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  1. As someone who has worked in the field of hyrbrid electrics I can say without a doubt that GM has got this one correct, at least in terms of reducing domestic energy usage for transportation. The limiting factor in terms of electric cars is the size and weight of the batteries (and from an environmental point of view, the impact of mining to get sufficient lithium to make them). Including batteries for a simple 40 mile trip is not only practical, but very light in weight (hence efficient) compared to say giving a range of 200 miles. Think about it, a range of 40 miles is more than enough for the average 5-day weekly commute and at the weekend, the petrol engine is convenient for long trips, say in the UK for a trip to the Lake District or Cornwall. Will it take off? well the price tag is a downer but the idea is top notch.
  2. At last! I've been hanging on to my 15 year old citroen AX in anticipation of the government doing something this stupid!
  3. Yep, more VI rubbish. Hope his hedge fund gets wiped out soon
  4. There was a news ticker on here a few years ago but it slowed the site right down
  5. ING has a fairly low CDS rating, not quite as good as HSBC but better than most and has a savings account rate of 6.5%
  6. Some more charity shops on Park View it is then
  7. I've been trying to find an answer for this question as well. I think I read some where that the bank can't simply over inflate the money supply because the bond market wouldn't allow it, but couldn't really say why. Could anyone shed some more light on where the bond market comes into things?
  8. Well, at least student loan interest rates will drop 0.7% from last year now that rpi =4.1%
  9. Agree with you there, having worked with Indian engineers contracted to our company I can say that most of them are not up to scratch Doing a PhD in electrical engineering and as soon as I finish, I'm leaving for greener pastures abroad.
  10. One from Moneyweek for your friend: Link Toward the bottom of the page
  11. I work in that area and the stupid thing is, you could buy a "normal" house in that area for less than £90k as it all council estates & industrial land in that part of Gateshead. Whoever is stupid enough o buy one of those deserves to get robbed by the pikey's camped near by.
  12. The best bit is their location, built between an industrial estate filled with pikeys on the scrounge and a council estate where you wouldn't be safe to walk the streets at night. Such a bargain for any FTB
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