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  1. Just in case anyone comes across this thread and finds that Property Bee is no longer in use, I've written a chrome extension inspired by Property Bee that has a bit more functionality to it too, like estimated roi etc. If you're interested you can find it here
  2. Yeah it's tough to get a totally accurate figure, it uses the average room rate for the area from spare room, so I think it's as accurate it can be for now. I'll keep a look out for ideas on how to increase the accuracy, thanks for the feedback!
  3. Oh, weird, you should see something that gives you an indication of the roi based on the information available on the page! Would you mind giving it a refresh now? Seems to be working ok for me!
  4. Hi guys, I've been working on a chrome extension which was inspired by property bee. After making the price log system I thought I would benefit from some extra functionality, to save me having to do all the copying and pasting into a spreadsheet that I would usually do when looking for decent properties. The biggest thing I wanted to get out of it was just a really fast way of knowing whether I should continue looking at a property or just keep looking. If you're interested, it's called BrickPal, and you can find it here
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