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  1. J.i.T. was developed by Toyota, and for a volume manufacturing plant is a godsend, reduces stock and space needed to hold stock, enhances capability and flexibility, and with good partners makes a significant reduction in costs. Not so good when there's a war.
  2. I very much like the shopfront on the right," Bubble Waffle"!
  3. Fracking in the UK is unlikely to yield much compared to the USA, as the geology is very different. UK is complex and folded geology, USA has large relatively flat and continuous basins and lots of space.
  4. Or reduce expenditure on pensions, welfare and the NHS.
  5. I have worked for a short time in Russia. It is a dump, corrupt as hell, hotels were outrageously expensive and service unbelievably bad. Every company I visited, at the end of the meeting, I was sent outside to sit in the car, while my minder attended to 'business'. I needed a minder as I can't speak Russian. When I was on the shop floor, the foreman would need some money 'for lunch'.
  6. 1 billion is less than Zelensky's account with the Dresdener bank, allegedly.
  7. If this is true, then he can afford to buy his own HIMARs. We'll have our billion back, thank you
  8. My late father was saying the same thing 50 years ago!
  9. And how are we going to persuade the Russians to pay reparations? Hell will freeze over before the Russians pay up!
  10. Except that the British do not observe international treaties. I understand that two wrongs do not make a right, but ever Teresa May realised that trashing international treaties has a negative effect on the UK. Equally Ukraine were very naive. The day of international treaties is now over, no-one trusts any-one else. Since 1945, no war has been won by overwhelming military might, but by military action followed by diplomatic action. Thus, the Ukraine war will drag on for a long time, as Russia doesn't want to be seen to lose, and America the same. If I were a gambling man, and I'm not, I would back Russia, as I can't see large scale American military intervention in Ukraine.
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