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  1. https://www.propertypal.com/10-rosetta-drive-ormeau-belfast/763723/photo-15
  2. Check this one out Joe. It's a lovely area. I remember slightly better ones in that street going for I think £195 a few years back.
  3. Check the article below about the empty homes down South. The finger is being pointed at many big financial institutions. Quote "Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien also confirmed they want to target investment funds that have large swathes of apartments lying empty." https://www.thejournal.ie/vacant-properties-banks-5442582-May2021/
  4. https://nltimes.nl/2021/08/29/us-investor-blackstone-accused-keeping-hundreds-amsterdam-apartments-vacant
  5. https://www.designingbuildings.co.uk/wiki/Buy_to_leave I have read articles claiming Blackrock investment in the US have been doing and mixture of this. Buy to Leave has generally been a problem in higher end markets. Maybe the question should be how many homes are sitting empty and have they increased over the pandemic. Regardless of who has purchased them.
  6. Hi Joe maybe take that statistic with a pinch of salt. I can’t find the article where I read it. On page 8 below is some data but it might be to early on the pandemic to make any conclusions from it and it Northern Ireland as a whole. https://www.nisra.gov.uk/sites/nisra.gov.uk/files/publications/MYE20-Bulletin.pdf
  7. Sorry just to clarify, I don’t think that’s the sole reason or even a part reason with out any evidence. That’s why I asked. I believe in the rest of Europe investment funds make up a larger percentage of residential property ownership than the UK and Ireland. As you have already stated its probably a multitude of factors. It would still be interesting to find out how many empty homes there is out there though and when they were purchased.
  8. The lack of for places sale and rent in Belfast is way down. The apartment next to me has been sitting empty for over a year since it was sold. I also drive past another house that seems to be empty since selling over 8 months ago. Apparently in other parts of the world hedge funds had been buying up places and leaving them empty. It’s that happening here? How would you find out? Also I remember reading an article that estimated Belfast net migration during the pandemic was around negative 1500 people. We’re are the dwellings they occupied?
  9. Its up to 875 today.
  10. 744 for sale today in Belfast on propertypal 😪.
  11. Do think it’s mostly FOMO? Or a combination of things? It’s looks like there might be shortage of properties for sale in most western countries.
  12. Only 988 properties for sale in Belfast on propertypal as of today. Has it ever been that low?
  13. Sorry for being Belfast focused but I'm pretty sure this trend is everywhere. The number of houses for sale in Belfast on propertypal dipped below 1200 this week. I'm pretty sure this is the lowest I have seen in the last few years. I know its seasonal as well. Does anyone know the usual numbers for this time of year. When are highs and lows? Also what were the numbers around 2006 to 2007? And finally whats the driving force behind it? And the future? Sorry just looking people's options and see where my own biases are in my thinking I currently have a deposit and I'm looking to buy.
  14. BBC News - Presbyterian Mutual Society: Savers face new financial blow https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-56361369 And still it goes on....
  15. But why don’t people see that those effects could be bad and keep buying at ever inflated prices? I suppose I did the same before the last crash and bought near the top....
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