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  1. The Boris Johnson disaster bus keeps on rolling. It is spluttering and backfiring, parts pinging off in random directions. How long will it keep going? Nobody knows. Only one thing is for sure, that it will end in complete breakdown.
  2. Boris Johnson claimed he had a social care plan, written and ready to go. A bit like his "oven ready" Brexit deal. It never existed.
  3. My partner suggested I download the Test and trace app because loads of her mates were getting pinged and free days off work. I told her a day or two off work is insufficient payment for downloading a Tory data harvesting app to my phone
  4. Well I guess that just about proves how much of an impact Keir Starmer's shadow cabinet is making on my life doesn't it?
  5. So really the only complaint she has is that the men Carrying out the replacement works didn't take orders from her? What an entitled berk.
  6. Plenty of houses up for rent in my area. I'm looking for me and my partner at SE2, SE18, DA16, DA7 area. Looking at 2/3 bedroom houses, went to view one property today for 1650pcm said to the agent I wouldn't go much over 1400pcm with 6 months paid up front and that there are plenty of other houses in the area for cheaper. Phoning some others up tomorrow to book viewings. Houses coming on everyday, not in a rush.
  7. Yeh but Keir wasn't sticking up for racists 2 weeks ago, is an actual football fan and was a season ticket holder. Boris doesn't watch football and has never watched football until a week ago.
  8. Indeed, I have waited too long to see England in a final to let bumbling Boris impose himself upon OUR moment.
  9. I thought about this for a while today, but... Remember, this government were defending the rights of racists to boo anti-racists just a few days, the same government who claimed they don't do "gesture politics" are now donning England shirts, tweeting "it's coming home" and plastering England flags all over government buildings. It's contrived, transparent bandwagon-ing, and dare I say it, cultural appropriation. Football is a working class sport and Bodger Boris was NEVER interested in football or the working classes before, he isn't now and won't be after the final. He's a posh interloper and it's painfully obvious that he sees an England victory as nothing more than potential photo ops for himself. Any "win" that Bodger Boris will try to claim off the back of an England result will be very short lived imo. It is just a desperate move to latch onto anything that might give his government's faltering momentum a boost. It's going to be cringey and embarrassing watching him claim victory but ultimately reality will bring Bodger thudding back down to earth
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