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  1. The bulk pack of water purification tablets that I stockpiled in case of Brexit shortages is not looking like such a bad decision.
  2. Surely it's a win win scenario, the landlord has consistent rent payments and the tenant has a secure home.
  3. I have a novel idea... Publicly subsidised housing that benefits the population at large rather than largely benefitting the rentier class.
  4. 98%, but that is only because I sacrifice a lot my spare to hustle for extra money on top of my main employment. Only counting our employment, we would be at 96%. I find it a peculiarity then, that 100% of houses in our area are "unaffordable" to us, even though we earn over twice the local median household income. Its almost as if a certain section of society are hoarding all the wealth for themselves... I don't know, just a strange feeling I have .
  5. Heaven forbid boomer's lose money. Get rekt you old biddies
  6. Everyone is trying to cash in their huge paper gains at the same time with a lack of new money to tie up the loose ends of the chains
  7. Never underestimate the inability of the public to do basic things like simple sums and remembering basic facts.
  8. Boris Johnson and these self serving conservatives make my skin crawl. The country was better off under neo-lib Blair, and I hate Blair. I have no doubt the chickens will come home to roost at some point, and the worst government and worst prime minister of all time will finally be seen for who they really are.
  9. A billion years is temporary in the context of the universe.
  10. Whatever happens, China wins. China has plans that extend hundreds of years into the future.
  11. All hell holes apart from Greenwich where you have to be a multi millionaire to be able to afford a 3 bedroom house in some areas.
  12. Well you can say it's not, but it is. I live in a council flat and I don't "need" it. It is a matter of being on the waiting list long enough.
  13. council housing is for everyone. Verdict = not guilty. case closed
  14. Lol at the people desperate for there to be a scandal where there is none. Verdict = not guilty. Deal with it haters.
  15. The Boris Johnson disaster bus keeps on rolling. It is spluttering and backfiring, parts pinging off in random directions. How long will it keep going? Nobody knows. Only one thing is for sure, that it will end in complete breakdown.
  16. Boris Johnson claimed he had a social care plan, written and ready to go. A bit like his "oven ready" Brexit deal. It never existed.
  17. My partner suggested I download the Test and trace app because loads of her mates were getting pinged and free days off work. I told her a day or two off work is insufficient payment for downloading a Tory data harvesting app to my phone
  18. Well I guess that just about proves how much of an impact Keir Starmer's shadow cabinet is making on my life doesn't it?
  19. So really the only complaint she has is that the men Carrying out the replacement works didn't take orders from her? What an entitled berk.
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