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  1. I’ve no idea. I don’t think the big crash will ever happen (not whilst I’m alive anyway). I feel, and hope, there could be a reduction in price though. But, until the dust has settled from recent events, no one can really start saying they were right either way. How long that dust takes to settle is anyone’s guess.
  2. Hardcore. Pure filth! 50% is a correction, anything on top is a bonus crash.
  3. £5k off £350k. Wow! That’s generous! You should agree to erect a statue of them in the front garden to commemorate their philanthropic gesture.
  4. Yes, probably. Like I’ve said all along: If Covid and Brexit don’t make prices drop, nothing will. I don’t think there’ll ever be a proper crash in my lifetime. But that also depends on what each of us thinks constitutes a crash.
  5. Yes, up until the second he does one of his characteristic U-turns, and walks right back. 😉
  6. F**k the EA. They’re pointless middlemen anyway. I’d go round and speak to the vendor in person; make human contact. You’ll likely find out the EA’s been talking bs anyway. Do a deal; cut out the EA, vendor saves on commission/fees - you save on price.
  7. The full effects of either have not been felt yet, have they? Covid is here still, possibly for the foreseeable and the trade deal with the EU hasn’t been finalised yet.
  8. If houses prices are soaring and the market is doing so well, why are banks tightening their lending then? From the same publication: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8850057/Home-buyers-stump-40-cent-deposits-TSB-Barclays-stop-handing-mortgages.html
  9. Very good point (because I agree with you 😉). The eat out/drink out experience is as good as dead in my opinion. That is, until things get back to (proper) normal. When that’ll be; your guess is as good as mine.
  10. Those are shocking figures! No wonder the world is in such a mess. Koyaanisqatsi
  11. That’s exactly the kind of thing these cheeky c***s would do. You must be government adviser! 😉😁
  12. Because it’s too easy. The general public are zombie consumers who will pay whatever you ask. You only have to look at the price of coffee to see that.
  13. No, but you do get a free taster course of ‘How to take ludicrously distorted images with a wide angle lense to fool stupid people into thinking the rooms are much bigger than they really are.’ Then there’s something about it not really being an issue as once you’ve got them in for a viewing you can then convince them that the property is perfect for them using your 7th dan black belt ‘Martin Roberts style charm.’ Also something about an invisible piano?
  14. I’ve just found an online course. Apparently it’s a 4 step process: 1. Lying 2. Hair gel acquisition 3. Cultivating your own personality disorder 4. Applying for The Apprentice
  15. I often wonder how many politicians have undiagnosed personality disorders. I would imagine a substantial amount of them do.
  16. Agreed. They completely take the pi55 because they know they can. Career politicians treat the public with utter contempt because they know there’s nothing they can do about it. Just like that scene in Sherlock when Lars Mikkelsen is flicking Martin Freeman in the face. Being a politician is a stepping stone. A chance to fill your boots and exchange favours for future rewards. There’s no accountability and no shame in their behaviour anymore. What I really object to though, is them becoming ‘celebrities’! Please tell me why slimy Ed Balls is worth celebrating? And, when the ph**k did Gavin Barwell become a Lord?! Seriously....?!
  17. I think I’d be happy for MPs to be paid more on the proviso that: lobbying comes to an end. They receive no donations, no gifts, no ‘dinners’ are arranged, and no ‘back scratching’ of any kind whatsoever. They can be paid a fair amount for the work they do in representing their constituents and doing what’s best for the people of the country. How about performance related pay decided by the employer; their constituents?
  18. Brilliant. Thanks for this. I couldn’t find an alternative link to post earlier. I’ve updated my original post to include your link. I thought it was great to finally see an article in the MSM which succinctly illustrates so much of what’s been said on here over the years. Like many on here I imagine, I’ve been banging my head up against a wall for years trying to explain this whole rotten situation to people (particularly boomers) who either don’t get it, can’t see what the problem is, or think I’ve completely lost the plot. I’ll be sending them these links so that they can take it all in from a ‘credible’ source.
  19. If you’re having trouble accessing the article, try going through the news app on your iPhone. It’s one of the trending stories. Or, you can read it here, under a different title. https://www.pressreader.com/uk/the-independent-1029/20201008/281917365541975
  20. Johnson’s ‘Generation Buy’ is a catastrophe in waiting https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/uk-house-prices-crash-boris-johnson-mortgages-b864964.html The article you’ve waited 20 years for!
  21. I totally agree with this. People on here have been right all along. Unfortunately, the game has been rigged for 20 years. We might be playing by the rules, but no one else is.
  22. Perhaps we’ve reached the point where high house prices have become vulgar? Showing off about one’s perceived wealth is bad taste in times when the media is full of stories about people dying, losing their jobs, businesses closing and future economic problems. Perhaps it’s near time that sellers could start to feel embarrassed about their greedy asking prices?
  23. I think it has. Nearly all comments I read on news articles or on social media these days are against rising prices. It certainly wasn’t like that a year ago. For Joe Bloggs on the street who is blissfully unaware of what’s been going on with this ponzi scheme for the last 20 years it’ll make no sense whatsoever for there to be large unemployment, businesses closing permanently, lockdowns and general economic woe, but for house prices to go up. I really do think sentiment has changed.
  24. Brilliant. I’d not seen that before. The 80’s certainly showed LA, and most of America, in a positive, optimistic light. A great decade for me, but not for everyone.... https://youtu.be/x1U1Ue_5kq8
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