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  1. Regarding increase supply, viewed a couple of properties last week ( thinking of relocating ) office manager was due to take us to the viewing but was not available , heard the vendor ask where chris was? agent replied "we are flooded with new instructions at the moment, chris is the fastest at typing so he will be stuck in the office all week. Small town with way to many EA, this was one of the smaller agents if they are flooded with new instructions what's it like for the big boys?
  2. Today program radio4, business slot around 6.15, haven't heard comments like it outside this site, interviewer begged to be cheered up afterwards. Worth a listen.
  3. Farmers are my favourite, regularly turn up on radio/tv claiming Brits just don't want to pick fruit/veg for £8 hour but not a single one of them could tell you when they last advertised a vacancy at the local job centre, simply phone their gang masters at the start of the season and tell them how many pickers they need brought in. They would rather brand the Brits lazy than admit they are simply doing what's convenient for them and their business .
  4. Plenty of criticism when they debated the proposal in the commons on Wednesday , even the Government spokesman had his concerns.
  5. Government spokesmen got a kicking, finished by raising his own concerns over the proposal
  6. Wow 2.1 mom, 25% pa, fascinating to see how long they can keep the props in place if that sort of price inflation materialises, victims of their own success ?
  7. Usual group gathering to discuss economy on newsnight yesterday, got round to HTB and housing market, most thought it was a great idea, no one asked the "once we start how do we stop" question or pointed out that if its successful those following behind will need even greater help to get on board. Same sort probably thought housing benefit was a good idea when introduced, few hundred £million to put a roof over people's heads, few decades later the costs are thirty odd £billion and no one knows WTF to do about it.
  8. Remember sipps , Osbourne is in danger of having to do a Gordon Brown, the then chancellor , who had to announce the cancelling of his flagship policy just 48hours before its introduction because of ever mounting concerns about the extra boost it would give to already over heated property market. Over the proceeding months those involved in the industry had spent £millions gearing up for its introduction.
  9. Main news story on BBC south today, beeb desperate to ingratiate itself to viewers after the Saville disaster " we bring you great tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy"
  10. Balls should have explained the need/benefit of house building to his Missus when she was housing minister, built nothing.
  11. Chose themselves a relatively safe area , market holding up well, for their first episode , four more to come, wonder if they will visit anywhere that's in the slump with prices on the slide.
  12. You can extend the house but not the plot, that house extension simply bricked over what was already a small garden, ended up looking ridiculous in its surroundings, what happened to location being everything, now got a £360k house (according to Beaney) on a estate of £200k properties. What potential buyer would not find the extra £40k and buy the dream home on the large plot for £400k that they were drooling over. Thought the basement conversion was very sensible.
  13. True, it wasn't Swervyn Mervyns decision to cut rates to 3.75 that was Eddie Georges going away present to Gordon, but the following cut to 3.50 (10/7/03) was certainly Melvyn's "thanks for the job Gordon"' .
  14. "no chance surrounding area will be built on" PMSL! the irony on a site demandng "more homes be built", quick pull the drawbridge up.
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