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  1. You mean after the vaccine was authorized, the control group having performed its role in the trial were informed and given the actual vaccine.. Is this news?
  2. Out of interest, if say there arnt 2 billion deaths.... What's next? I assume you've sold everything into gold for the collapse of society etc etc
  3. I went to a restaurant / bar there a while back... It's very, very obvious it's no longer a TV studio.... Aside from the bit on the side, that has a large advert saying loose women and others. Ah well. Manchester is a long way away. Chanel 4 is very central though
  4. It makes me laugh when people point at say south African politicians for being on the take as they use taxpayers funds for swimming pools.. they are of course. However UK is worse. There's no reason for the public sector to ever get involved in supply chain finance.. FFS it's one department invoicing another. Yet, they did it, giving a cut to greensill capital and the bloke had an office in number 10 no less! Completely independently and arm's length, Cameron got £5m quid after leaving office to represent them. Crock of shite.
  5. Yes. Given the current number of job vaccancys it's in nobodies interest to keep someone paid to not work rather than paid to do an actual job somewhere else. While I feel very sorry for air stewards etc etc, at this point it's probably in their best interests to take something else for the next year
  6. Just before you get too excited.. although nice to see we have got to Australia in the nonsense! "The post provides a screenshot of a real state government authorisation, however it ignores the fact that every medicine and vaccine distributed in Australia, alongside thousands of other chemicals, are classified under unifying federal legislation known as the Poisons Standard. The post seeks to portray the use of the term “poison” as an indicator that the COVID-19 vaccine will have a toxic or harmful effect. This is misleading. The Poisons Standard’s role is to establish a uniform national guideline for how both medicines and poisons are scheduled, labelled and packaged. The federal Health Department’s Introduction to the Poisons Standard document states at the onset: “Any substance (ingredient) can be a ‘poison’ and cause harm if used incorrectly or taken at the wrong dose.” (page 4)" https://www.aap.com.au/poison-post-delivers-dose-of-misleading-info-on-vaccine-safety/
  7. Also a lot of the science is based on surgeons using surgical masks properly in that setting. I.e using a surgical mask, only ever touching the strings, disposal after every patient etc etc Mrs Miggins getting her old piece of cotton out of the handbag she's been wearing all week to walk around Tesco might, just might not be as effective. Last few mandates on them have not been on them doing anything themselves in most settings but just to make others feel safe. Which sums up where this has got us.
  8. After 57 it's due to rise in line with the state pension. So when state pension goes to 68 it will goto 58 etc etc
  9. If that was the case logically we would expect Sydney to go now from 300 cases a day (roughly), to 3 by the end of August, given they have had troops on the street and all the rest of it for at least a week now?
  10. You'd still have to vaccinate everyone in even the remote parts of the world at a quicker rate than a respiratory virus can spread. Doesn't seem that likely. In some places if you got the vacciantion level up high outbreaks would be small as they would Peter out.. like measles in the west. However global eradication doesn't seem feasible, and never was once it went global.
  11. Exactly. Being in a flat isn't ideal so you want a house WFH. Being in a HMO is ridiculously awful working from your bedroom so you want a flat.
  12. To be fair, people tend to but staples like bread and milk more often than they buy Danish oil etc It's upto 4% now, oil will be the driver like so often. Not just petrol in the car but input and transport costs for everything else.
