account is the true cost of remortgage.Usually a high arrangement fee up to £2000 for some mortgages ie Santander fixed rates.Take that into account over a fixed term not saving much compared to a SVR.
  2. You are right however quite a few friends and work colleagues I know are receiving inheritance from sale of family home or from equity release Also over 55 gaining excess to pension pots.We are a rich country still .
  3. Boom town in south east.Households buying new cars and caravans for staycation. Restaurants fully booked houses selling like hot cakes.Money everywhere. Welcome to the promised land.
  4. Just observations. Live in south east like boom town.New cars new caravans .Restaurants fully booked.Home improvements the list goes on. A lot of these people I know are self employed or have been furloughed. Dont get it maybe inheritance money is trickling down? Plus houses selling like hot cakes where I live
  5. Hi All what recession. Just observations quite a few neigbours have been on furlough. Now on holiday for 2 weeks with new caravan.Another neighbour brand new car on drive.Others home improvements restaurants paked out.Loads of money about . Houses selling I dont get it like boom time here in the South East.
  6. Hi All New to this so apologies in advance grammer etc. I have worked since 16 not high paid jobs but made a living.Key worker now worked throughout lockdown. Looking around where I live people buying new cars caravans most self employed.Where are people getting money from ? Just observations wondered could be inheritance .Like I said me and partner worked since 16 been fortunate no time unemployed however I can not go out and spend thousands on new car etc. Especially now in a recession dont get it. Is it a similarr situation where you guys are? Seems plenty of money around or us it me
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