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  1. So just putting it out there in a purely hypothetical situation...lets say you have made an offer on a house that is accepted, and you have managed to get a 20% discount on the stupid, over inflated EA price. You have a fairly big deposit but still need a mortgage 4x your income if you sell your ETH bags, or 3x your income if you sell your ETH and BTC bags. What would you do? As a side note, this house is perfect for me and everything I ever dreamed off (including a stair lift for when I have bad health days). It's detached and local to work and my family, so I can see myself in it for decades. Any advice?
  2. Holding people to account would be a great start. If someone does something that deserves the sack/charged, they should be sacked and turned over to the police for investigation. Not put on sick leave for one year plus, and then handed a golden handshake goodbye because they are high up the ladder. It never seems to happen with nurses and porters etc... funny that isn't it?
  3. Agreed, at the end of the day, it is someones money (not yours) that they can spend on what ever they like.
  4. Like Southgate has said, it's all on him as he picked who would be taking the penalties so I hope the penalty takers don't get stick for missing (Rashfords was very poor though for such a good player). I think England played well for the first half, but turned off in the second. The time for subs was early in the second half before Italy scored, typical Southgate though. He is always late with the subs and afraid to make the big descision when it needs to be made. Kane should have come off and the Mount for Grealish sub needed to happen way earlier then it did. You can't try and defend a 1-0 lead against a team like Italy. Still, all being said, the team did really well to reach the final and it looks like the future is bright for the England team in the next world cup
  5. For some yes, for some no. Different people have different goals. You can't judge anyone for selling when they do, and then saying it was the wrong move. It just makes you sound like a bitcoin loon if/when you do. A discussionis fine, but sadly this thread often drifts away from sensible discussion when it comes to bitcoin price and the hatred for alts.
  6. Am shocked they didn't use him as the scape goat to ram through the 1% NHS payrise before waving him goodbye.
  7. You are all correct, however my point was more about how cheap the underlying tech is for EV's. Take the tech and put it in a proper shell, with all the normal safety systems used in europe, and you should still have a car that could retail for £10k.
  8. Indeed, the best way to get the best rate is to have the biggest deposit you can. It's a huge ask as a FTB but all the decent deals are aimed at the 60% LTV area. You will find the interest rate will rise as your LTV goes up. Have you got a help to buy ISA or lifetime ISA sorted? It's a quick way to get a bit more money. it really does seem to be the LTV that is the determining factor these days.
  9. This car is outselling the tesla 5 to 1. It's also the cheapest EV in the world at £3400. Not my cup of tea, but interesting to see how massive and cheap EV's are in China.
  10. Some good points regarding NHS pay, yes its crap for what the job is. Also remember there is no payrise once you hit the top of the band. Everyone should start at the top of the band, as that is what they say is a fair wage for what the job entails. People talk about the extra experiance you gain for the extra bit of money in year, but it's a lie. You do the same job, with the same requirements and duties, from the get go. It's just a way to supress wages due to the amount of people in the NHS.
  11. Nope* Increased privacy: This does not refer to Bitcoin addresses or enhanced anonymity; it refers to types of transactions. Taproot will make complex transactions, such as those requiring multiple signatures or those with delayed release, indistinguishable from simple transactions in terms of on-chain footprint. https://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-taproot-upgrade-dogecoin-technology Atomic swaps are what are needed. However, it begs the question of how much of a premium accepting 'tainted' coins will cost.. It's certainly the only way to 100% be certain the bitcoin (if you swap back to it) is clean as you could get it from an exchange. At that point it's past history probably isn't important as you can point to the exchange transaction where you legally aquired it. *a bit due to the fact it can be used with the atomic swap techonology
  12. And hence, the big, number one problem bitcoin has, an open blockchain. Without privacy, it will never be a currency. There is only one, true big player in privacy. Hopefully atomic swaps will fix the bitcoin problem.
