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  1. Jamie Oliver’s hubris and incompetence saw the loss of 1000+ jobs. Rather than hold his hands up, he initially tried to blame Brexit; something he’d previously been all in favour of. He still took a multi-million pound profit that year and then had the nerve to soon-after appear on TV in his idealised existence, spouting his usual privileged ignorance. The staff that lost their livelihood and the people he owed money to were not impressed to say the least. Ant McPartlin was drunk. He was twice over the legal limit when he crashed his car head-on into another. A 4 year-old had to be taken to hospital. Luckily, no one was seriously injured. In the past, that would’ve been the end of his career. You’re dead right about Green 😉
  2. Oh, they’ll leave a legacy alright. Just not a good one. Greed, impunity and moral bankruptcy seem to be the order of the day when it comes to business and government. There’s no shame in people’s behaviour anymore. And because there’s no shame, there’s no consequences. If their was, people like Jamie Oliver or Ant McPartlin wouldn’t be on TV anymore. Philip Green would’ve bowed out of Arcadia Group to save the company’s reputation. Robert Jenrick would’ve been fired. Tony Blair woul............... where to start? If the public aren’t happy about said behaviour they’ve now got a tool to deflect their anger into the abyss - Twitter. A bit like those old ‘How’s my driving?’ phone numbers on the backs of lorries to deflect you from reporting them to the police. I wonder when we’ll get the first squeals of mis-selling when people realise they’ve got to pay back 20/40% of their homes profit when it comes time to sell. “But we thought we had to pay back the amount we borrowed” 😢
  3. Indeed. I’ve had several conversations with people about buying up properties and renting them out. There’s been a number of times that people have been taken aback when they’ve realised the knock on effects of what their doing. They genuinely had never thought it through before. Not surprising really when there’s been the best part of 2 decades worth of daytime TV promoting making easy money from property. Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a Buy to Let.
  4. It’s situations like that, that make it so easy to see why people become misanthropic. If a proper tide ever turns against forever HPI, I think that may be it: when too many people can’t get their kids to move out and the kids desperately want to, but can’t. It’s already happening to an extent.
  5. True. Too many people are on the teat of HPI. All of our eggs have been put in one basket. Whenever someone I know starts crowing about how much their house has increased in price, I always ask them where they think their kids are going to live when they grow up. I get the impression generally that they don’t even want to think about it.
  6. As always, the best, and really only way to put a stop to this kind of thing is to vote for a credible, incorruptible alternative party. Unfortunately, no such party exists. Yet 🤞
  7. Yes, it’s a shame she hasn’t gone further (yet). But, it’s a start, at least she’s put it out there. Perhaps someone else will pick it up further down the line. The more these things come out into the open, the better.
  8. https://youtu.be/EbPhcvZcPpM I’ve posted this elsewhere before, but this is Zarah Sultana (Labour) who’s touched on this before. She’s also done a few videos on YouTube about corporate gifts and corruption. Good on her for at least bringing the subject up. No doubt someone took her to the side and told her to “settle down, you’ll ruin it for everyone else.” Perhaps we should have a whip-round, or set up a GoFundMe page so we can have a ‘dinner’ with the housing secretary. What’s his going rate? £12k? I’m sure we can get a bit more than that.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/business-54066815 “HMRC is now looking into 27,000 "high risk" cases where they believe a serious error has been made in the amount an employer has claimed.”
  10. Agreed. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a party actually worth voting for, rather than having to vote tactically against for once.
  11. Yes. The point I was making was that given how ludicrously overinflated the bubble is these days, how much the market has been manipulated, and given how much the Tories have lured people into it, a significant house price crash now would likely be the end of the Tories for a long time. They would be responsible for potentially ruining millions of people’s lives.
  12. The point I was making though is that I don’t think today’s career politician really cares about their party or even politics itself (for the greater good). If it all goes wrong, they’ll just go back to their job at the bank (Goldman Sachs, where quiet a few of them seem to come from) or receive their new highly paid position as reward for services rendered whilst in government.
  13. Oh dear. It appears I’ve made the HPC forum cardinal error of not stating something that is 100% accurate. I’ll have to bow my head in shame whilst being repeatedly corrected and chastised by the members with supreme knowledge. Or what’s usually known as: dinner round at the in-laws.
  14. They were a joke. Chuka Umunna is the slimy epitome of a career politician. I’m not anti-government, I’m anti-career politician. I think we desperately need politicians of genuine conviction, and we need them soon.
  15. Think back to the Conservatives of old, the Thatcher era. I could imagine that if the Tory party effectively folded, ceased to exist, she and others within the party would be heartbroken. Same with the opposition and Kinnock with the Labour party. There would be sense that they’d failed, they’d let their party and its supporters down. Can you imagine seeing a crestfallen Rishi Sunak, or a tearful Gavin Williamson if the Tories imploded tomorrow? It would be straight back Goldman Sachs, business as usual. What about this lot, Change UK. Where was their undying allegiance to their previous parties and their cause? Career not working out? Easy, just jump ship. Time for a photo shoot, you’re practically a celebrity!
  16. Just earned them more time. No doubt they’ll string out the transition/trade deals as long as possible so that we don’t get any silly ideas like voting for a different party just as the government are ‘steering the ship through difficult waters.’ Oh no, you don’t want all our good work through this difficult time undone by Labour do you?
  17. Who can forget Gordo and his miracle economy (more like Mirage economy). What I mean is; I don’t think they give a toss about the Conservative party or its future. I think todays career politician just wants to set themselves up very nicely in life to the point that they’ll comfortably weather any future economic 5hit storms. They’ll follow the money like a paid-for mercenary. Their allegiance to any party is merely lip service to get to where they want to be.
  18. Part of me wonders recently as to whether their recent brazen behaviour (Tories) is because they think this is their last term in Govt. BJ Cummings did indicate that he knew he was lent the votes to get Brexit finished. Maybe they’re thinking “F**k it! Let’s go balls deep, fill our boots and help out our sponsors for the last time. We’re done after this 5hit-show.”
  19. Always good to remind those people that as there’s a plague of BTL leeches hoovering up properties left, right and centre, then more need to be built. What do they expect? Also good to ask them where their house came from. 😉
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