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  1. This is what I have had to explain multiple times to Tory voting colleagues of mine, The Tories love immigration, as it creates competition for wages in so-called 'menial jobs', which, with a lack of meaningful collective bargaining, keeps wages low, which means more profits and more money for the 'wealth creators'. The points based immigration system and the feigning outrage at dinghies nothing but a red herring dog whistle to win xenophobic votes, just like the send 'em back immigration vans.
  2. Some of my speculative/gambling stocks have dropped 40%, can somebody point me to where I can apply for a bailout?
  3. And who are all these nooby BTL going to rent out their new houses to?
  4. All I see everywhere are sold STC everywhere I look... Who are buying these properties?
  5. The people really stuck it to the 'Islington elite' by voting for the Islingtonian elites, Boris led by Dom. The irony.
  6. Just whack massive taxes the empty homes, and use the revenue to build more council houses... how hard can it be?
  7. If it was up to me I'd double the council tax on 2nd properties and add a surcharge for every month the property lay vacant.
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