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  1. Again, govt caught everyone by surprise. With the vaccine this time. Feel good factor now, Xmas saved, shares prices up, hpc or even a decline will be unlikely now. I'm devasted prices won't drop now.
  2. Will this affect house prices? I'm reluctant to think it will. Will anything? Thoughts with those who'll lose their jobs and income.
  3. Send them to Australia if they weren't children when they came here. That's the historical tradition.
  4. Auctions, would you recommend them for a first time buyer?? Is that where you've been getting the bargains over the years or mainly through EAs?
  5. Is there a HPC Twitter for updates when this happens?
  6. And probably not as many pilots as say, teachers or nurses or police officers so basically negligible. Seems realistically, not much impact on house prices even by June July next year if that . Not looking for a crash. Just a 15-20% decline would do nicely.
  7. I don't see the point of posting these million + homes and their drop in prices . How's that gonna affect Joe Public like me? Or is that a sign of things coming?
  8. Will today's news from fishy Rishy about the economic emergency just beginning, is that likely to translate to a decline on house prices overall?
  9. Will there now be a house price decline as a result? Note decline, not crash?
  10. More importantly, will it impact bloody house prices? I s'pose when all this is going on, house prices would be the last thing on your mind!!
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/nov/24/uk-facing-risk-of-systemic-economic-crisis-official-paper-says UK facing risk of 'systemic economic crisis', official paper says Exclusive: Cabinet Office briefing seen by Guardian warns that Brexit, Covid, flu, flooding and unrest could lead to chaos -------- Funny you mention this. TPTB preparing us for this?
  12. Would you say it depends on location and supply/demand pressure of houses available or not? You've been in the game for a long time by the sounds of things so inside info with agents giving you preference for homes before releasing to the public. All in your favour. I'm looking to buy to but each month that goes by, that's a grand rent for me gone down the drain. Spent nearly 15k in rent since last Aug and that money would have been put to good use on a property. Hence wanting to buy now and seeming desperate almost.
  13. @Twenty Something and @Pop321, it's probably in the middle your different views snd experiences. 200k is a huge difference between similar values but the he does seem very experienced and clever at reading sentiment and how desperate people are to sell, right place and right time etc... This also just in , exclusive. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/nov/24/uk-facing-risk-of-systemic-economic-crisis-official-paper-says Brexit UK facing risk of 'systemic economic crisis', official paper says Exclusive: Cabinet Office briefing
  14. Saw this earlier. Economic shock? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-55032782 Chancellor Rishi Sunak is to announce an extra £3bn for the NHS - but has warned that people will soon see an "economic shock laid bare" as the country deals with the Covid pandemic
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