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  1. Lived abroad for nearly a decade to save up. That box has been ticked.
  2. Evening all. I think we've got nothing really to look forward to. Let's be honest, we thought Brexit and covid would reset and see a decline in house prices but it didn't happen. Thought that end of Furlough in November would be the trigger but nothing there either. And then fishy Rishi and his budget announcement but nothing there either. Furlough ending again part III is it? Don't know. Meanwhile, it's depressing browsing RM and Zoopla several times a day & seeing nothing come up. I put a decent offer for a home a few weeks ago at around the 200k mark, no offers on the
  3. Would be just to see where you're coming from. I've got no debt, decent saving, considered to be a key worker, moved away from the capital to somewhere considered more reasonable, could easily get a small mortgage but the covid and house prices has hit me for 6 as it's made the prices even higher. I'm not looking for a grand house, just the entry level 200k home but struggling to find one, maybe should have moved further north. Oh, and haven't voted for this government and can't stand them. Not sure the opposition is any better though...
  4. Do you own a house out of interest? I don't, been renting for the last couple of years and it's quite stressful being unsure of what's happening. Just the thought of paying almost 20,000 in rent makes me quite sad really but like some have said, maybe it's the new normal. At the same time, I'm fortunate that I've a secure job, roof over my head and food to eat as things could be a lot worse, just a place to call my own would be nice and some security for the family and I.
  5. How about greedy BtL LLs that prey off the needy and desperate, buying with impunity backed by the govt, and the MPS with millions of pounds worth of property in addition to their own. The MPs need low paid workers/migrants as the businesses that donate to them too. not in my back yard NIMBY, an acronym for the phrase "not in my back yard", or Nimby, is a characterization of opposition by residents to proposed developments in their local area, as well as support for strict land use regulations.
  6. Come on. Can't blame the migrants for house price woes...that's what the trash media want us to believe. Blame everyone else for everything apart from the policy makers...
  7. Conrgats @Pop321, have enjoyed following your story, well your son's anyways! I'm still the only one offered on a very nice property but in a not so nice area , liveable though, offered 200k, asking 220 when other similar houses gone for my offer price. Vendors are insisting on the asking price. Been a week since I offered the amount. Should I follow it up? Any Qs I should ask? Thanks again all.
  8. Update to my search, I'm the only only one to have made an offer this week on a property after 6 weeks the home being on the market. Agent, to be fair is surprised the sellers aren't taking up the offer as they have not received any other ones! Asking 230k, I've offered 210k. More experienced friends saying I should have offered 200k first . The only other person I'm competing with is myself! The sellers are saying they need 230 to buy their onwards home. Now what folks? This is weird. It's overpriced as it is as similar homes here have not sold for the price and have been on sale fo
  9. I'm still looking. Viewing one tomorrow that's been on sale for about 6 weeks but no offers yet according to the EA. Shady location but this part is better. This EA in particular is known for having higher prices than normal and then dropping it for their properties. Asking is 220k. I'll offer around the 200 mark as a very similar one was sold recently for the same. Am prepared to pay 205max. Had enough of renting , for nearly 7 years on and off. Waited for the expected covid drop but nothing here. Ain't prepared to invest in anything else unless I have my own base first. W
  10. Corbyn and Galloway. The PMs that never were. Not afraid of anyone. Bit nutty and that but not afraid to speak their minds...That previous manifesto of Corbyn's somewhere on this thread was very impressive...
  11. I wish, Count. Houses selling for 180 going for over the 195-200k mark now. Been closely observing the Leicestershire market aiming to buy since pre lockdown 1.
  12. Hi @Pop321, finally you made it with your son's purchase. Congrats. Was wondering when you'd purchase in the current climate. But, how well did you know the EA ? Did they give any inside info or preference to you as you're very experienced in buying? I still struggle to understand how a FtB without the contact or experience find a great deal without some EA contact
  13. That makes two of us. I dunno what to do right now...still renting...
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