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  1. That is so bonkers I had to further investigate to see whether this was real or photoshopped. Un*******believable
  2. Will this been announced along side a professional photo of Sunak with his sleeves rolled up and a signature branded ‘We Stand Together’ slogan about stamp duty? All part of a long term bid for leader/pm. I wonder where he gets his magic money from, behind his ears?
  3. The problem for the Tories with UBI is that you’ll be able to spend it anyway you like. With the £500 vouchers, you’ll have to spend them at Tory donor’s businesses.
  4. All this talk of vitamin D, when all along the Australians knew it was vitamin B. Language warning ⚠️ Apologies if already posted
  5. Or just put a little Margarine on the bannister....
  6. Most of the properties I’ve been looking at say ‘Perfect for First time buyers or downsizing.’ None of them are bungalows.
  7. Yes. And they’ll be downsizing to FTB properties, creating even more competition.
  8. I would agree with this. Twitter seems to be the place where most of the political/economic discussion happens. I say discussion, it’s often more of a shouting match. A bit like the Brexit thread, but with more than 5 people screaming at each other. ?
  9. The question was asking if anyone would be tempted to get into BTL if there was a 60% crash in prices. I clearly answered ‘no’ because I’m not the kind of person who would do that, much the same as several other people did. You’re also trying to compare apples and oranges.
  10. Plus, although this site has some really interesting discussions, it does seem to be about applying logical reasons and solutions to illogical and corrupt situations. The Mafia shouldn’t exist, but it does. “What are you gonna do?”
  11. I agree that we are a minority on here, but I don’t think that we’re quite as small as some may think. I think quite a lot of the younger generations are aware of how they’ve been screwed and I’m encouraged by the amount of comments on Twitter about an appropriate event (anything to with housing or politicians). But I do think this website is perhaps left alone by many for the reasons that it’s an overwhelming amount of information to take in; it really is a big red pill to swallow, especially now since it’s been going for the best part of 20 years! Plus, let’s be fair, it has quite a history of hostile and aggressive behaviour towards differing opinions. I would imagine that would put-off a lot of people from engaging in discussion on here. Just look at the Brexit thread!
  12. It’s getting to the point that you’ll have to become a South American drug baron just to have a normal life!
  13. No, because I’m not parasite, leaching off other people’s work and exploiting their need for shelter whilst using the constant threat of eviction to get what I want. You?
  14. So they want to downsize to what, the same houses that FTBs can’t afford?
  15. Perhaps they could stop spending so much money on cruises, golf clubs, viagra, Jaguars and Daily Mail subscriptions. Failing that, they could always go back to work. That fruit’s not going to pick itself.
  16. They managed to stump up the money for their Buy to Lets......
  17. Seems like an empty gesture from the start. What a surprise. Looks like the Govt have been told to mind their own business too. Australia are considering a similar offer apparently. I know where I’d rather go.
  18. ? But is it better to own a Pot Noodle, or rent a Shin Cup? ?
  19. Yes, and they know they’ve been shafted. I don’t think most people my age (GenX) have realised they have yet. I think they know something’s not right, but they haven’t joined the dots yet. I feel like they’ve been nudged into accepting high house prices, nudged into mums having to go back to work to pay the mortgage, nudged into abandoning their very young kids at nursery all day, nudged into leasing cars and nudged into thinking that branded foodbanks are perfectly acceptable. They did everything they were taught to in order to succeed: Worked hard at school, got a degree, got a good job and saved their money. But instead of owning a 5-bed detached with a swimming pool and a Testarossa in middle-age; they live in a cramped, 3-bed mid terraced with a Nissan Qashqai and constant tiredness from having kids in their late 30s. One day they’ll realise they’ve been shafted and how, but it’ll be too late to do anything about it.
  20. To me it just looks like there’s going to be a tidal wave of fear and negative sentiment hitting the economy in the coming months. We’ve been told to expect the sharpest recession in 300 years. A potential depression. Mass job losses. The unknown and feared repercussions of Brexit. More lockdowns. Cautious consumerism, including international travel. Companies that won’t be saved. Whole towns that could economically collapse. And all this against a background of a virus that’s still not understood and a government who are proving their incompetence to the previously ignorant public on a nearly daily basis. Even arch HPI cheerleader Phil Spencer says “things are going to get a lot worse.” I would say the general public are expecting prices to go down now.
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