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  1. Hello. I myself Chad Lawson, I will be announcing that I will be running for Prime Minister of the British Parliament for the year 2024, I am promising a more united Britain, The Tax of annual income will be reduced by a large amount, I also wish to Rejoin the European Union as I feel Brexit has not worked out for us very well, I also wish to give Northern Ireland to the republic whether they like it or not. I will be starting my campaign rallies in the next year. Wish everyone the best. Chad Lawson for Prime Minister.
  2. "A British Parliament will not work in the control of the conservatives and that they will destroy the entire country and raise our tax to an astronomical new level, Therefore I Chad Lawson have set up a new protest rally and we will defeat the conservative parliament in the year 2023". Chad. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100042767341079
  3. well you see they use people like you, yes understand? ok now then you go round telling your family and friends or whatever and then they will start to invest money into causing more people to join in to this fake scam of an online currency that will eventually fade or just crash completely.
  4. because what they do is get people like you and play you like a puppet hand up the **** style
  5. i have a point and that point is my finger right up your rectum
  6. honestly i think he'll be fine i doubt it's gonna kill him i can see it now him being fine after the next month
  7. listen here goldbugger i do not give a rats ass what you think im trying to get my point across that its a bunch of crap pyramid schemes
  8. get this bunch of crap away from me its all a bloody scam this is about as likely to work then to see morrissey from the smiths in a church.
  9. we can get the chinese to do the mining since they always seem to be better at everything except human health
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