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  1. Strangely enough, even during the 70's, 80's or 90's, I never wanted to leave England to live in either Sweden or Germany. NOW, possibly yes...but not back then.
  2. I totally agree! I look forward with relish to a TONY BLAIR is DEAD party. I think the majority of people at the Thatcher is dead party, tonight totally concur with you. They all said that they would relish a TONY BLAIR IS DEAD party. I will attend that as well. In fact, I think more people will attend the Blair is dead party than Thatcher's. I think a lot of people equate Thatcher withTony Blair...
  3. I was born in 1966...so I suppose I did live through the 70's...I liked the Jackson 5 if that's what you want to know? Looking through the window is one of my favourite songs.
  4. Was it deemed that, medically speaking, children over the age of 11 years had developed enough calcium derived bone strength for them to forgo an extra mini bottle of milk, whereas, young children still at primary school (aged 4 - 10) still required the health benefits of having a calcium filled mini bottle of milk?
  5. Not precisely, I just pity him, I really do...it's not his fault he is so self regarding...a possible upbringing flaw in his personality perhaps?, I dunno? I think he may read the Daily Mail a trifle too much... But in all seriousness, this is a forum in which people, hopefully, can express their views. I don't mind people disagreeing with my views...but when people make personal attacks on me - like the Bolton fury did - completely uncalled for, imo, well I am going to defend myself and come back for more if needed.
  6. I have just come back from a ' Thatcher is dead' Party. The beer did flow and much merriment was had by all. But to assuage the ire of the Thatcher lovers out here in HPC forum land (this includes you Mr BoltonFury) we have all agreed to have a BIG Tony Blair is dead party too! I am looking forward to that immensely...
  7. I think Erranta still makes more sense than your self regarding twaddle.
  8. BoltonFury, is the above aimed at me? I think you have got the wrong Dude..(you will find there are a few 'dude's as members on this forum. I certainly DID NOT post anything that required a moderator intervention. Sir you owe me an apology
  9. +1 Thatcher and Blair have a lot to answer for. 18 years of Tory + 13 years of Tory Lite = the mess we're in today.
  10. Build more houses so that the locals can get priced out of those too. Yup.
  11. I am north of Oxford and I would vote to leave the EU. It won't happen though as the ruling elite would probably rig the election and fly in some fake postal votes.
  12. Do you think the English Defence League is a pacifist organization over here in good ol' Blighty? Do you think it logical to judge a whole country based on its fringe eccentrics?
  13. I can't stand Flanders - I hate ALL so called financial experts. However, what she writes about here isn't all that bad. She points out some salient things. People should read the article first before jumping the gun and lambasting her.
  14. David Milliband to quit? I thought he quit years ago. Anyway, good riddance to bad sh1t. Only need to get rid of Bliar, Straw and A. Campbell now - the Iraq war criminals.
  15. I lost family members in that war too...this was before I was born. I don't hate the Germans. A lot of the German nation you despise weren't even born then. Time for you to grow up...
  16. All this hatred of Germany on here! Someone even posts Fawlty Towers! Blimey...as far as I can see, Germany seems to have got most things right. It has an industrial base, whilst we have house prices. Even their football league is run better than ours - ours is bought out by Russians and sheiks. I can only presume the hatred of Germany on here is borne out of jealousy.
  17. George Osbourne has totally lost his mind. More houses for immigrants as far as I'm concerned. Time to vote UKIP.
  18. James O'Brien is ok if you accept his assertion that renters are failures - I don't. Mind you, most of the callers that I heard today were complete whiners. "I come down and look at the tiles in the kitchen and they're not MY tiles". All I heard was "I can't get a deposit". No mention of house prices in London being totally insane. O'Brien is a conceited tossbag who thinks he's kirsty allsop.
  19. He sounds like a patronising tosser to me.
  20. http://www.lbc.co.uk/email-james-obrien-3427
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