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  1. I don't know why some posters are now leaving the "sir" out when referring to Sir Starmer. I see where you're coming from though. But, lets take a look at the electorate at the next election. 6 million unemployed. Sir Starmer isn't exactly a man of the people. Unless one imagines the people to be volvo driving yuppies having a glass of champers with prawns as a starter for Monday lunch. Boris will wave his arms a bit, we know he practices this. To be fair, he is getting better. Make some speech about "I give you my word of honour I will do this and we will be great"...and b
  2. Did the same - the last debt payment was in 2015. I cannot grasp how I survived, earning very good money, paying most of it out in debt every month. The worry was horrid. It aged me no end. I now look at my bank statements with glee. I'm now the fittest I've ever been, look 20 years younger, literally no worries, even if I lose my job, which I won't, I'm financially OK. Does wonders for the health.
  3. Sir Starmer thinks the majority of people are interested in his "clinical" questioning in Parliament. His glass house wine party ideals will give Boris the next election. Sir Starmer will no doubt become a Lord, so he will do well out of it. God help the people. Boris only needs one press conference/interview on sky where he will wipe the floor with Sir Starmer, and all the Parliament chats will be forgotten.
  4. People are putting the rest of their money into housing. Others are putting other peoples money into housing. Hold tight. Be strong.
  5. You know remainers and Boris have something in common. His ex boss wrote a piece in the Irish times the other day where he implied Boris doesn't have the ability to see what is right and wrong. It reminded me of remainers inability to grasp the vote results. That's why he will win the next election. He doesn't have to convince himself that he was wrong, just everyone else that he was right. And he Truly believes he is right. Listening to Corbyn, Starmer etc - they aren't nearly as convincing, always second guessing....always behind the curve, doubtful. And Lib Dems.....well, they'll
  6. Fill in the ? due to Covid-19 effects: UK Lockdown - ~?% down GDP in Q2 Sweden - no lockdown - ~7% down GDP in Q2 The Swedes are too busy driving lovely Volvos to the local cafes, chatting with their friends, making love to strangers, singing songs and having fun to care about some greasy burgers.
  7. Whatever he said, true or nay, people felt the politicians were out of touch. He saw it, exposed it and won. Lets face it, the British people were so outraged at the politicians they voted for something the politicians/popular press/lefty luvvies thought was ugly twice. Both named Boris. Remoaners still can't grasp it really is over. Life goes on. Some posters here think the only British people who voted for Brexit were the racist OAPs. This is why he will win the next general election.
  8. Oh, I'm quite looking forward to Brexit. Boris said the deal is done, so its' over. He won. Again. I suspect it won't be his last victory.
  9. A weak pound is good for exports. If Brexit brings this UK unemployment may well be mitigated.
  10. As do remainers. But, as sir Starmer has relented on reversing Brexit, the deal is done. I do feel for those in the UK who own several EU properties though. They may have to sell.
  11. Lets see if the Elitists superior genetic makeup makes them immune. Or is it their blood line?
  12. Hmmm. It comes down to maintenance. Same thing in Italy. Anyone recall the bridge collapsing last year? Well, to fund it the Italians have removed the funding for maintaining over 100 bridges. They are falling apart - another one recently collapsed - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8200043/Huge-850ft-road-bridge-collapses-Italy-just-two-drivers-injured.html Good to see their Italian politicians have passed laws removing any chance of prosecution. Cross an Italian bridge at your peril.
  13. It comes down to winners and losers. The EU citizens will be rater gutted to find how well the UK will do after Brexit. This is BoJos/Dom Cums ace up their ****. The commonwealth business, long standing relationships with multinationals who will get VERY favourable deals from BoJo/Dom Cum. Look at Nissan closing fashionable EU backed Barcelona (it's a real kick in the teeth to the EU) and keeping Sunderland going. Do we imagine that was an accident? Who would have thought Sunderland beating Barcelona? Winners and losers.
  14. Just got an email from Taylor Wimpey. The house rush in SPAIN is gathering pace - do I want to miss out? I mean....
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