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  1. It's a weird control syndrome. The virus is outside his control so he has to have "boots on the ground" or whatever other totally OTT nonsense to attempt to get it back into control. Even though it doesn't actually control it. Mr dictator cant fathom that people are keen for individual choice to live their lives (or their own medical treatment) as that then shifts risk outside his control, so he has to get it back in by shouting for the state to stop them, medicate them or whatever else. Which is the defended by just screaming people have died as if that's utterly unique to the last 18 months.
  2. Oh right, so the cases falling consistently for a week after rising for months were all due to clubs not being open despite euro 2020. Right. If you lot had your way nothing would ever open up... Screams of open schools and watch the bodies pile up, open pubs and the same, euro 2020 etc etc when the horrors don't come to pass never a thought that actually maybe just maybe the lockdown measures are marginal in impact at best.
  3. Good news. Cases continue to fall sans lockdown and follow the same spike then fall with other transmissible diseases. Who would have thought. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-57962995
  4. As others have pointed out it's some saddo editing to make it seem something it's not. I don't know why you lap up all the trash on there. Admittedly this isn't as crazy as the magnetic stuff but still takes all of 2 mins to work out it's rubbish
  5. Accept if you read their print they don't actually say what bitchute say... Funny that
  6. Remarkable that actual media has completely different numbers than bitchute.. also their numbers as in the mainstream are quotes from doctors.. hmmm "Dr McAnulty said those in hospital are “not all old people”, with 55 of the 139 in hospital aged under 55. “By vaccination status of those 37 people in ICU, 36 are not vaccinated, and one is partially vaccinated, having received the first dose of AstraZeneca.” https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/nsw-over-130-people-in-hospital-with-covid/video/4ec05b353f927e5e154635955f0f8b1e
  7. Depends what this successful breakthrough varient looks like. While possible that a mutation gives it complete vaccine immunity that's incredibly unlikely. What's more likely is you have something that makes the vaccines less effective, then overtime multiple mutations build that mean you require a new booster dose for the new varients. You also have an issue that while such a mutation could change the spike protein making it better at evading the immune response doing so could make the varient less good at actually infecting cells. Meaning that it's chances of spreading are reduced as it's competive advantage is less clear cut. Also worth noting, even the much feared, vaccine evading beta varient.. erm.. still has real world data showing vaccines being 90% effective at reducing hospitalisations from it. So not quite the doomsday vaccine evasion as pushed.
  8. If they are doing football matches which are erm outside.. they have dropped any pretence of doing it risk based. Suggest next in line is attending uni lectures.. that would be a good age target.
  9. Well to be fair, the UK government has given up on them post vaccine. Which makes sense as all they do (at best) is defer cases, which post vaccine suggests ... So what? Nothing material will change in the next 6 months If you hold its all some global conspiracy then surely with cases at 50k they would have locked down. Easy excuse to do so.
  10. I don't know why they didn't just leave it as you need a vaccine to travel. As people want to go on holiday they would get jabbed and as restrictions are set by another government you have a perfect get out clause. Internal vaccine passports are too much for many people. Interestingly Sydney protests building after they let it slip the oh so effective lockdown might be in place till October if they are lucky. Sadly Thailand and co look like it's let loose for good now. At some point over the next 20 years the true cost of all these lockdowns will be shown. 372billion here no less. At least covid is the only risk that resources should be allocated to....
  11. There's a whole host of food science that makes that crap as addictive as possible. You don't get to mac Donald's size and profitability if people only kind of like a big Mac as a one off. Same engineering shockingly doesn't go on with unprocessed fruit and vegetables or meat for that matter. Also calories is such a crap measure which most people don't get. 500 calories from a bag of haribo cause weight gain far in excess of 500 calories worth of steak
  12. How much of that is composition based? We still have a ton of furloughed or unemployed low paid bar staff etc during that period and not so many lawyers and bankers etc out of work.
  13. Which would be great for the people who sadly get it and let's hope it helps treatments. As I've said Im not of the view long covid doesn't exist nor am I of the view adverse reactions to vaccine don't exist. You can't however correct the anti vax brigade for claiming any event post vaccination is caused by the vaccine then do the same nonsense for long covid. If I was skeptical, they allow the nonsense of 10% of infections etc to be spread as it makes covid seem dangerous for those under 40. Which was an aim from the start.
