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  1. But vote for who? Who actually represents the people? I don’t know anyone who votes ‘for’ a party; they just vote against the worst option.
  2. Ok, let’s say a petition puts enough pressure on Johnson to sack him. He’ll just be replaced with another groomed puppet with an ‘insert donations here’ slot. Will he have to pay the £40m he helped his donor avoid? Or, will he be given a six figure job at the donor’s company for his services? The whole system is corrupt. Who was the last untainted politician? Perikles?
  3. All the while Lobbying, donations and gifts exist, there will never be an end to corruption in politics, regardless of who’s running the country. Zarah Sultana MP spoke about this:
  4. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/britain-will-borrow-400bn-to-tackle-recession-imf-forecasts-sn9skkvgf Back of the sofa stuff ?
  5. Will be interesting to see how they define the area border, and how that’s policed.
  6. Public swimming baths are cesspools of disease at the best of times. Best avoided in my book unless you enjoy the idea of sharing a bath with several thousand people ?
  7. There won’t be a second wave as the Govt will just redefine the term ‘wave’. ?
  8. Both are equally bad for hoovering up FTB properties, but BTL seems more odious in that it exploits people’s need for shelter. AirBnB is a consumer choice that unfortunately many people think is ok. Anecdotally, I’m constantly telling people about the negative consequences of both BTL and AirBnB (I call out BTLers to their face often). I don’t think people ever consider the knock-on effects of what they’re doing, or, if they do understand, they just don’t care.
  9. https://www.mortgagesolutions.co.uk/news/2017/09/06/england-footballer-marcus-rashford-sets-property-investment-firm/
  10. Didn't they just buy Dixons recently? Also, Powerhouse have been in trouble for a long time, I think they were bought by a New Zeland company when they went into administration a few years ago. Lots of change going on at the moment, I hear HMV are buying Ottakers even though they already have Waterstones, which I also hear the original owner wants to buy back. mmm, interesting times ahead
  11. Thats pretty worrying really, It's all very well getting yourself into debt if your single/couple, but if you've got kids to think about too... I was always taught that if I wanted something, I'd have to save for it. Obviously houses are a different kettle of fish altogether, but you get what I mean. I only got my first credit card 6 months ago, managed to avoid them up until now, but realised the how cheaper you can get goods from the US, so don't spend out so much.
  12. Am I being a bit naive here, or is that f*****g unbelievable, how the hell does someone get that much into debt!? Is this the norm? I can see how her monthly outgoings would get on top of her, and there are definately cuts she could make there. But what did she spend the rest of that money on? Laminate flooring, BMW's and Sugababes CD's..?
  13. There it goes, 5,498.10 – 5,489.40 and dropping...
  14. Yeah, it's flirting with that 5,500 mark, was just on 5,503.30.
  15. http://today.reuters.co.uk/news/newsArticl...CIAL-TRUSTS.xml Sorry if this is a repost
  16. Always a frown, with Gordon Brown... :angry:
  17. Thats it... The laminated book of dreams, laminated to stop it being ruined by tears of joy at all the wonderful treasures. And another thing, why are all the seats in the waiting section so stained? It's not that exciting waiting for your number to be called.
  18. Did anyone see Bill Bailey talk about Argos with it's magical book of treasures? I've noticed that Silverscreen - 'The Uk's number one DVD specialist' - has gone into administration. I bet the 'The Uk's number two DVD specialist' is bricking it!
  19. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/dorset/5037510.stm You can't make this kind of stuff up... Mount Mews
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