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  1. I must be really dense, but I don't understand? Why would you buy higher? I think the odds on a pull back to sub 30k are slim. Just seems your charts always give you a reason not to buy
  2. You have no clue. You knocked vechain at 0.004 now 0.24 and they have been used on a daily bases (millions of transactions) by Walmart, BYD (Chinese electric car) h and m, Shanghai gas, PWC, lvmh to name a few. Trust is a big issue and solves most of these issues. We are so trusting of what we buy, this solves it. You have to think as a venture capitalist, most startups fails but real gems go up hugely. It's easy to shout out scam or pump and dumps, but some alts really solve issues. They aren't competing with btc. The gaming alts are very interesting, pyr, buying your own land in game, charging ppl to use it. As a nft you can transfer this to anyone and any in game tools you buy. Imagine renting out your weapons or renting your game level. Gamers are loving this, this is their world. It's not a btc vs alts. Maybe if you did any research rather you could see value in some.
  3. Defi is a real eye opener. Before ppl say it's a ponzi with the interest rates, just think you elimate all of banking costs with smart contracts.
  4. At bloody last, though still very restricted. Wonder what the withdrawal fee would be
  5. Dude are you getting in? I and a few others said that pull back the other week was an ideal time to get in. Just dca if you worried, you never going to find the bottom. You will just be waiting and waiting and probably but the top this cycle. You could even basket a few of the good coins like eth, vet etc You will feel better for doing it
  6. https://youtu.be/0tJrla31t8I Raoul gives an incredible 90 minutes on the exponential growth of crypto. This is true gold. I've no idea how to embed, MISS Bear, could you tell me, or embed this
  7. Yeh, salty is anger due to jealousy and resentment. Ie. I'm pretty sure if I had a bot that bought $1 worth of btc every time a anti btc was written here my pure profit would be in the 1000s of %. There's so many false claims on why to be negative on btc, from quantum computing, expensive to be a ccy, criminal usage, environmental concerns. Ironaically a lot of this fud is by companies that want your btc cheap. Look at unilad owner Liam Harrington who has a lot of interest in blockchain/BTC with iconic labs. Unilad really fuds BTC hard.
  8. Feel free to give us updates on every 1k rise as well. These no coiners are very salty. They will cream themselves when we go from 220k to 180k despite having the opportunity to get in at 50k for a few days.
  9. Funny how all those ppl who wanted BTC at 50k at 60+ aren't getting involved. Dca over the month and you will be up by the summer. There's no blow off top yet, no parabolic rise yet. 200k is on the cards. Sell green, buy red
  10. I never understand why ppl who have no / negative interest in crypto come to this board. I love BTC dramatic as it does get more ppl involved unlike if you got gentle regular rise.
  11. There's already a few cards that convert crypto to fiat when spent. Very much like how I use my revolut card in Norway it coverts my GBP to nok. More a when then if, this will just be common place. Had some BTC on my revolut (never buy crypto on revolut) and bought my shopping with it as I didn't have enough GBP on my card (didn't realise it spent BTC at a awful exchange rate but that's beside the point). Can see it as seemless as that in future.
  12. Don't see why not. When you realise how conned we are it's hard to not take it in and do something about it.
  13. Great news, I'm really interested how America is going to deal with bitcoin. An outright ban is out the question, be interested if they might bring in a crypto tax - imagine a 60% tax on it. Remember what they did to gold many years ago essentially banning it. The land of the free, really isn't that free. This would really put the breaks on them anywhere near the crypto frontier with China really having that first mover advantage. Hopefully Miami move forward with their crypto plans and Nevada give approval for their new blockchain city. This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity, look at all the times brakes have been put on inovation (remember streaming & napster). Crypto is so much bigger than just crazy price changes from bitcoin. Time in the market over money, every single person reading this has time in the market, especially in the long term. Each cycle, the reward ratio lowers. Us long term guys took most of the risk. Now I think the risk reward is ideal, still a lot of upside and little risk of this not working, big players are still not at the table, but look at tether printing and btc going off exchanges - big names have joined and will be disclosed soon
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