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  1. Any one looked at investing in the miners ? Sorry if it’s already been said but you can hold them in your ISA or SIPP - on one the LSE Argo blockchain ticker ARB
  2. The block chain is the authority to assert the order. A database shared between a “small” networks of banks is nothing compared to anyone with an internet connection. Coupled with the fact it’s been around so long and achieved 200% per year ! It’s hard to ignore - read about it
  3. Iv got this worry now - I need a new car my 09 focus the engine has gone think the car cost me 1800 couple years back. My question is what’s the best value for money route for a new one ? another 2/3k one and hope she lasts longer ? a friend told me look around 10k lowest mileage highest spec you can find and budget for - keep for 3 years then sell ? Any advice from my price conscious forum pals ?
  4. I was going to pipe in when we were talking about the solarwinds aided hack.... best go back to my Bitcoin tread
  5. My child is autistic and would say he’s a squealer not a screamer. We did get some help but this wasn’t means tested it all came down the claimants level of needs. and oh I guess I’m also piss poor
  6. Autism is a disability it’s a mental impairment and of course yes you can get benefit. As with all benefits especially DLA it all comes down to needs of that particular child. autism is used to describe a very very large cross section of people all with a type of disability. Article states about the child’s language skills so who knows how severely or not disabled he is.
  7. I was always taught at least 3 months but felt better at 6. However I didn’t see this coming so yes your 3 years is much better suited. do you have a lot of loo roll ?
  8. Have you got savings that could last a year ?
  9. A second lockdown comes with props I think
  10. If we do get a second lockdown will Rishi uturn on furlough ending ?
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