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  1. Having now just pulled the trigger on my first house it'll no doubt be the start of the decline. Topping out this year or slight declines I think.
  2. How did they pass the checks from the mortgage provider? NHS hero maybe....
  3. Laughing at most of the above, Rishi will sort them out no doubt about it.
  4. All relative; day traders probably losing, long termers still up.
  5. Think many of us knew this was coming, inevitable given the fact that the ponzi can't be allowed to stop. Next stop, government paying people's mortgages. Another nail in the coffin for free market economics.
  6. We'll be back here in mid-May following an announcement that the stamp duty holiday is extended again. Really feel this is a jar that shouldn't have been opened. More "I can't complete in time it isn't fair" moaners will be in the press with a sob story in a few months.
  7. Agree, have you watched the Social Dilemma on Netflix? Was very interesting take on how divided that country really is and how social media has fuelled the divide. A melting pot of division, hatred, conspiracies and guns isn't going to end well.
  8. You can bet anything it will not be April!
  9. Who knows any more, just seems like something new is rolled out almost every day, think most folk are done with it. Agree with many posting above - compliance is gone. Deceitful ministers don't help. Nor does the fact that for the last 40 years we have peddled individualism rather than collectivism as the way to live our lives in the UK. Most in the UK are hell bent on their own interests, our response to Covid has proved that. The Tory party put paid to society many years ago and that mantra has only deepened over time.
  10. Sorry to hear of your loss. I'm in a similar position to yourself, Matt. Best of luck with it if you do bite the bullet, I think it's inevitable at some point for many of us on this board. Ironically I am eyeing up a couple of places in NR2 which I will go to view early Jan. I can see myself there for a few years before moving to the outskirts. I do think with regards to area that Norwich should hold up well; I've come to the sense that the government will do whatever it takes to keep prices at current levels. Best wishes for 2021. I'll probably be back on here moaning about buying at the top come this time next year!
  11. I saw the villa thing and thought some VI estate agent had hacked the website. Cheers Old Man George for getting us back on.
  12. The West have sold the family silver off to the Chinese and other foreign investors over the years, headline in OP's post is nothing new. Difference between the West and China is that they think and plan well ahead in to the future. All the debate about Huawei and the 5G network, drop in the ocean in the grand scheme of things. No one batting an eyelid that they own national infrastructure; practically bank rolling the new build nuclear projects.
  13. My employer is an international consultant and in terms of the UK have probably 50+ offices. It has been said they will never go back to >50% of desks occupied within current office space and are considering significantly downsizing across the world as leases end. I think that is probably the same for any firm.
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