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  1. Haven't you been telling people big inflation of assets is coming?
  2. My job went today as of 1st december. Gutted and I've been desperate to buy.
  3. Hope you're right. House we really want has come up but its been priced at the same price as other in the street than dont need work. While this one needs everything changing. 5 houses in the street for sale and none are selling. I'm hoping this one is swerved and we can chip 10% off
  4. Because it pays in Britain to take risks and over stretch yourself. There's always somebody or a scheme to bail you out. Sensible people who try to live within their means get nowhere unfortunately. Something I'm realising now.
  5. Feel like giving up for a while me. A run down home just came on the market at 250k... the house 3 doors up is up for the same price with an extension and loft conversion. We had an offer accepted but he only wants one house and now won't sell unless that house sale falls through and he can pounce. Honestly, so so frustrating. Prices are just ridiculous.
  6. The same estate agent will zoom into a Porsche parked on the drive. To the extent that it blocks the house...
  7. Are purple bricks notorious for overvaluing houses? There's a street we like and there's better, bigger houses uo for 250-255k. A new one added yesterday for 290k! Its got less bedrooms (3) than most and is the same price as a 5 bed on the street. Honestly can't get my head around it.
  8. I found this property on the Rightmove Android app and wanted you to see it: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-72367320.html Up for 230k last year and didnt sell, relisted this year for 250k... not doubt on estate agents advice. They dropped it to 240k and changed EA. It keeps dropping and dropping!
  9. https://twitter.com/HenryPryor/status/1301804366857408512?s=19
  10. Surely saving up a 40% deposit is the right way to go. If more people did that and loved within their means, house prices wouldnt be as ridiculous as they currently are. Lending people 95% of their house value is ludicrous. We are just under 30 and have managed to save up 40%, nobody is asking for tears btw, but its still a nightmare trying to buy the right house.
  11. I'm a FTB, with a 40% deposit and desperate to buy. Don't want to buy at the very top end but certainly seems like there's no falls coming anytime soon. No doubt interest rates will rocket when they do. Sigh
  12. We tried to buy a property listed for 255. After a couple of days of negotiation he said I wnat 240... we offered that and were met with 4 days of silence and a vendor coming back saying nah I want 245 now.... Absolutely ridiculous after wanting that figure for days.
  13. I've just agreed a price of £240k for a house that listed in early february and was sold in late feb. Previous sale fell through. House was listed for £255k.
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