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  1. Honestly think there would have to be a crypto blank swan to ever get to 20s again like a binance hack etc. I'd be very surprised if another big company doesn't announce that it's moved some of its reserves over to BTC in march
  2. This looks pretty likely, might go down to 41k but the downside now very low. Keep saying this is my last fiat inflow, but I'm just investing in future londonkid. I had 3 orders in June 2020 to sell 3 BTC at 20500, completely forgot about it that order until i got the confirm. Naturally I was too proud to buy bank straight away and was convinced it would did. Never did. That's the only time I've sold BTC, and not planning on selling for a bit. Yes I have my moon amount but think worst case I'd be selling 25% of my BTC this cycle. Stimulus, greyscale, institutions even miners are top
  3. https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-sell-off-over-strong-buy-the-dip-signal-flashes-for-the-first-time-since-september Some great signs for the next step up. This is offering great opportunities to top up but I'm sure the ppl who wanted to get btc for 45k when it was 55k are not picking it up. Very nice to have picked up jilteds btc at a bargain last week. Buy when there's panick, I am and big wallets/miners are
  4. Hfsp. No idea why only bitcoin has the electricity mention when so many other resources use the same anime l should l amount of power. Also most mining gets the energy source from renewables. What ever the price is, bitcoin will still be mined
  5. Anyone thought about getting a crypto loan. I assume a loan isn't taxable?
  6. Big fan of your reviews and comments. I'm never going to marry, I personally don't see the point and current partner is happy with that, I'm assuming though there might be pressure later down the line
  7. Yup, glassnode (their Twitter has enough info) has all the stats to make sense. If you hold 0.1 btc you should def be looking at it and willywoo https://mobile.twitter.com/woonomic
  8. Never known a panic move to workout. Personally would have just chipped away in 10% lots if I was desperate. Also surprised he didn't do some after April for tax year. The amount of weak hands over the last 48 hours has just given the whale wallets cheap btc, just look at the on chain analysis. The dumped happened cause of leveraged trades
  9. This is such a underrated post. So clear and truthful. I've seen this happen to countless people. One of the best financial decisions is not to get married, 50/50 chance you are going to lose more than half your wealth. Lucky I avoided this twice. So much of your wealth gets drained, even if you pick the 'right' girl. Really surprised jilted didn't keep a proportion of btc I forgot the chap on here very pro bitcoin then just cashed out. Looked good at the time, but geez
  10. A great example to not panic sell. You were getting nervous about the price for a while, you should have dca rather than one big trade
  11. NUPL NUPL (Net Unrealized Profit/Loss) looks at the difference between Unrealized Profit and Unrealized Loss to determine whether the network as a whole is currently in a state of profit or loss
  12. I had 200k from link, inj, egld and bnb profits (I mention in the thread before I was getting ). So was waiting for dips, so over the last 24hours just had orders set up to buy chunks. Still more levels until 40500
  13. I might look back and think it's the wrong decision to buy, but being in since 2013 I can afford a few slip ups. I can think of a handful of occasions when panick buying and selling has worked out. Sell greed buy blood. Even though you have disagreed with a lot of what I've said, still would advise to take at least cgt minimum allowance out and 10% is a good amount not to worry if it still doubles. I'm going to take my chunk soon, but not on days like this.
  14. Wasn't aimed at you, actually think you did the smart thing (not what I've done but can see logic) I've taken over last few days profit ona few alts so had spare casg. It's the panic mode set by jilted and a couple of others talking about selling. Selling straight out is not wise concept. You never get the top, better to chunk out. It's time in the market vs money in the market I just dca 3 btc and 20eth this morning. I urge ppl to read up on NUPL regarding btc
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