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  1. 53 minutes ago, hughjass said:

    The pensions will  be paid, its The Daily Mail causing trouble again. Theres more chance of the state pension being done away with or means tested than a default of Government pensions.

    I fully expect the state pension to go bye bye for many.  It will reach a point where they say everyone needs £xxx a week to live on, if you get that figure or above, no state pension for you.

  2. 20 hours ago, markyh said:

    Yes i am lucky now, could have bought it outright, but like hoarding my capital to generate income. The way my wife drives she would never get more than 50 mpg in the most economical 70 mpg Diesel . She does however get free 7kw charging at work and could drive the whole 75 mile return journey at 100mph in the Tesla, and still have range left over. 

    then you have the fact that 20k p/a PCP or leases are not cheap, as you are paying the depreciation.  Looking at todays costs, 1.5 gallons a day of diesel at £1.40 ltr , say £9.5 a day in diesel x 21 days a month on average. 

    £200 pcm on diesel, then at least £180 p/a on Car tax or more, £15 pcm, so £215.  £0 zero luxury £40k+ car tax on BEV's , for any £40k ICE you pay £335 p/a for years 2-5 , so a keep an ICE for 5 years, that's another £1340 , £22,5 pcm for the first 5 years. 

    so for a £40k+ ice you are now at 237.50 pcm, then you have to buy / lease / PCP and service it for 5 years. Lets say £600 p/a for servicing, that's another £50 pcm.  No requirement from Tesla to ever service the car to maintain any warranties. 

    Now at £287.50 pcm plus you have to  buy . lease , PCP a car.   £767 - 287.50 is £479.50. 

    So the question really is, What ICE can you Buy, lease or PCP for £479.50 a month for 20k miles p/a , that pound for pound will be better than a Tesla Model 3 Long range ?


    I agree with you.  If you can afford it, then it makes sense as Tesla is the way to go.  The big problem is, not very many people can.  I only hope the small 25k Tesla actually happens.  It should be a massive shot in the arm for adoption rates of EV's.  I would certainly be interested at that kind of price point.

  3. 1 hour ago, markyh said:

    For whom? A fully specced BMW 3 series ice or Merc C Class or Audi A4 wouldn’t be much cheaper, and you have to fuel, tax and service them.  TM3 is capable of 5 mile / kWh with the 2021 heat pump. 

    For anyone who earns a normal wage I imagine.  Is the average yearly wage about 30k?  Paying £767 per month, on top of a mortgage and bills is beyond what the majoirty of the UK could afford.  Fair play for you if you can tho, would love a model 3!  Enjoy the car :)

  4. EV's will come down in price, when the manufactures have re-tooled their plants to make EV's, and not ICE cars like they are a the moment.  They need people to keep buying ICE cars until they have completed the swap over.  This is one of the main reasons EV's are so expensive.

  5. 18 hours ago, Confusion of VIs said:

    Solar panels are cheaper than ever, I recently had 5kw installed for £4k, half what it would have cost a few years ago. Prices probably won't fall much for the next couple of years as demand is outstripping supply and already the panels themselves are less than half the cost of the system. 

    However, battery storage is still hard to make a case for. If you installed one today best case is it would take over 12 years to recover the cost, best to wait at least a couple of years for prices to come down as they could easily fall by 80% from here over the next few years.  If your car spends most of its time parked outside you could get an EV and use that to soak up any spare solar power.    


    Could I ask for a PM please with the company details?  Would very much apprieciate it :)

  6. 2 hours ago, iamnumerate said:

    I would too. It would be a wonderful thing - although I am not sure how to do it for second and third homes.

    1st home = 0.5% each year

    2nd home = 1% each year

    3rd home = 1.5% each year and so on, and so on. 

    Wouldn't matter if it was in a limited company that owned the properties either.  Everyone pays.

  7. 3 hours ago, anteos said:

    Finally some sense:


    As most mps have multiple homes/BTL portfolios it will never happen, but one can hope.

    I agree with it.  I would even go further and charge a higher % each year for second and third homes etc.  Every dwelling should have to pay it, no excuses or loopholes.

  8. 31 minutes ago, wighty said:

    My cousin is an estate agent and he'll give me a valuation for whatever I want.

    Ask the vendor to get 3 independent agents to give you a valuation.

    No point, we have a RICS valuation of 285 which is a fair, independant price imo.  Estate agents will say what ever they want in order to get another house on the books.

  9. 1 hour ago, wighty said:

    What region is this?. Was it listed at £375?.

    West Midlands, nope!  We both agreed there is no point letting them get involved (and paying them) as there was nothing for them to do.  They just supplied a free, no obligation valuation which turned out to be a kite flying valuation.  No suprise there really.  Still, it's a bit of real world evidence of what it is currently like out there.

  10. 12 hours ago, Si1 said:

    By the same token Dr Doolittle here could have moved a bit sooner. Your whataboutism is irrelevant to the fundamental question.


