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  1. They are offering self test kits in areas of high risk/outbreaks. Been around the Birmingham area for a few days now. Seems a good idea to me as the more people you can find who are positive, the easier it is to help try and stop the spread. Hasn't stopped the conspiracy theories from being banded about tho...
  2. Isn't this more on the public being idiots than the government? If people don't isolate, fine them? I am fairly certain it's easy to understand that when you are told to self isolate, for what ever reason, you self isolate? Take broad street in birmingham last night, stacks and stacks of people getting in one last night on the town before places are forced to shut at 10:00pm. Idiotic, selfish behaviour. Nobody wants to take personal responsibility for their own actions any more, blame the government all you like, it's people that are the problem.
  3. What ever the government do, or do not do, they will never please everyone. Even if the government try to strike a balance between opening the economy and protecting the vulnerable, it still would be the wrong call for some. They are damned if they do, and damned if they don't. I am glad it's not me making the decisions. Talking about the spread of the Coronavirus, I wouldn't blame the government for the start of the first wave. The second public health england decided to be the only ones allowed to test for the virus, the country was doomed. By the time the mistake was realised, every country in the world was scrambling for the equipment and reagents to test, leading to major delays. The second wave was created by opening up far to early in order to try and save the economy. Lets be honest here though, nobody is forced to go eat out, or visit the pub, or visit a certain castle. By the time the eat out to help out was starting, the public was fed up of lock down and wanted to get outside and back to normal. It is people that are responsible for the spread of the virus at the end of the day, not the government. No virus can replicate on it's own (or at the governments command)! This is why a lot of eastern countries did well. Take wearing a mask (a normal thing for some due to pollution etc) this directly helped them stop the spread. The UK though, most people won't even wear a mask because why should they? People need to start looking into a mirror more, before they start blaming others. The sad thing is though it will never happen, as it's always going to be someone else fault for some. Entitlement has a hell of a lot to answer for... The majoirty of people in the UK haven't realised that we are in uncharted waters here, and will be for months/years to come. By the time this is all over, we will not return to what was the old normal.
  4. The video has been set to private, thats all. No big conspiracy theory required It's still available on facebook.
  5. Everyone that is admitted into A&E gets a test, doesn't matter if you have had a fall and broken your hip, or got pissed and are unconscious. This of course means that the test rate and negative results are bound to go up. While the infection rate has definielty come down, i don't think it's time to call the epidemic over just yet...especially not with winter on it's way!
  6. Thats how it works in China in some shops. It's all scanned, added up and then paid for via QR code.
  7. Very easily, it's an open platform where every transaction will be analysed and traced (on the fly) no matter what coinjoin/mixers are used. The history of a tainted coin (bad address) will taint other coins when chain analysis becomes main stream. Imagine you try to deposit your 1 bitcoin on an exchange, only to be told when you try, that 2 years ago it went through a mixer and is linked in part to a 'bad address' linked to criminal activity, so sadly the exchange has rejected your deposit. What are you going to do with the tainted bitcoin? It's not a problem if you get out early enough and are not left holding the baby, so to speak. Granted it's a few years off from happening, but it will when main stream chain analysis takes off imo.
  8. China and Russia as your saviour? Good luck with that! With all the debt that is going around, governments the world wide will be watching closely. On chain analysis is a huge growing business at the moment, and it will only get bigger and better, especially now governments are investing and building tools to do it. It will go back as far as they want it too, which will be analysing the whole block chain. Eventually the exchanges will be doing the same, don't get me wrong, it will be a slow process but they will get there in the end. Atomic swaps are coming apparently (monero <-> bitcoin), so yes there will be ways for a while yet to make the funds go poof. It won't stay that way forever tho as monero holders will wise up and won't want the risk of holding tainted coins.
  9. An interesting take on things. However, if they black list the address, it doesn't matter if they have the keys, or have 'seized' the bitcoins. If no exchange accepts transfers from certain "bad address", what are you going to do? Who is going to trade and accept worthless bitcoins? We all know bitcoins are transparent and traceable (no matter what bitcoin mixers are used). If you think people are going to trade untraceable Monero, for tainted bitcoins when the inevitble crack down on bitcoins happens, i would think again! It's why i think the next bull run will be mainly about private coins (along with Eth and bitcoin).
  10. There is someone on here who runs the Property Log extension that does the same thing. Great extension, but am unsure if it will run on an iPad.
  11. One of the best TA's I have seen and I think you are 100% correct!
  12. 600+ applications for a trainee job in a few days. There are plenty of people who still want to work in the NHS. The NHS is top heavy with room for a lot of cuts to balance things out. The problem with the NHS is that it has become more about the money and hitting targets, than the care of the patient (or staff).
  13. As furlough is going to end in October, resulting in millions of people losing their job, how does that support house price increases? When one third of companies are looking to get rid of staff, how does that support house price increases? When people who still have a job, cut back on spending, (which also depressive the economy), how does that support house price increases? When people can't get a mortgage, how does that support house price increases? It's flat growth for the foreseeable future as the very best, but highly unlikely outcome imo. Hopefully in the new year i can grab a house and then not worry about what house prices are going to do for the next few years.
  14. I would have a little yes, but if you are trying to hide assets...maybe not go for the cryto that is traceable and public? I would suggest Monero. If the FBI etc don't like it and can't trace it, seems a good enough way to me.
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