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  1. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/26/photos-show-the-deadly-toll-of-covid-in-india-as-coronavirus-cases-top-17-million.html Just in case you want to see what the other side of the coin looks like without vaccination taking place...
  2. Do you withdraw in euros, dollars or pounds? Just wondering if it would be better to swap on an exchange, to pounds. Or let the bank change it.
  3. Well worth the £1.99 if you ask me. I noticed the first day things changed, I had blurred prices on the second page, but recently I can look at all 8ish pages for my search area, and see all the data. I imagine you have tweaked things a little in order to work out a balance? What ever happens in the future, I am glad you made the add on. It really is such a helpful tool and will earn a decent donation from me should I (ever) manage to afford a decent house, at a decent price!
  4. How many properties can you view before the prices become blurred? I think they system is a much better solution then ads or a hefty monthly fee!
  5. Had the same before and believe it was due to the estate agent already having plans for the property. I got accused of being an estate agent trying to promate how well property sales are going tho when i posted
  6. The extension is a great tool. I know you probably don't want to, but if donations are not bring in enough to cover the server costs etc, I would go with adverts to help.
  7. Limit property ownership to one per person would be a great start
  8. From what I have looked at and understand, you can take 25% tax free at age 55 (soon to be 58), but then the remainder, should you wish to take it out at retirement, is classed as taxable income? (Unless you buy a product etc). If you have another pension at the same time, it would quickly take up your non-taxable allowance for the year, meaning you would pay tax on the SIPP. Well thats my understanding of it so far.
  9. Ok, this is going to take some time to digest this information. Think i need to google what ever a SIPP is as step number one! Thanks for posting.
  10. I was wondering what has happened to all the 2nd hand cars as people give them back when finance deals are up etc.... guess i have just found out. No wonder there hasn't been a big crash in prices. Took a play from the Debeers play book it seems. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-northamptonshire-56104281
  11. Managed to get a revoult account set up. Just waiting for the verification and will try and buy the two you mention as thats what i was looking at. I don't understand how people are buying 100's of shares, but even if i can only buy 1 or two, it's one or two that is out of the hands of short sellers. Let the squeeeeeeze begin
  12. Whats the best and quickest way to buy a few shares of GME in the UK? I realise it could all go to zero but this seems so messed up and rigged... i want in!
  13. Talking about house prices shooting up, I have just found one that mistified me... https://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=57575706&sale=9933352&country=england Sold in May 2019 for £166,000 https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/87913060#/ Now up for £210,000 and it looks the same apart from a lick of paint and the removal of the bush at the front. Same kitchen, bathroom, layout etc. I really don't understand how they have justified an extra £44,000 in price, it's not even that nice an area!!
  14. While there are plenty of issues you could take with bitcoin (I have some myself) this wasn't really a double spend. This is the whole reason exchanges (and people) should wait for a few confirmations before thinking they have been paid/recieved the bitcoin. The 'double spend' block gets kicked from the main chain when it's decided which of the two blocks is accepted.
  15. Noticed a few by me also, not keen on the modern method of auction idea which seems to be gaining more and more traction. I think people go for it as there are no estate agent fees for the seller.
  16. Hang on a minute, i thought all ALT coins are sh*t coins and not worth holding as bitcoin is the one and only? Lets face it, everyone is in it to get rich and most coins will go up and down eventually.
  17. It's listed SSTC now and people are viewing it at the moment (I drove past 5 minutes ago). I still think it's an inside job and before long it will be back for sale at a marked up price!
  18. Ha ha! Well thanks for the laugh at least, (and the warm welcome) 😄 I have posted alot about covid because I work in a hospital and so have first hand experience. It was a house at the bottom end of the market that needed a total redo as it was owned by an elderly person who probably didn't have anything done to the house since the 1980's.
  19. House came up near me yesterday, estate agent wouldn't answer the phone so I went down to see them. In the 3 hours it had been up they already have a list of 100 people and offers over the asking price...couldn't even get a viewing or added to the list. It seems even being a FTB who is chain free and could buy for cash doesn't mean anything. I suspect it's gone to someone the estate agent is "friendly with" and will be back up for sale 6 months later after its been updated. Certainly no signs of a crisis or collapse here.
  20. You might be on to something here! I am going to ring my manager and let them know that as I don't see any patients, just empty corridors on my way into the lab, there are obviously no patients in the hospital so there is no need for me to work the night shift. Why didn't anyone think of this before!!!
  21. Then people need to grow up and learn how to adult once again. Just because someone robbed a bank or jumped off a cliff, doesn't mean you have to go rob it or jump of the cliff does it? Society as a whole has been spoilt rotten in the Uk for the past 23 years and people have realised there are no repercussions or responsibilities any more. Well the chickens have come home to roost. If everyone stopped being an ass and an idiot for 4 weeks and crying over having to wear a mask, the infection rate would be right down to summer levels again. It will never happen though as the government haven't got the balls to shut up shop for 4 weeks (hospitals, care homes and GP's aside) and stop all movement for the month.
  22. Another YE customer here, have had scottish power before and will be moving on as soon as I can. At least scottish power are allowing YE credit to roll over, have over £200 credit with YE in preperation for the big winter bills! One suspects it was part of the aggrement that allowed them to take over the 75k customers.
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