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  1. I'm a socialist I don't disagree with the principle of being able to buy one's own home from the state, at a discount. The mistake with the policy was to not then replace those houses sold off
  2. Lol that graph is so funny. smacks of hopeless optimism, "just draw a line diagonally up to the right and hope for the best" 🤞🤞
  3. Agree with this. Giving fuel rebates to multiple home owners is ridiculous
  4. Maybe. She had to twist my arm to get us there tbh. Plenty to see and do in Britain imo. Although we have already made a commitment to less far flung holidays in future.
  5. We're going to Costa Rica next week while we still can. I suspect it may be the last long haul flight we take in our lifetimes, if we even manage to get there
  6. Yeh, never mind the fact they just lost an ultra-safe true blue Tory seat in a by-election
  7. I'm finding it increasingly difficult telling the difference between the USA and Saudi Arabia. This is a serious step backwards for progressive society.
  8. A poll on the 21st said that 58% of people asked said the strikes were justified, so I think as it stands, the public are on side.
  9. I am. I'm a member of a union and will be voting YES in our upcoming ballot for industrial action. A load of nonsense. Completely. If cleaners were being paid £100k a year I'd agree, but they're not. The average wage of an RMT member striking today is around £33k, with many earning much less. And frankly I find it a bit arrogant that you dismiss hard working, in many cases highly skilled, working class people as being under skilled and over paid. A bit insulting if you ask me.
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