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  1. September 15th and 29th, two important dates to put into your diary. The 15th is the last date for companies to announce >100 redundancies by the 1st November for end of government backed furlough, the 30th for >30. Which means if the government intend to extend furlough, expect an announcement by this Friday at the very latest.
  2. But not May's WA. Relatively small to Germany you say, but you forget, we have a channel slowing down their access, and we don't have a leader hell bent on destroying their country like they do. You clearly have your head in a dark place, where we are all suffering some kind of terrible affliction for being British. You also deserve an award for your charitable and noble act of trying to protect all your friends from the terrible harm our country will now impose upon them. Ahh. I'm so tempted to write more paragraphs, just to be entertained by your continual breakdown of riposte.
  3. What planet have you been living on? There is no WA as there has never been any agreement. There was an "attempted" agreement that a Remainer tried to manipulate into place, but our parliament thankfully kicked it into touch. You can put your house, that you no doubt dont own, on a No Deal. Everything is going swimmingly, including the migrants who are prepared to die to be with us. The image all you Remainers give about the UK is desolation and deprivation, yet here we are, THE destination for the entire population of the world's impoverished and deprived. Take a good look at your cake and start eating it.
  4. Those in this thread, who are bemoaning everything about Brexit, really do need to get a grip. I'm relatively new to this forum, but my words, the negativity, the closed minds towards anything but failure, the failure to embrace the new, the reluctance to change, and the absolute innability to accept democracy, all of it blows my mind. How do you lot get out of bed in the mornings? There's so much to look forward to its staggering. Imagine a free trade deal with the U.S., unhindered trade with one of the biggest manufacturing nations on the planet. The ability to write or remove our own legislation to suit what's good for the UK. The ability to choose who enters the UK, restricting unneeded labour that holds back acceptable pay levels for our own trades people. I could go on and on but I'm sure you get my point. There are people binge posting on here, who are desperate for Brexit to fail, merely because of their own very real circumstance and the damage it does to their current personal arrangements. To say the excitement amongst our population is building to a crescendo would be an understatement. Roll on 2021!
  5. It doesn't stop, now all I'm reading is how the poor commoners will suffer, the under privileged will be back to sweeping chimneys and how workhouses will be full. What would we do without all these helpful Samaritans guiding us to the light and righteousness? "Give us the deal we've just rejected, we're not worthy!" Roll on the end of the year, just so we can all hear something new!
  6. All anyone hears from people just like you is; Brexit will never happen, Trump will never get elected, Boris will never get elected etc etc... How do you propose we deal with 1.2 million illegals in this country, people who are working in the black economy and who are non tax paying, people who have destroyed the housing market, people who are unaccountable and who are currently untraceable? I want to hear your suggestions, or perhaps, you're part of the very problem we're discussing? In respect of ID Cards, you invest in technology, you make it a legal requirement that the card is regularly updated, checked and vetted online in certain circumstances. Maybe you're nervous, how it will affect you or your close relatives and/or their ability to remain in the UK, maybe...
  7. If they are dual nationality, and they were previously awarded a UK passport, you simply rescind it, not difficult.
  8. You've simply highlighted how highly the entire government are perceived by their own party? I actually agree, the policies they're putting forward on Brexit, on immigration, on how they've handled the EU, all stand out as a government who are, at last, in touch with their electorate. It's no surprise, that with so many star performances, the party itself have so many favourites. The truth is only ugly if it's hard to bare.
  9. Once again, the answer is simple. In both scenarios you'd make it immediately reportable, and then you treat them. Then you arrest every person who has assisted (in any way) their residency in the UK, and deport them all. I'm not sure if you understand or not, but that's precisely where this current government is taking it, along with the backing of the majority of the legal population of the UK.
  10. Yeah right. "People are being lied to" so you and others are here to protect them all by telling them your own version of the truth. My words, superheroes the lot lot of you in protecting us all from the evil empire.
  11. You squeeze illegal immigration from every single angle going. For the first time, we actually have a government who are putting in measures to address this very issue. You look into (with a microscope) houses declared as being of under occupancy. You make it impossible to access any service without an ID Card, and make it a serious crime to assist anyone in doing so. You deport any legal immigrant from the UK who is found to have supported illegal immigrants into the country, or who offers employment or housing to those here illegally. You offer a generous reward scheme for anyone disclosing any illegal immigration that then leads to deportation. You refuse access to all healthcare without either an ID Card or evidence of valid health insurance, and make it an immediately reportable crime for anyone who attempts to bypass the system. This is an issue that now detrimentally affects the lives of most citizens of the UK, with housing a national crisis. The more certain individuals protest, you can be sure you're on the right track.
  12. See how certain people cry foul when you propose a simple but effective way to uncover an Aladdin's cave of criminality. Watch and learn what's coming your way.
  13. You've made my point precisely. The free speech you don't like is the only speech you want to silence. Who the fvck are you to tell me what's worth reading or not. Utter cretins and low lifes all of them involved.
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