    9 hours ago, MonsieurCopperCrutch said:

    He has since Feb 2020 when Trumpy signed the Doha Agreement to extract himself, his staff, and pets from Kabul. 

    How, when the UK government refused to grant any Visas until the sh*t hit fan?

  11. 1 hour ago, Si1 said:

    "But speaking to LBC on Saturday, Foreign Affairs Select Committee chair Tom Csaid: "The difficulty is getting people into and out of the airport and we've just used a lot of troops to bring in 200 dogs, meanwhile my interpreter's family are likely to be killed.


    "As one interpreter asked me a few days ago 'why is my five-year-old worth less than your dog?'," the Conservative MP adde


    On Friday, the MoD said Mr Farthing and his animals were assisted by the UK Armed Forces through Kabul airport."d.ort.

    Maybe if he and his staff hadn't been turned away from the airport after queuing for a day, none of this mess would have happened?  If Mr Tugendhat is that concerned about his interpreter's family, why didn't he moved heaven and earth to ensure they got out before this mess started?  Back in July, 45 senior officers warned the government what was about to happen, and they did sweet FA.  It seems there is a lot of deflection and finger pointing going on, in order to place blame elsewhere.

  12. 3 hours ago, Si1 said:

    The runway security, air traffic control, slot availability and British soldiers used to get safe passage through the city and airport could all have been used for people.


    3 hours ago, Si1 said:

    You actually ignored my point.

    I didn't realise there was a point to be ignored.  The runway security and air traffic control people didn't leave the airport and helped provide capacity for 100 extra people to leave the country?


    On Friday, the MoD said Mr Farthing and his animals were assisted by the UK Armed Forces

    through Kabul airport.


    It doesn't sound like any British soldiers have been used for his and the animals passage through the city.  I think it's a good result if you ask me, animals in the hold and people in the seats.  Every extra person taken out of Afghanistan and away from danger is a bonus.


  13. 2 hours ago, Frugal Git said:

    If they were both your parents, I’m sorry to say but that sounds like that will wasn’t ideal given the new sdlt rules 😢

    it would probably have been better to have the house as joint tenants, with your dads share passing and then only when your mum passes away does it get split between you and others. Anyway, hindsight. 

    As you say, hindsight is a wonderful thing and you live and learn.  It was done as it was, in case my dad ended up in a home due to ill health etc.  I will just bite the bullet I guess and get rid of all my eth, 30% of my other coins and see where things are.  If I need to sell 25% of my btc, so be it.  Thanks all, it's been helpful.

  14. 39 minutes ago, scottbeard said:

    Since he says his late father had only a 50% share I’m guessing mother or stepmother owns the rest and still lives there?

    Also if you only own a share in a property that can’t force the sale of the whole thing - you can only sell your share (which of course almost no one would buy unless they already part own it)

    Bang on, not something I would want to do to my mom either.  It also states in the will, it can't be sold unless mom wants it to be sold.  No chance of the share being bought out by my siblings either.  Oh well, a small bump in the road.

  15. 37 minutes ago, scottbeard said:

    What would I personally do?  Probably sell all the ETH and half the BTC.

    But I doubt any qualified financial advisors are on this message board...an IFA would ask about your entire financial situation and not just house and crypto.  I have no idea what job, pensions, family situation, potential inheritances, other savings etc etc you have and you should make a decision in the round.

    Indeed its complicated with many variables that could affect advice, I was just looking for some quick advice.  Just had a bit of a nasty shock though which has thrown a few spanners in the works!  I just realised I don't think I qualify as a first time buyer any more!  My dad passed away not long back and I am due to inherit a third of his 50% share on his property.  It's not been all sorted as the land registry paperwork isn't completed yet, but there goes the FTB ISA bonus and zero SDLT I was counting on :(

  16. 1 hour ago, MonsieurCopperCrutch said:

    My advice? Just don't do a Jilted. Always keep some of your precious Bitcoin and Ethereum in those bags.

    Personally I'd only cash out about 10 to 25% of my total holdings IF it was an amazing house. Otherwise just mortage and pay off the full mortgage a few years down the line.

    I understand what you are saying and where you are coming from, but if I don't sell my eth, I can't buy the house as I won't get a mortgage due to the smaller deposit.  I have already had a great return from eth.  It's the coin that has put me in the great position I am in now, so crypto really is life changing.  Without it, I would never be able to buy such a house.  My bitcoin on the other hand has provided very little profit (mostly due to adding more satoshi's to my holdings with my CGT last year).

    With that being said, I might follow your advice and keep my bit of a bitcoin in the hope it goes to the moon a few years down the line.  It doesn't owe me anything.  Mortgage interest seems very low at the moment (1.2%).  It's just all abit scary borrowing such big amounts as I have never been in debt before.  I was raised to value money (seems people value debt more now) and save up if I want something!

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