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  1. Exciting times. Who doesn’t love a perfectly timed, ice-cold plate of revenge?
  2. Exactly. A housing market crash is the death knell for a political party. But at what point will the majority want prices to come down? When today’s kids are unable to fly the nest? We’ve been saying for nearly two decades on here that it’s unsustainable, and yet they keep on finding ways to pump it up. The control of prices needs to be taken out of their hands. If a global pandemic and Brexit don’t make prices drop, nothing will.
  3. The whole system seems corrupt. You vote for us and we’ll keep increasing the value of your house, as long as you turn a blind eye to us fiddling the economy to the benefit of ourselves and our sponsors. You know things are bad when you start thinking that Caligula’s plan* to make his horse, Incitatus, a consul seems an eminently sensible idea given today’s political climate. *Yes, I know it’s never been proven to be factual.
  4. It’s absolutely incredible how MPs cause such problems for greater society and just walk away with impunity. It’s either reappearing on the back bench, chairing a select committee to question the next puppet as to why they’ve not been able to fix the problems they themselves caused, a six figure job with one of their sponsors, or Strictly! Where’s the incentive to do the right thing for the people they purport to serve?!?
  5. Quite possibly. If we have more Covid and Brexit problems during the winter months I could well envisage MPs not just resigning to avoid responsibility, but also quitting because they don’t have the backbone to be able to cope.
  6. See. Ban it! Mind you, I’m only assuming it’s still full of miserable people. The last episode I saw was when Lofty had been left at the alter by Michelle. He came home, opened the door and the confetti fell on him. Then he slumped down against the door and wept.....
  7. This is the same reason I think EastEnders should be banned from TV. Why haven’t the people in the programme figured out that their homes are worth a fortune, sell up and move out into the country. They’d be much happier.
  8. And if that doesn’t work, then there’ll be Help to Right to Shared Ownership. The government will lend you 20% of your first 1%
  9. Home-made, recyclable and sustainable. What’s not to like? Well, apart from the hepatotropic viruses......but no one wants to be the party pooper at Christmas. Or do they....? 🤔
  10. Nothing helps reconnect with loved ones more than snapping one off in their mouth.
  11. Or perhaps he prefers someone with a bit more experience. 😉
  12. Avoid sexual behaviors that have a risk of fecal-oral transmission or that involve semen or urine. Somewhere there’s two girls with an empty cup feeling thoroughly dejected.
  13. Are those the free compact and bijou apartments that come with 3 square meals a day and toilet to share with a room mate who, if you’re lucky, will spit on it first?
  14. https://www.fastcompany.com/3017659/these-photos-of-tiny-futuristic-japanese-apartments-show-how-micro-micro-apartments-can-be “If the rent-per-square-foot is too damn high, why not lower the number of square feet?” Dignity and mental health be damned!
  15. I agree. Illegal immigrants aren’t the problem in this country. Having a corrupt, purchasable, career government that treats the UK economy like its personal casino, where the house always wins and the bill is picked up by the tax payer is the biggest problem we have. If we actually had a competent government that really was running the country for the good of all its citizens, we wouldn’t have anywhere near the amount of problems we have these days. This site wouldn’t exist! Alas, the idea of such a virtuous government is but a dream....
  16. No. People don’t want these new digital ID cards because they don’t want to be treated like a potential criminal, constantly having to prove their innocence. You’re suggesting we all happily adopt a system that means everyone will monitored, manipulated and treated with suspicion just to flush out an ‘estimated’ 1.2 illegal immigrants that aren’t even traceable. You sound like Donald Rumsfeld and his submarines/WMDs. You might want to emulate 1940’s Germany, but I would imagine most don’t.
  17. 1. New ID cards will be forged almost immediately. 2. You’d refuse treatment to someone who was nearly dying? 3. What if an illegal migrant had a new deadly virus that was extremely contagious? Should they be refused treatment to then go on and infect the rest of the community?
  18. What is your simple and effective way to uncover said criminality with a new ID card?
  19. And how would new ID solve your problem there? Are you going to build a wall out of ID cards?
  20. We are not a liberal, well organised country though. We are country run by greed, incompetence and impunity for a citizenship that will abuse whatever they can if they think they can get away with it. We’re all able to get a job, rent or buy a house with the current sets of ID. It was the functionality creep that people were rightly concerned about last time this idea popped up: Imagine the cards are dolled out and you only use them for the reasons you would currently. Then in the future the Govt decide your new ID must be swiped every time you purchase alcohol (for proof of age, of course). Then imagine 20 years later you have to visit the GP because of a potential liver problem. They point to the screen where it shows you’ve spent £67,000 at Peter Dominics and you’re no longer eligible for the NHS treatment as it’s too expensive for people with self inflicted illnesses such as this. But don’t worry, (insert name of current chancellor)’s private medical firm will carry out your treatment for £xxxxxx
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