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  1. https://news.sky.com/story/hong-kongers-warn-of-social-conflict-as-new-arrivals-to-uk-struggle-to-find-jobs-housing-and-school-places-12491700 Sutton seems to be popular and even a poor homeless guy amongst them. Sad to hear that.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/24/new-zealand-interest-rate-hike-raises-pressure-on-central-banks-over-inflation We may not be far behind though....
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/24/new-zealand-interest-rate-hike-raises-pressure-on-central-banks-over-inflation NZ increased their interest rates with a timeline for further increases. Still a couple of years away for any major impact here I'd say.
  4. Half decent homes selling quick here in the East Midlands. Two beds pre pandemic are now worth three beds. Greedy estate agents trying it too and adding thousands too homes. Decent offers I'm putting in getting rejected. Still renting, getting more depressing by the day .
  5. Hi all. My area in the East Midlands, 2 beds are now going for what 3 beds were right up to March 2020 which is now around the 190-200k mark for a 2 bed semi in a less desirable area A sold house in April '21 sold for 200k, back on the market last week for 215k and sold within a couple of days. It's still hot here, no sign whatsoever of slowing down.
  6. FTB here, key worker and stable job. Not much luck here as a 190k house for a 3 bed just went for 210k but I suspect EAs are starting off low and this particular home had around 15 bids , going by the purple bricks update app. Even a 2 beds in less desirable areas are creeping up with all vieiwing taken within hours and going up to the£200k mark. I'm getting frustrated and might just go for anything otherwise pre covid, 3 bed semi houses were easily at around the 180-190k mark.
  7. Hi all. All I'd like to know is the likelihood of what goes on there will impact my search for a house as a FTB here although I could be wong.
  8. Well as a potential FTB, prices here in the East Midlands definitely higher and no sign of reducing. Looking at the 210k mark or below. I can't even get a viewing for the last few properties in July/August. Get a call from agents day before my allocated viewing saying that house is now sold, or get a call the same day as the house goes on RM/Zoopla saying all appointments taken. I give up.
  9. I thought this thread would be about those lot somehow helping to normalise our house prices in this country!
  10. According to the guys at HSBC, everything is in place for prices to come down in a decade at the earliest. It does sound convincing this. "Analysts at HSBC have such a long list of reasons for a prolonged period of property price growth there is barely space here to discuss them all." https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/aug/14/sorry-kids-house-prices-arent-going-to-stop-going-through-the-roof
  11. Thanks all for the advice earlier in the week. Will slowly invest over a period in time, rather than one go and like the idea of 70-20-10 for BTC-Eth-other for now. I'm also clearer about the long term idea rather than a short term investment. Glad to see it's been life changing for many, and that it could help out long term with my limited financial goals. I bought a tiny amount of Cardano which is the advice people are giving so let's see how that goes. Still using revolut for now as it's already setup. My binance is just waiting for the gbp ban to be lifted as would rather not have several apps .
  12. I've no idea how Leicester and *not* Leicestershire is on that list. That place used to be affordable around 3-4 years ago. Ridiculous prices for tiny terraced homes, although many have been extended and lovely from inside but those that aren't still fetch a premium.
  13. Definitely not day trading. More medium term is what I'm thinking. Review every few months see how it's going would be my intention. Are you guys taking out any profits / dividends as and when it just staying put until you completely sell? My intention is to get a few thousand that'll help towards the first house.
  14. Ok, thanks all. These acronyms, need to get my head around @MonsieurCopperCrutch, I like the sound of the 70-20-10 in terms of coin so will base it at that. Problem is, I have the tiny cryoto on Binance and gbp was banned a few days later so it's stuck if I want to cash out. I have Revolut for ease of use and foreign trips and stuff but I hear they have high fees etc...what is the best one stop all in one app for this that won't get banned? Coinbase?
  15. Hi all. Still too late to join the game? I've put in a very small amount in the £100s of pounds since early July to test the waters and it's gone up. If there were only 5 coins you'd invest in at *this* moment in time for a super cautious financially naive guy, what would they be? Was reading about some 20% rule of thumb to cash out the profits and similar when ahead. Thanks as always and respect [email protected], @MonsieurCopperCrutchand others for sharing ideas / strategies even though I have very little idea what you're talking about!
  16. No price correction in sight yet. Devastated once again. No good news yet for those like me looking to buy a modest home for the first time.
  17. Exactly the same here in the East Midlands. Booked a few viewings and they are sold before my viewing. All around the 200-220k mark.
  18. Not really. Some Saffers stole billions of bitcoin from clients! Nothing is safe, digital or physical there unfortunately! https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-06-23/s-african-brothers-vanish-and-so-does-3-6-billion-in-bitcoin
  19. Hi Monsieur, I'm very risk averse and the saving under the pillow type and the thought of losing 5k-10k is frightening as have saved so hard for it and close to buying a property but that's getting further away. I'm not well read but personally know people the have made a tidy sum and sold all out and those that have lost / losing a lot as they've invested in crypto more recently. You're right, not much nerve or balls from my side. Though sometimes, I think feck it and join the game and see what happens in a year. Is a year considered short term investment?
  20. I was thinking of doing the same with a very small amount, purely to get something and aim to buy mortgage free in addition to my savings. Out by around 20-30k but I doubt banks lend that little. Are there any institutes that do that? Well, a colleague who owns 4 properties (BTL) said she thinks house prices will go down soon and to wait a bit longer now the dust is settling but I've got no choice since I'm out priced due to the covid house boom. Am I going to dabble in crypto now? Even more sceptical now that it's taken a nose dive even though I personally know friends that have cashed out a few weeks ago and are out. Bet they're chuffed with that decision!
  21. Hi @Pop321 and everyone, been a while since I last posted and been meaning to for a while. Got a bit down with all the house prices and stuff. Given up on pre covid prices which would have bagged me a decent place for around the 200k mark here in the East Midlands. i was seriously thinking of just investing my deposit and money on crypto currency, hoping for a quick 25k, which will never happen but fortunately, things going downhill today so luckily, no investment. Yet!
  22. Lived abroad for nearly a decade to save up. That box has been ticked.
  23. Evening all. I think we've got nothing really to look forward to. Let's be honest, we thought Brexit and covid would reset and see a decline in house prices but it didn't happen. Thought that end of Furlough in November would be the trigger but nothing there either. And then fishy Rishi and his budget announcement but nothing there either. Furlough ending again part III is it? Don't know. Meanwhile, it's depressing browsing RM and Zoopla several times a day & seeing nothing come up. I put a decent offer for a home a few weeks ago at around the 200k mark, no offers on the property apart from mine but elderly vendors aren't budging Mexican standoff it is.
  24. Would be just to see where you're coming from. I've got no debt, decent saving, considered to be a key worker, moved away from the capital to somewhere considered more reasonable, could easily get a small mortgage but the covid and house prices has hit me for 6 as it's made the prices even higher. I'm not looking for a grand house, just the entry level 200k home but struggling to find one, maybe should have moved further north. Oh, and haven't voted for this government and can't stand them. Not sure the opposition is any better though...
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