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  1. We've been at 1000+ deaths per day for a while. That's a potential 1000+ plus properties being freed up per day
  2. What about what I said is complete rubbish? I just made a statement of fact.
  3. The 'feckless', 'reckless' workshy types make up such a small minority of benefits claimants as to make them insignificant. The vast majority of benefits claimants are either pensioners or the working poor.
  4. Exactly. Some people on this thread are having some distorted thoughts suggesting that the poor and unemployed are somehow getting one over on them and living the life of Riley at Everyone else's expense. It's simply not the case. The poor and unemployed in this country have never had it worse, and their situation continues to be made worse by the out of touch and reactionary Tories who believe in the tabloid caricature of the feckless chav on benefits spending their dole on beer and fags. A lot of the so called 'Northern research group' Tories including many of the 2019
  5. Shaun Bailey the Tory candidate for Lomdon mayor.
  6. As usual with the Tories it's a race to the bottom in the effort to punish people who have the audacity to be unemployed. The usual suspects circle round and tut in disgust. As Shaun Bailey points out, 'the poor aren't poor, they just can't budget properly.' 'It's no use giving the poor more money because they buy things they want rather than need.' According to shaun, 'the poor and unemployed could easily save for a housing deposit if they could just get their finances in order.' the latest polls have Bailey trailing Khan by 21 points. Rofl Meanwhile Boris and his pals rile in shock at S
  7. It's not the end of anything. All we hear from anyone that will be heard is the need to 'get back to normal' ie the status quo of neo-liberal capitalism, eternal economic growth and globalism. The only thing that will change this is a climate catastrophe that forces our hand, by then it'll be too late. Scary as I'm only 33 and am likely to see this before I die.
  8. No. JC style would be build 100,000s more social homes, thereby eradicating homelessness. Electorate voted against their own interests in favour of the continuation of neoliberalism. So either way it's a moot point.
  9. Shaun Bailey is a loser. Has anyone seen his fake news propaganda leaflet dressed up to look like official papers warning of council tax rises?
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