  14. Low risk of vaccination and moderate risk of disease. If you are 18 your risk of disease is minimal and your risk of vaccination is also very low. The risk reward tails off for a disease where 99% of deaths occur in those over 65 or with specific underlying conditions. Hence why they aren't chomping at the bit to give it to under 18s.
  15. Not if you are 18 to 30. Bizarre how the medics won't mandate vaccines for 15 to 17 year olds as the risk balance isn't clear cut. But we need to pressure people as soon as they are 18 to take it. I've had both jabs and would recommend others to based on all the available evidence. If I was 18 it's not as clear cut and I can see why the vaccine levels drop off with each age group.
  16. Oh I don't know maybe adjust age groups for certain vaccines such as over 40 only for AZ. Adjust warnings for lookout of very rare allergic reactions such as the Pfizer jab etc etc That's the real world usage...
  17. Accept it's not.. although long covid crap has the same nonsense take that anything post event is caused by event. So can see why people still push this assertion. Quote from the figures themselves: "A report of a suspected ADR to the Yellow Card scheme does not necessarily mean that it was caused by the vaccine, only that the reporter has a suspicion it may have. Underlying or previously undiagnosed illness unrelated to vaccination can also be factors in such reports. The relative number and nature of reports should therefore not be used to compare the safety of the different vaccines. All reports are kept under continual review in order to identify possible new risks."
  18. Exactly. If younger people in another universe had a tendency to goto bingo halls and oldies to nightclubs.. They would mandate vaccines in bingos and not nightclubs. It's got naff all to do with the risk associated with each.
  19. Graph below is the reason for the nightclub nonsense. If you really think there's more risk in a nightclub rather than a bingo hall given the age profile of each you've been under your bed for 18 months. Oh some have. You also have to explain why covid is such a low risk to 15 -17 year olds to not be worth the tiny risk of vaccination, and I assume you believe they never gather in groups... But as soon as you bit 18 and can get into Prism or whatever hellhole, that's it magic number reached.. covid is coming for you.
  20. Last time they did 375billion in QE 2009 to 2012 which caused prices of assets, including housing, to increase and corresponding yields to decrease. This time they did another 400billion in QE.. and you expect a different outcome? Why? Fed and European Central Bank and Bank of Japan etc etc all did the same thing so it's global. Btw this isn't just residential property. See movement in industrial property (BBOX is your share to look at) or just dull have to have items, see BUNZL for that. Compared to other yield generators, residential property is arguably underpriced. Flats in Liverpool and Manchester give 6%, you'll be lucky to get 3% on a warehouse these days. Hence why the likes of Lloyd, John Lewis etc. are moving in.
  21. It's more that because of mission creep it went from replacing dangerous cladding to absurd levels of risk management or lack of risk management. Fairly consistently insisting on inspection reports on cladding for buildings without cladding being one example of a stupid catch 22.
  22. Pretty amazing if you have a large mortgage (so that the fee over 5 years isn't that much), particularly as inflation is over 3%.
  23. Agree that the WASPI argument is ludicrous. However what hasn't been we'll reported in the media... Is the total compensation per person that the information commission can award for that late letter is £250 -£500. Can't get excited over that.
  24. That doesnt correspond with real world data... Schools have had huge cohorts of students off with covid, catching covid as a child hasn't been uncommon so far. The problem with this long covid in 10% of cases or other huge number stat, is as cases hit the 10s of millions overall it becomes obviously clear that's garbage. Same as the whole vaccines cause X, which was big in Jan, was dismissed as 10s of millions got vaccinated in the UK and that didn't happen. Which isn't the same as saying vaccine adverse reactions nor long covid don't exist. It's just the quantum that doesn't tally at all. "Some 5,830 children and young people have also been admitted to hospital since the beginning of the pandemic, out of an estimated four million infections among this age group, said Dr Joseph Ward, a lead author of one of the papers and training fellow at UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health." https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/science/covid-children-hospital-death-rates-b1880583.html%3famp
  25. There's tons of issues with it. Obviously the "everyone's a terrorist" is utter far right garbage.. but the "everyone is a genuine asylum seeker" is as well. From the if you say your a child and don't look over 25 you are.. erm great charities, but not so great when they are placed into schools with kids. And the % arnt small. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-46494675.amp https://www.google.com/amp/s/metro.co.uk/2020/11/26/pupil-said-to-resemble-40-year-old-man-has-vanished-from-school-13661267/amp/ To the lack of checks on where people have actually come from and are actually who they say they are which at the extreme end can end up with the Putney bomber. Who also claimed to be a child and a judge found was over 21.
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