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  1. Good to have you on board John. If you're on Facebook it would be well worth you joining the "Forest Lakes country club NS duped investors" group. There are now 92 members part of the group (I joined last week) and this is where most of the discussions appear to be taking place. There's also an e-mail group that has just been set up "[email protected]". I'm not sure how many people have signed onto it yet though as they appear to be mainly using the Facebook group.
  2. Hello, such a relief to find that I'm not alone in this and that I can speak to other folk regarding this investment. I purchased through an agent of TFDC called "Landcorpinternational" an acre of land units back in August 2008 to which I believe I am investor number 668. I further invested in a 2/3 year loan to TFDC in 2013 with an agreed end date and generous interest returns that they failed to honour. I foolishly allowed them to extend (and not honour) the loan 2 more times before kicking up a bit of a fuss with Landcorp (TDFC were not responding). After various conversations with Landcorp I decided to convert the outstanding loan they owed to purchase an off plan property, which required me to (foolishly again?) add further funds to secure. The off plan plot was placed on immediate sale as agreed between myself, TFDC and Landcorp. So, I have both types of investment outstanding and the greater part of my retirement fund locked into them. I have tried to contact both TFDC and the agent I invested via, but am receiving no response, a grave situation all round. The more people join together on forums such as this the better and there probably will be a time when legal action will need to be taken if we are to receive anything back and obviously this would be better if achieved as a collective. Incidentally, regarding the correspondence from AV Corporate Services (received 17th June) in respect to the 1% annual fee and defaulting members. Whatever your opinions regarding payment/non payment, beware that clicking I consent on the initial document page to reach the following page will I believe automatically count as a vote in favour of carrying the amendment to the defaulting clause by consenting to it. The clause if carried will allow them to cut communications to defaulting members and prevent any further voting rights.
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