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  1. Buy stuff you don’t need, with money you haven’t got, to impress people you don’t like.....
  2. My theory has always been that they need to stop the NHS being overwhelmed because; if it was and it effectively collapsed, leading to thousands of deaths, the Tories (who’ve been accused multiple times of deliberately underfunding the NHS) would be finished! The public would never forgive them. This is all about saving the Tories imo.
  3. Exactly. We can’t have people off work looking after the most important people in their life. Overpriced houses and coffee need to be bought and paid for... Get back to work plebs; there’s a Ponzi scheme that needs propping up.
  4. Didn’t George Osbourne say that prices would fall up to 18% if we left the EU? Now that’s all done and dusted, perhaps we can expect that then this year? 😉
  5. Mods - Could this thread be merged with the ‘Rent Debt Crisis’ thread I started? Thanks
  6. I would also like to add that I think the only other way prices would come down to anything resembling the old normal (3x single wage), is when the demographics shift to a majority of priced-out millennials. However, that’s many years away. Having said that though, they may not even want to own their own homes. They’ve grown up not owning anything, and I feel there’s a definite ‘nudge’ to get people to accept a life of renting everything: Rent your home, lease your car, subscribe to your media - own nothing. To predict the future of our economy is to predict how corrupt those in power will be.
  7. Totally agree with this. People are trying to apply the principles of a fair market of the past. For the last two decades the game has been rigged in favour of cheats and junkies. Wanting to play fairly unfortunately means being left behind now. Only an event that was out of the government’s control was ever going to bring about any sort of proper crash: Covid ‘should’ be it. We’ll know soon enough what effect that has on prices, if any at all. There could be a small drop of maybe 10-15%, but I think anything over that just won’t happen now. I’d love an enormous price crash, but I just can’t see it happening anymore. Too many people and too much of the economy is wrapped up in the game now.
  8. Letting agents are some of the worst people to have ever existed in the whole of civilisation.
  9. Rishi Sunak Chancellor® to announce massive punitive taxes on 2nd homes/multiple properties to pay for the money he’s spent on Covid19. Too much to ask?
  10. Isn’t this all from 2009? I seem to remember Merkel scuppered his plans as she was concerned about his track record (Iraq war) and the fact that Britain was outside of the Schengen system and hadn’t adopted the Euro.
  11. Come come now. These people aren’t just mere landlords; They’re direct descendants of St Benedict himself! Guided by a divine, atavistic endeavour to shelter the homeless, these virtuous individuals work tirelessly in their jobs to earn enough money to provide housing for those most in need. After years of thankless toil, when these benevolent home providers finally earn their place in heaven and they can no longer commit to their charitable work, as if touched by god themselves, the homes mysteriously disappear. Rumour has it that to mark these recent acts of altruism, the Vatican is considering repainting parts of the Sistine Chapel interior to accommodate images of these selfless individuals. There have also been several reports of said mortal saints visiting the site in Calvary where Jesus was crucified who claim that since the late nineties, you can actually hear the disembodied sound of weeping! Fungus 1:14 ‘And when the blood has literally boiled, and the mortal body can tolerate no more work, the symbol of one’s charity will dissolve into the ether, as to not signal one’s divine virtue.’
  12. https://amp.theguardian.com/money/2020/dec/22/840000-private-tenants-in-england-and-wales-could-be-behind-on-rent-covid More special pleading for the saintly home providers.
  13. My utter twunt of a father in law thinks that house prices are ‘perfectly reasonable’ and that we ‘should be thankful for your landlord providing you a home.’ He likes to start every conversation with “In the Telegraph today...”
  14. I would agree with this. I, and I’d imagine others on here, have been applying the principles of a ‘fairer’ economy from 20 years ago to a situation that has evolved into the totally bent system we live in today. ‘We’ were rightly angry 15 years ago about what was going on, but the game has changed and everyone is either willingly/ignorantly playing it. I personally don’t think there’ll be a substantial crash anymore. There may be a dip due to recent events, but that’s it imo. People on here over the years have been right on the whole, but the game is rigged and it’s gone on way too long to revert back to how we may want it to. Will be very interesting to see how people feel when their kids of today are unable to move out of the family home, or possibly those kids decide to completely pull out of the rigged system itself.
  15. Short answer: All of the above. To understand how the economy works, how politics works, etc. is just too much for people to get their heads around. Nobody wants to feel that they’ve been duped by the very people they elected (and funded) to look after their best interests. The ‘nudge effect’ has been in full swing for decades, and people seem to willingly accept less for more. I have been buoyed recently by the amount of flak the government have been getting of late. Coronavirus and Brexit have shone a very bright light on our politicians, and long may it continue. At the same time though, I’ve rolled my eyes at the introduction of another Help to Buy scheme due to be rolled out next year. These pigs will stop at nothing to keep filling up the trough. Next election will be very interesting.
  16. We have a corrupt, broken ponzi scheme as an economy; all subsidised by the taxpayer. If the ‘market’ crashes, then so does the economy. We are now paying to keep a zombie economy going that’s making life increasingly difficult for us, just so people can keep raking in their unearned wealth. If Coronavirus and Brexit don’t cause some kind of drop in prices, then nothing will until the priced-out become the majority demographic (15-20 years?)
  17. Always worth reminding them that they’re the ‘Me generation’ which came from Tom Wolfe’s ‘Me Decade.’ I know it’s a generalising insult boomers like to throw at GenX/Millennials. The world would be a much better place without them.
  18. I think you’ve perfectly summed up the entire point of this site and the predicament we’ve all faced over the last two decades.
  19. Pure comedy indeed. At some point the laughter will turn to tears when people finally realise they’ve been conned, and that the whole thing was a massive scam they bought into.
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