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  1. For anyone who earns a normal wage I imagine. Is the average yearly wage about 30k? Paying £767 per month, on top of a mortgage and bills is beyond what the majoirty of the UK could afford. Fair play for you if you can tho, would love a model 3! Enjoy the car
  2. EV's will come down in price, when the manufactures have re-tooled their plants to make EV's, and not ICE cars like they are a the moment. They need people to keep buying ICE cars until they have completed the swap over. This is one of the main reasons EV's are so expensive.
  3. Could I ask for a PM please with the company details? Would very much apprieciate it :)
  4. Am looking at solar panels and battery storage for my new place. Wonder if demand will rise due to all this, and the prices start to increase even more. Have already noticed an increase in prices for installation recently!
  5. 1st home = 0.5% each year 2nd home = 1% each year 3rd home = 1.5% each year and so on, and so on. Wouldn't matter if it was in a limited company that owned the properties either. Everyone pays.
  6. I agree with it. I would even go further and charge a higher % each year for second and third homes etc. Every dwelling should have to pay it, no excuses or loopholes.
  7. No point, we have a RICS valuation of 285 which is a fair, independant price imo. Estate agents will say what ever they want in order to get another house on the books.
  8. West Midlands, nope! We both agreed there is no point letting them get involved (and paying them) as there was nothing for them to do. They just supplied a free, no obligation valuation which turned out to be a kite flying valuation. No suprise there really. Still, it's a bit of real world evidence of what it is currently like out there.
  9. Valued at 375 by EA, offered 300 which is accpeted. Survey says.... 285. At least the owner and myself seemed to be more inline with reality. Going to be an interesting conversation this weekend when I have the survey in my hand...
  10. 1k up front or 1% on completion. Sadly for the EA they aren't involved in this transaction so they can go swivel
  11. Got a valuation booked next week, be interesting to see what they say. Anyone know roughly how long it takes for the survey to be released? I already managed to get a decent chunk knocked off the eye watering EA price, wouldn't say no to more though
  12. How, when the UK government refused to grant any Visas until the sh*t hit fan?
  13. Maybe if he and his staff hadn't been turned away from the airport after queuing for a day, none of this mess would have happened? If Mr Tugendhat is that concerned about his interpreter's family, why didn't he moved heaven and earth to ensure they got out before this mess started? Back in July, 45 senior officers warned the government what was about to happen, and they did sweet FA. It seems there is a lot of deflection and finger pointing going on, in order to place blame elsewhere.
  14. I didn't realise there was a point to be ignored. The runway security and air traffic control people didn't leave the airport and helped provide capacity for 100 extra people to leave the country? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-58370218 It doesn't sound like any British soldiers have been used for his and the animals passage through the city. I think it's a good result if you ask me, animals in the hold and people in the seats. Every extra person taken out of Afghanistan and away from danger is a bonus.
  15. Used where? If you have one slot for a plane to take off, and one plane (full of eligible passengers) takes off, what is lost? Don't see the issue myself.
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