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  1. Seems user 'realty cheque' has some sound advice for them: 'get real and drop yer f**king price' to a reasonable rate and yer might just sell it. Bon Voyage!
  2. Could someone confirm that house prices have risen from £100k to £250k over the last 5 years. 150% increase! If so, that couple that bought a 1 bed flat for £100k 5 years ago (that is now worth £250k) would surely be down grading to a £200k studio now. Bit of a tight squeeze to start multiplying don't you think!
  3. "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Federal Reserve raised U.S. interest rates on Wednesday for a fourth time this year by a quarter percentage point, citing brightening job markets that likely mean more increases lie ahead. The unanimous decision by the U.S. central bank's policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee moves the benchmark federal funds rate -- which affects credit costs throughout the economy -- to 2 percent from 1.75 percent. The Fed began to lift rates in June from a rock-bottom 1 percent and looks likely to keep on with a campaign of "measured" increases to remove stimulus as th
  4. The cost of high oil prices will start to filter into retail prices pushing inflation rate up. Employment has also started to rise. If this trend keeps up we could see interest rates double within 6 months. Certainly going skywards.
  5. Could be dropped sooner rather than later once people cotton-on it really means Bought-to-lose!
  6. Stop kidding yourself, the UK economy doesn't operate in a vacuum, when big brother moves so do we. "The US Federal Reserve Board is likely to push up borrowing costs from 1.75% to 2%, with rates forecast to reach 5% by the end of 2006". This is London article
  7. Thanx PM for the posts, very informative and entertaining. If there are any prospective sellers out there that need to off load quickly, SELL AT AUCTION and keep that profit for yourselves. Personally I would not deal with any Co. that didn't have a proven track record and especially one where the "director" spent hours on a forum justifying himself (why?). I just hope for your sake no prospective clients of yours read your posts.
  8. Happy Birthday HPC! Thanks to HPC and some excellent contributions from members of the forum, the dickheads in the office think I've got a crystal ball! Keep up the good work.
  9. I don't know how wide spread this is, but I was amazed to see adverts in 'Homes and Property' with developers offering 25% interest free loans to would-be purchasers. How a developer can afford to lock in 25% of it's profits until the purchaser eventually sells again beats me. Unless they're 25% over valued in the first place and can offset this amount for the future, or sell it on to a bank in exchange for a smaller percentage of the 25%? Anyone got any alternative explanation?
  10. I also had an agent ring me recently that I hadn't spoke to for well over a year, she too was being extra extra nice. The last time I spoke to her she said that I should ring in every day to see what's on their books and that she couldn't (couldn't be bothered more like) ring me as she was too busy. I too took great satisfaction in telling her (very politely of course) to ring back same time next year!
  11. "Blair family to buy £3.6m Central London Home" "The Blairs decision to buy a house was confirmed last night. The couple sold their Islington home when they moved into No 10 in 1997 because they were told it was too unprotected. In doing so they missed out on the housing boom and lost at least £1m in capital - since its price would have more than doubled" Michael White, political editor Friday October 1, 2004 The Guardian I make that a loss of (£1m + £36k) now and rising. Ouch!!
  12. Another couple of good months like this and that'll be the 5% deposit (that took mummy and daddy a life time to save) wiped out! Looks like the pension's on the way down again also!
  13. Forget about house price bubbles, armagedon is neigh. UK household debt has been rising at an average 10% year on year now for over 17 years! Surely this is the mother of all bubbles we should be watching. UK Debt Statistics
  14. Check out the graph on The Nationwide's website: Monthly Review It's at the bottom of the page. Look at the difference between actual ave. prices and long term trend. You'll get an idea of how over inflated house prices really are.
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