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  1. 1st home = 0.5% each year 2nd home = 1% each year 3rd home = 1.5% each year and so on, and so on. Wouldn't matter if it was in a limited company that owned the properties either. Everyone pays.
  2. I agree with it. I would even go further and charge a higher % each year for second and third homes etc. Every dwelling should have to pay it, no excuses or loopholes.
  3. No point, we have a RICS valuation of 285 which is a fair, independant price imo. Estate agents will say what ever they want in order to get another house on the books.
  4. West Midlands, nope! We both agreed there is no point letting them get involved (and paying them) as there was nothing for them to do. They just supplied a free, no obligation valuation which turned out to be a kite flying valuation. No suprise there really. Still, it's a bit of real world evidence of what it is currently like out there.
  5. Valued at 375 by EA, offered 300 which is accpeted. Survey says.... 285. At least the owner and myself seemed to be more inline with reality. Going to be an interesting conversation this weekend when I have the survey in my hand...
  6. 1k up front or 1% on completion. Sadly for the EA they aren't involved in this transaction so they can go swivel
  7. Got a valuation booked next week, be interesting to see what they say. Anyone know roughly how long it takes for the survey to be released? I already managed to get a decent chunk knocked off the eye watering EA price, wouldn't say no to more though
  8. How, when the UK government refused to grant any Visas until the sh*t hit fan?
  9. Maybe if he and his staff hadn't been turned away from the airport after queuing for a day, none of this mess would have happened? If Mr Tugendhat is that concerned about his interpreter's family, why didn't he moved heaven and earth to ensure they got out before this mess started? Back in July, 45 senior officers warned the government what was about to happen, and they did sweet FA. It seems there is a lot of deflection and finger pointing going on, in order to place blame elsewhere.
  10. I didn't realise there was a point to be ignored. The runway security and air traffic control people didn't leave the airport and helped provide capacity for 100 extra people to leave the country? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-58370218 It doesn't sound like any British soldiers have been used for his and the animals passage through the city. I think it's a good result if you ask me, animals in the hold and people in the seats. Every extra person taken out of Afghanistan and away from danger is a bonus.
  11. Used where? If you have one slot for a plane to take off, and one plane (full of eligible passengers) takes off, what is lost? Don't see the issue myself.
  12. As you say, hindsight is a wonderful thing and you live and learn. It was done as it was, in case my dad ended up in a home due to ill health etc. I will just bite the bullet I guess and get rid of all my eth, 30% of my other coins and see where things are. If I need to sell 25% of my btc, so be it. Thanks all, it's been helpful.
  13. Bang on, not something I would want to do to my mom either. It also states in the will, it can't be sold unless mom wants it to be sold. No chance of the share being bought out by my siblings either. Oh well, a small bump in the road.
  14. Indeed its complicated with many variables that could affect advice, I was just looking for some quick advice. Just had a bit of a nasty shock though which has thrown a few spanners in the works! I just realised I don't think I qualify as a first time buyer any more! My dad passed away not long back and I am due to inherit a third of his 50% share on his property. It's not been all sorted as the land registry paperwork isn't completed yet, but there goes the FTB ISA bonus and zero SDLT I was counting on
  15. I understand what you are saying and where you are coming from, but if I don't sell my eth, I can't buy the house as I won't get a mortgage due to the smaller deposit. I have already had a great return from eth. It's the coin that has put me in the great position I am in now, so crypto really is life changing. Without it, I would never be able to buy such a house. My bitcoin on the other hand has provided very little profit (mostly due to adding more satoshi's to my holdings with my CGT last year). With that being said, I might follow your advice and keep my bit of a bitcoin in the hope it goes to the moon a few years down the line. It doesn't owe me anything. Mortgage interest seems very low at the moment (1.2%). It's just all abit scary borrowing such big amounts as I have never been in debt before. I was raised to value money (seems people value debt more now) and save up if I want something!
  16. So just putting it out there in a purely hypothetical situation...lets say you have made an offer on a house that is accepted, and you have managed to get a 20% discount on the stupid, over inflated EA price. You have a fairly big deposit but still need a mortgage 4x your income if you sell your ETH bags, or 3x your income if you sell your ETH and BTC bags. What would you do? As a side note, this house is perfect for me and everything I ever dreamed off (including a stair lift for when I have bad health days). It's detached and local to work and my family, so I can see myself in it for decades. Any advice?
  17. Holding people to account would be a great start. If someone does something that deserves the sack/charged, they should be sacked and turned over to the police for investigation. Not put on sick leave for one year plus, and then handed a golden handshake goodbye because they are high up the ladder. It never seems to happen with nurses and porters etc... funny that isn't it?
  18. Agreed, at the end of the day, it is someones money (not yours) that they can spend on what ever they like.
  19. Like Southgate has said, it's all on him as he picked who would be taking the penalties so I hope the penalty takers don't get stick for missing (Rashfords was very poor though for such a good player). I think England played well for the first half, but turned off in the second. The time for subs was early in the second half before Italy scored, typical Southgate though. He is always late with the subs and afraid to make the big descision when it needs to be made. Kane should have come off and the Mount for Grealish sub needed to happen way earlier then it did. You can't try and defend a 1-0 lead against a team like Italy. Still, all being said, the team did really well to reach the final and it looks like the future is bright for the England team in the next world cup
  20. For some yes, for some no. Different people have different goals. You can't judge anyone for selling when they do, and then saying it was the wrong move. It just makes you sound like a bitcoin loon if/when you do. A discussionis fine, but sadly this thread often drifts away from sensible discussion when it comes to bitcoin price and the hatred for alts.
  21. Am shocked they didn't use him as the scape goat to ram through the 1% NHS payrise before waving him goodbye.
  22. You are all correct, however my point was more about how cheap the underlying tech is for EV's. Take the tech and put it in a proper shell, with all the normal safety systems used in europe, and you should still have a car that could retail for £10k.
  23. Indeed, the best way to get the best rate is to have the biggest deposit you can. It's a huge ask as a FTB but all the decent deals are aimed at the 60% LTV area. You will find the interest rate will rise as your LTV goes up. Have you got a help to buy ISA or lifetime ISA sorted? It's a quick way to get a bit more money. it really does seem to be the LTV that is the determining factor these days.
  24. This car is outselling the tesla 5 to 1. It's also the cheapest EV in the world at £3400. Not my cup of tea, but interesting to see how massive and cheap EV's are in China.
  25. Some good points regarding NHS pay, yes its crap for what the job is. Also remember there is no payrise once you hit the top of the band. Everyone should start at the top of the band, as that is what they say is a fair wage for what the job entails. People talk about the extra experiance you gain for the extra bit of money in year, but it's a lie. You do the same job, with the same requirements and duties, from the get go. It's just a way to supress wages due to the amount of people in the NHS.
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