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  1. Your hpc factors can be argued well, but the government always have a trump card. Can't see them hesitate to use it before the next election if things go tits up. Mortgages at 1% will underpin the prices and wages will rise due to Brexit. There could be a correction but not significant one. Who knows the future (apart from trolls, haha). Ps I hope there is a 20%+ HPC otherwise Ill stick to liquid assets.
  2. People buy houses to enjoy them. Yes I'm sure his heirs are delighted with him - even though the taxman took their 40%.
  3. lol, I'm hoping for HPC as I want to buy a house. The HPC arguements don't seem particularly convincing atm.
  4. Is Benny Hill the best you can do to defend renting verse buying?. He sounds a right nutter - why did he save all his money just to leave it someone else?.
  5. Unless your heirs have an army of accountants and lawyers, then are going to have their work cut out for probate. You'll leading them ito breaking the law without expensive advice.
  6. Your investments are fair game for IHT and care home fees.
  7. AS Rothschild said "buy when there's blood on the streets, even if it's yours".
  8. "I bought a flat in Hove for 410k in January 2017. I sold for 390k in June 2021. I'm not sure flats in Hove have universally fallen, but I've seen other similar falls." The next property that was purchased probably had similar falls. Compared to renting for 4 and half years I'd guess you were quids in.
  9. "No one is going to sell their...stocks for less than they paid for them?" Many buy more when their assets are less than they paid of them. That's when decent money is made
  10. "Not to mention if there is a outright bust there, followed by the US stocks i.e. the 2 biggest bubbles about all hell might break loose." Look forward to a great buying opportunity then.
  11. apart from a few hotspots, London and the south is the housing market.
  12. and they were possibly right, except it was 2021 not 2011 when the £350k house approached £1million, give or take a few quid.
  13. The hard up boomers have to pay Universal Credit for the idle poor though.
  14. Maybe base financial decisions on the opposite of the forums views then.
  15. How about sticking 1.25pc on NI and call it Energy Price Subsidy Levy. While they are at it, have one for HSL, Afghan resettlement, Brexit Cockups, Nurses Additional Payrise..... Forgot UC Permanent Uplift Levy
  16. I held Fundsmith for a few years and it was quite profitable, but switched into Baillie Gifford Long Term Growth when it was first lauched, just to consolidate some holdings. No guarantee, but you won't go far wrong with either I'd guess. Discrete calendar year performance Investment 17/09/16 - 17/09/17 17/09/17 - 17/09/18 17/09/18 - 17/09/19 17/09/19 - 17/09/20 17/09/20 - 17/09/21 Baillie Gifford Long Term Global Growth Investment B Acc - 25.7% 2.9% 82.22% 31.72% Fundsmith Equity I Acc 17.29% 20.3% 14.66% 13.16% 23.11%
  17. Haha. Chairman tells him to chit or get off the pot. 10 mins ofverbal diarrhea to say Covid was a biological weapon.
  18. some bear food? https://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/other/tax-crackdown-on-second-homes-could-be-coming-as-gove-ally-backs-owning-over-renting/ar-AAOyVr1?li=BBoPWjQ
  19. @petetong. Just cannot believe people stick their money in cash ISA. Guaranteed to lose value every year. At least with equities you can wait on after a correction. Work out how much you can afford to have tied up for 5+ years, how much risk you want to take. Start slow, it'll be easy after a few months. Look on www.hl.co.uk for background information. Ps look into sipps and get big tax breaks.
  20. She'll have to take in Afghanistan refugees.
  21. How can the little old lady in a million£ mansion afford wealth tax on a pension?.
  22. If you're outside London centre I'd guess it's the same as Bradford etc. Give me Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool etc any day over london
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