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  1. People are spending lots of time at home. To many people it may seem like a good time to get a better place to live, if you can afford to.
  2. The BBC is either a public service or it isn't. If it is, it should be funded by taxes. If it isn't, there shouldn't be a law mandating a TV license fee.
  3. Yup. Slap "key worker" and "Grenfell" together into a BBC headline, add a dash of money printing, Bob's your uncle.
  4. However it looks like if one does this intentionally, they can count the overpayment as "notional capital": https://www.entitledto.co.uk/help/Deprivation-of-savings-and-other-capital-Universal-Credit
  5. It's interesting that people with mortgages can overpay (building equity) in other to get to 16k savings and get benefits, while people who are renting can't do that.
  6. 450m? That's a drop in the money printing bucket these days... Just kidding, well mostly.
  7. Paper wealth is a funny thing, especially when expressed in fiat currency. For example, how much of that housing wealth assumes that there will be future income available to buy it? Maybe there will be, but it could be in inflated currency...
  8. They can blame covid now (and so can the government). And to a large extent they'd be right, it's going to be hard to discern the impacts of each.
  9. Oh, I've gotten over it. But that doesn't mean there are easy answers to the simultaneous crises of covid + brexit (I mean, one of them is hard enough to handle by itself!).
  10. This was a big (and fair) accusation in the 2008 crisis due to bank bailouts. 2008 may be part of the reason why, this time, the "little guy" is being helped by furlough money.
  11. The reason why taxes probably need to be raised at the moment is not the NHS. It's because of the economic implosion and government spending money to address it (e.g. furlough money).
  12. To start with the big one: cancelling Brexit or doing a sensible soft version of it would be a good start.
  13. The US has lower taxes in general. Just because they have a single high tax we can find which happens to be higher than the UK's corresponding version, does not mean this is a good idea for the UK.
  14. The US system meaning much lower overall taxes? Or do you want to the high property tax to the already high UK taxes (VAT, council tax, PAYE, stamp duty etc)?
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