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  1. You make a very good point, the challenge of climate chance will be in the fields of social, political and behavioural science. The climate physics is very clear, and the actions needed to prevent serious damage to the ecosystems are also clear, but involve some very difficult choices, for individuals and for states. Sadly, the public understanding of climate science and the consequences of rapid climate change is very limited. We have enough technical solutions to make rapid and beneficial change, but we lack the political will to act, because our politicians believe that the electorate will not accept the required changes. This is clearly not true, as if you had told me three years ago that I would have to live under lockdown, wear a mask when shopping etc, I would have considered you mad. Finally, science is never settled, that's the way science works, but there are well established and provable methods for the progress of maths and science.
  2. If I didn't run a car, motorcycle or take any holidays, then £11k pa would be possible. But I live in a small house so rates aren't high, and being in Cornwall my gas bill is low ATM.
  3. Masters Degrees in Climate Change available from UCL, UEA, Bristol, Birkbeck and Leeds. I thought that Exeter and Reading also had similar
  4. But we pay £81k for a bunch of self-serving crooks. Performance related pay, did you leave your constituency is a better state that when you were elected? If answer is yes then opportunity for re-election, answer = no, then put it right with unlimited liability.
  5. I was thinking about activities like slavery, people trafficking, racketeering, drug and firearms running and terrorism. To a great extent, I think that the jingle from the Mikado is correct, "the punishment fit the crime". If it was 32 mph in a 30 mph zone, I would have been dead 45 years ago!
  6. Perhaps I didn't make myself clear, when I used the word deviant, I meant in a broader sense than just sexual deviance, i.e more generally, meaning from society's norms.
  7. Three bedroom semi here is around 9 times the average local wage. In my view that's bubble territory.
  8. 20% drop woulds only take prices back to where they were in January 2021!
  9. I do not agree. Prison is expensive and utterly ineffective as the prisoners are released. Short of time, but many crimes committed by repeat offenders, if after two prison sentences, convicted of another serious crime, then death penalty. Cuts costs and removes career criminals. Burglar who broke into my fathers house had > 20 years of various convictions. Before the human rights brigade starts wittering on, in my view, if you behaviour is highly deviant and to the detetriment of society, then you forfeit your human rights.
  10. £30 minimum not fair on motorcyclists, I can only get £24 worth of petrol in the tank.
  11. Thus risking sub-standard products into the UK, and companies that export from EU to UK have no checks, whereas UK exports to EU have checks. Some local authorities have made substantial investments in BCP and training staff, so domestic rates will have to increase to make up for the lack of revenue from the BCPs. Trebles all round!
  12. Shortage seem localised, went to Lidl, got a full weekly shop except no yoghurt. A few gaps on the shelves, mainly cakes and booze.
  13. Perhaps I should send Andrew Bailey, of X-ray vision, some Basildon Bond. He will be writing lots of letters over the next few months. ince he earns (is that the right word?) £500,000 a year, he can buy his own stamps.
  14. Consider also Hadrian's Wall and the Pyramids!
  15. My understanding is that the default setting will be turn off at peak times, but in most cases the householder will be able to override the default settings, and pay through the nose for peak rate electricity. A more serious problem is that we will soon be facing a supply crunch for electricity, caused by a lack of investment in baseload capacity and also difficulties with the contracts concerning the interconnectors. The contract difficulties are beyond my understanding
  16. I wonder if any data is available, and understandable to a non-specialist like me, on accident rates of aircraft landing on 'automatic' compared with pilot landings?
  17. Unfortunately you are correct. Leave and the Tories promised much and delivered zilch. Full disclosure: I was a remainer, and benefittted professionally and personally from the single market. I am very disappointed with the vote, and realise the consequences of policies that divided the nation and marginalise 48%. But the UK has left the EU and the entire UK population has to face the consequences of the decision and subsequent sub-optimal agreements.
  18. And the council are housing people in ancient caravans that I wouldn't use as a chicken coop, on sites that have almost zero facilities.
  19. It's an utter disgrace. Can't find the ref atm, but Treliske hospital has been forced to allow patients for A+E to wait outside in the rain, sometimes for several hours because there is no room inside. Boris promised that Cornwall would have the EU replaced by UK GVMT.
  20. A a resident of the depressed Celtic fringe, as you so elegantly put it, I can assure you that tourism is only around 15% of the Cornish economy. Apart from a blip around Christmas and New Year, tourism shuts down from the end of November to start of March. Around 50% of the Cornish economy is the highly subsidised benefit junkies farming.
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