  13. So whats the opinion on here? Is this cycle over? Time to forget about crypto for a few years again? Wishing I sold more the other day so I could buy in at a lower point, but am happy enough with having an effective zero cost for the crypto I have left. Am in a better position then many looking at reddit etc. Question about tax though if someone could offer advice. When and how do you report tax for this tax year (2021-2022)? Also, is it best to have lost the keys to coins in an exchange hack, or in a boating accident if you want to declare a loss to offset tax owed? If it's a boating accident... do you declare the cost of the coin on the date of the boating accident, or cost of the coin on the date you declare it to the tax people?
  14. I couldn't take it any more, even though I have been in crypto for years. I certainly do not have diamond hands! Something just feels different this time around, but time will tell. Sold half my Eth stack earlier on to take out all the money I have put in to crypto over the years. With my latest addition in buying a bit more of a bitcoin, it was starting to look like I was over invested. Am only small fry compared to some, but crypto is my last hope for buying a house of my own mortgage free. I have a good deposit now my original stake is back at least. It can go up, or down without too much worry for me now, as all of my crypto is basically free of cost. Can stop looking at the charts every few hours at least! Ah, who am I kidding, that wont ever change Just got to try and sort my tax bill out now Should only be a few K tho!
  15. Afraid it's all my fault, I used my CGT allowance from last year and finally decided to put it into bitcoin.... only to see the price start to drop straight after. Talk about timing the market.
  16. And everyone on TV who introduces him and talks about him as a Sir, because that is his title. It's didn't come with the job, it was offered after he left the job. He was free to refuse it, but he didn't. He was also happy to use the title and talk about being a Sir during his party political broadcasts. He is part of the elite and part of the problem Labour have. He doesn't make a good leader for the party. Labour is a dead party and imo it won't be long before it splits. Boris is a very clever individual who plays the baffoon as it suits the image he wishes to portray, an image which works very well with the voters.
  17. All this talk about mad gainz... must be time for the tax talk again and the best way to legally reduce the tax bill (without fleeing the country) Set up a company in the isle of mann and take the money out as a loan/business expense?
  18. You would think that would be the case, but here we are! Even when Bojo provides the nails, and lies down passed out drunk on the floor, the useless opposition (used in the loosest term) still can't hit the nail on the head. Somehow, they score an own goal and hit themselves in the privates with the hammer. Labour = dead and the sooner people realise it, instead of trying to get people to vote for a dead party, the better we will all be. It's time for something new and different.
  19. I can't show you another leader because as i said, Labour are dead. The working class has just changed, anyone not rich or in a professional field would be a good place to start offering support etc. Agreed, neither the Tories or Labour really know what they stand for any more. I would love a new type of politics. The time is right for a new party, with new ideals. Dumping of the first past the post system and policies aimed towards a one person one home system would get my vote. A land value tax would be a good way to go about it. Own more than one house? Here is a big tax bill if your second home isn't sold in 6 months... Sure keep your second home if you want, just face the fact that each year you need to pay 1% of it's value. Own a third property? 2% of that each year and so on, and so on.
  20. Tony Blair killed labour. The party is now full of professional rich people, unions who got rich from the working class and is run by a Sir, as an added final insult. It is so far removed from standing for the working class, it is dead and buried. It is no wonder the red wall was broken and will be the reason why they won't win big tomorrow. The patry just does not stand for what made them respected and liked. Can't say the Tory's are much better either, but what other serious option is there?
  21. Looking for walkers is the first mistake, Lidl snaktastic and pick up a 24 pack.
  22. You are talking about a model for a post-Roadmap resurgence which also states "This is not the result of vaccines being ineffective, merely uptake being so high". Its sad to say it but you can't protect 100% against death occuring. The model also says: To reflect emerging evidence, Warwick now assume 90% effectiveness against both hospitalisation and deaths after two doses of either vaccine. Seems like evidence to show that vaccines are better then not having vaccines and people ending up in hosptial and dying?
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