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  1. Good Lord, you lot are a volatile bunch! The question I was asking (in plainer English) was: Isn't it better to rent so that you can move whenever you want rather than be trapped for years in a home/town you don't like? All simply because everyone told you to get on the 'Ladder' and you rushed into buying somewhere only to find out later that the area was a dump. I started renting 6 years ago, the place seemed all very nice and big considering the £400 per month rent (which it still is) and other potholes we'd looked at. Now the problem is that we signed up straight-away thinking we'd bagged a bargain, I knew nothing about the town and now that I've lived here, I want out ASAP. This place is like Baghdad only worse, and it was on the decision to move that I realised how glad I was that I hadn't bought a house, because, let's face it, when you've decided you've had enough of somewhere, you don't really want to be hanging around, do you?
  2. I've had my eye on this forum now for quite sometime and decided today it was about time I spoke. I, as much as anyone else would love to see house prices plummet, but every time I mention this to someone, they say. "So you really want a mortgage then, you know that renting is just Dead Money". At which point I restrain myself from jabbing them with the nearest sharp implement, instead I bark. "You fool, I don't want a mortgage, I just want somewhere nice to live where I don't have to sign my name in blood if I want to hang a picture on the wall!" Because in reality, to me the only problem with renting is that whole 'Having to ask permission to breathe' thing. If you look at Italy for example, most people rent their homes and appear to have no problem painting it what colour they want, hanging things on walls etc. Let's say there is a HPC, and millions of people can't pay back the banks and have to declare bankruptcy, who is going to pick up the tab for that?...Us. Isn't this just going to put the country into an even worse state then it already is. It will be bad enough us having to pay off our mortgages without having to bail out the millions who couldn't work out how to use a calculator. And, as things are pretty damn awful as it is, how are things going to be with those ridiculous ID cards, possible millions bankrupt, unemployment, burglaries ignored (if under £700 worth), etc. It's at that point that I'm probably going to want to ship-out to a different country, and at the very point of making the decision...I'll be glad that I'm renting so I can get away as fast as possible. I'm really not sure that I would want to 'Tie myself down' if things are going to get much worse. And besides, have you seen some of the places you can rent these days? I've seen some fantastic houses you can rent, the kind you would never be able to afford, unless you were a Columbian drug baron. The town I live in at the moment is a dump, and I'm going to move in the summer and the beauty of that is that I don't have to wait for some poor fool to buy this place, I can give a month's notice and leave. What do you guys think?
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