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  1. Another 30,000 in the next four weeks apparently pretty much assured. So 150,000 all told?
  2. Clearly you don't understand that the infections that have caused the deaths occured a while ago, and that not everyone in the MOST vulnerable groups will be vaccinated and have developed immunity for about another six weeks. There are, unfortunately, still plenty of vulnerable and unvaccinated people who can die. Indeed, it would be pretty easy to find out if those dying in hospital have been vaccinated or not and put your dangerous nonsense to bed were the information freely available. And let's face it, it will he recorded, and if the vaccines were so dangerous they would mow not be used. A
  3. Lord almighty, I'm worried that you actually believe this nonsense.
  4. Boris said, in essence, if the COVID response failed it's his fault. So then Hancock says how he got the vaccine, becomes PM, and we can finally get the NHS sold off.
  5. +1 It's only really more expensive to build if you build in the same old way then just try to stuff insulation in. If you build from the ground up (😊) with efficiency in mind using modern techniques it wouldn't be more expensive. The UK housing market (be it consumer or builder led on this) is still using relatively old-fashioned methods that are more expensive than required at the best of times. Granted, post WW2 some errors with prefabs were made, but I think we can do better now. So things like more use of SIPPs could be made, modern design using CFD to design airflow. But it seems
  6. Citation for sampling rate showing 25% infection rate? https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/healthandsocialcare/conditionsanddiseases/articles/coronaviruscovid19infectionsinthecommunityinengland/antibodydatafortheukjanuary2021#likelihood-of-testing-positive-for-covid-19-antibodies-in-england-wales-northern-ireland-and-scotland Says you are wrong by a factor of two.
  7. Your kind of factual facts aren't welcome here. Especially facts that can't be changed on a whim. Admitting errors should be allowed, which I sometimes do, as recently as today, as opposed to just doubling down on something or denying you said it.
  8. Kids used to just die of it and not make adulthood. I have asthma. Without modern medicine I wouldn't have made 15 due to a severe attack. I wouldn't have made it to adulthood to been in a statistic. People die of cancer more now as they don't die of cholera and TB first.
  9. I won't start planning that end-of-COVID BBQ quite yet, then. It will probably be raining, anyway.
  10. MEPs voting to list the Channel Islands and BVI as tax havens is part of this. No British MEPs to vote against it and no incentive to keep the gloves on with regards to not voting to list them. Not the Channel Islands or BVI were in the EU. There are places in the EU that should be on the list, though.
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