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  1. Remember : Hands Face Space. Think of others! follow the rules.
  2. What about David Icke? Was he arrested too? He was at the demo, as was great philosopher Piers Corbyn. Watch out for the 5G now!!
  3. One nutter has a hundred sockie accounts saying the same thing over and over again?
  4. In what way is his (Ferguson) modelling out by 'orders of magnitude'? (from a layman's viewpoint of course). I've googled o.o.m so I now understand the term. Just curious that a layman would go into such detail. Naturally I don't understand the maths, but you could explain it to me, and the rest of the posters.
  5. So you're blaming Ferguson for the 2001 foot-and-mouth disease, or at least his modelling of it?
  6. That's outrageous! You being an able bodied seaman from Latvia too! How did Prof. Ferguson manage to affect another governed country?
  7. Wait til 01.01.2021 and that number will skyrocket after the Dublin Accord ceases to be effective. France or any other EU nation will be under no obligation to take them back.
  8. Have you been furloughed or made redundant, because you seem out of your comfort zone. Do you or did you work on cruise lines? You do know they are actually setting sail from Hamburg - presumably without you.
  9. So Liam Fox has just implied there may be another transition period after 31st December. "Former international trade [email protected] tells @nicholaswattthe UK could be granted a second Brexit transition overseen by the World Trade Organization." However a firm of accountants have written " Many trade law experts are sceptical that GATT 24 would allow for such an outcome. Some of the reasons for this scepticism are: a. GATT 24 would only be available where a trade agreement was under negotiation or awaiting implementation, b. In order for GATT 24 to apply, it must be agreed by both parties." No wonder Fox looks so uncomfortable in that little clip. This is contradictory nonsense.
  10. Bit late to the party here, but that is Liam Fox is it not? Proposed WTO lieutenant - is this for real? Just saw this and had to re-post. He's no Pascal Lamy is he?
  11. Don't mind bidding for that roller at auction. £10 reserve price?
  12. Rishi is curator of the magic money tree. He's loved by all its recipients. Hail Rishi! Free money from the inflationary gods.
  13. I don't see why the couldn't sell up, pay off their IO loan, and buy a similar prison down the road. It's Hull - not like prices have changed much since 2007.
  14. timuna

    Edinbugh Latest

    Thanks for replies. Yes, for me public transport is a must. Walking also good. Glad this thread still active.Needs a letter 'r' added to the place name in title.
  15. timuna

    Edinbugh Latest

    Does anyone here commute from outer Edinburgh into the commercial centre? Or even commuter towns. Just a rough guide of distance you think realistic. Thx.
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