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  1. Thankyou to iamnumerate and to MARTINX9 for the conversation.
  2. It was made possible by the absence or inadequacy of a social security system in the country concerned. Similar consequences may well emerge in any industrial society with an inadequate system. There will always be some who game the system. But hell, if its good enough for Goldman Sachs its good enough for the local layabouts, good luck to them.
  3. Here in the land of the free there are already homeless people dying on the streets in winter. Isn't that enough for you?
  4. World war II started because unemployed Germans were dying of starvation.
  5. I would like to help but I think there are others, on HPC and elsewhere, who are far better informed than I am and who understand in more detail the mechanisms involved. I hope some of them will come up with some suitable material.
  6. Many of them are in poverty because they have to pay extortionate rents, an unearned income for the landed, a form of private taxation backed up by the state. Or maybe you would rather go back to the 1930s...how did that end? They can work full time at some low wage but at the end of it all they will get for it is the honour of paying this levy for themselves.
  7. There's lots of discontent but we expect someone else to do the rioting. Too risky and its cold out there.
  8. Poor guy! I've always rented but I learn alot about the ugly side of the housing market from this site.
  9. It will just be an initial kick, once started it is self-sustaining and generates its own electricity. If for some reason a fusion reactor goes down then it can be restarted using power from another reactor or from its own stored surplus.
  10. Electricity from any source will do, wind, photovoltaic, tidal, wood burning generators....
  11. In case your last question wasn't rhetorical : Fusion reactors accept hydrogen, deuterium and tritium as fuels. Hydrogen and deuterium are everywhere, the oceans are full of them, tritium can be obtained via lithium. There are other ways to obtain deuterium and tritium if necessary. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fusion_power#Fuels
  12. Not on Boris, but more bear food for thought, with numbers : https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-britain-banks-risks-focus/britains-banks-turn-cyber-sleuths-to-crack-75-billion-mortgage-mystery-idUKKBN26T0RS Free viewing
  13. Similarly critical reactions on Bloomberg, by Chris Bryant : https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2020-10-08/u-k-house-prices-are-about-to-get-another-helping-hand First few articles are free.
  14. Microwaves can kill influenza A viruses: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4673452/. This not by heating or by ionization. They are fractured when natural vibrational modes of their structure are excited, in resonance with the frequency of microwaves of a few GHz. How many of the sub-cellular structures of our bodies, which are on a similar scale to a virus and made of similar materials, have resonances at frequencies of a few Ghz, in the 5G range? Even if the sub-cellular structures and molecules are not entirely broken up, may not their effectiveness within the cell be impeded by
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