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  1. Hello, I'm vaguely questioning reversing a garage conversion by a previous owner of the house to use it for car storage again. I have a few questions though. The garage was originally detached. It has since been extended backwards to become at least twice its original depth. Then a large hallway has been built between the house and the old garage. The conversion now has a front reception room, a shower, a cloakroom and a rear reception room. I'd need to convert the front reception room and the shower back to a garage (this is what was the original garage). That would then leave the cloakroom and rear reception room, as well as the large hallway. Is this likely to devalue the house, or with there still being an additional reception room (in addition to two others in the original house), would it not make much difference? Every other property in the street has a garage, we're the only one that doesn't, and we only have one off road parking space. We're in a fairly quiet cul-de-sac, although street parking the past year or two has become a bit busy. My second question is, very roughly, what it might cost? The garage door would need putting back in. While it's attached to the house, I wouldn't want it integral, so would there still be a need for different floor heights? Currently the whole garage conversion is a few inches higher than the main house, although the hallway is the same height as the main house. Many thanks for reading!
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