  13. You do realise how many MRI scans are carried out daily on people who have been vaccinated given 80% of the adult population have been.... I guess you think those 10s of thousands have been scraped off the machine, baged up and nobody has noticed. Oh whoops another one. That's 80% of our patients these magnetics who have been shredded Utterly ridiculous
  14. There's a host of reasons why stock market returns tend to exceed, some off the top of my head.. 1)Your not investing in the whole economy but being very selective for the successful part. E.g if you buy a US tracker you will hold listed Amazon, but you won't hold the hundreds of independent bookshops etc they have destroyed who won't be large enough to be listed. So while the book market might grow 2% per annum. Amazon might grow 10% per annum and small independent you don't hold shrink 8%. The beauty is typically if any one of those small independents are really successful they will at some point list.. so you will hold. It's a selective process. 2, by just focussing on the total gdp economy you effectively ignore the yield. Yield being in real terms for stock markets dividends plus share but backs. Last 20 years have seen the later happen a lot more so just saying divi yield is 2% is very simplistic. 3, leverage. You are investing in the equity element which is rarely the whole company. E.g Mr rent a warehouse as well as equity borrows at 2% to buy Waterhouses that yield 5% returned to shareholders in excess of the borrowings. Effectively it scales up again.
  15. Global far higher. Us stocks have averaged 10% over last 30 years. Not bad compounding
  16. As shocking as it might it seem to people who use phrases like "plague island", you can have things that aren't great but not hell on earth. It's called context. You don't have to default to your ludicrous hyperbole.
  17. Nah just pointing out we habitually reject drugs on a QALYs basis that are orders of magnitude cheaper than covid restrictions, on the basis they are too expensive on a cost benefit analysis.. That requires more thought than "if it saves one life" so might be lost on some of the hell on earth crowd 🙂
  18. The inherent nature is they mutate at half the rate of influenza for which a vaccine of varying efficacy is released each year. If it was HIV, which mutates far faster than influenza you would have a very valid point. Again unlike smallpox vaccines won't eradicate this but most sane people aren't suggesting that. It's about making it liveable with as a disease present in our daily slash yearly lives. Something Sydney on week 6 of lockdown will have to accept at some point and Melbourne that's just gone into lockdown 6.
  19. Well it is if you are claiming you know the "shelf life" given that no published research is conclusive on this yet.. There's an implied rate which suggests a yearly booster will be needed from the Israel data but that's as far as it gets. How long some protection will last is not known until the samples being monitored meet those milestones after 12m, 18m, 24m etc etc. With variance caused by potential emergance of new varients.
  20. Given its the only health risk you don't have to consider quantum spent or risk reward in doing so in that analysis eh?
  21. The most expensive covid vaccine costs 45 USD for two doses at which Pfizer makes a solid return on... AZ is an order of magnitude cheaper. For comparison lockdowns have cost 5,000 per person so far in the UK. Level of resource allocated to vaccines is negligible compared to this lockdown nonsense.. What the conspiracy nuts can't seem to gather saying it's all about drug profits, is like saying people are only building cars to support headlight bulb manufacturers. It's nonsensical given relative quantum's.
  22. No. I quite clearly used the word quantum. Just saying people have researched something prior to it becoming a major healthcare issue is very interesting but doesn't support your point. Funnily enough without a market for a vaccine research into a vaccine tends to be limited.. compared to say, when states push the full resources of the state into it. If you can't understand that and offer no evidence to the contrary there is no point continuing. I also note you ignored that you were factually incorrect on the mutation rate. In terms of eradication I'd agree it won't happen with a vaccine but most switched on people moved outside the zero covid garbage the moment it escaped China into the whole world (including the developing world)
  23. Any evidence for this claim? Or quantum compared to amount pushed in 2020... Id also note the rate of mutation is lower than in influenza. Something that's vaccinated against admittedly yearly. "But sequencing data suggest that coronaviruses change more slowly than most other RNA viruses, probably because of a ‘proofreading’ enzyme that corrects potentially fatal copying mistakes. A typical SARS-CoV-2 virus accumulates only two single-letter mutations per month in its genome — a rate of change about half that of influenza and one-quarter that of HIV, says Emma Hodcroft, a molecular epidemiologist at the University of Basel, Switzerland." https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-02544-6
  24. My (wrong) assumption was 5 years. Again happy I was wrong. To me the analogy is going to the moon in 60s. Ridiculous to do it. Oh wait heres 3% of US GDP and there we go.. You can't consider something to be reasonable or unreasonable without taking into account the amount of resources allocated to it. Although some seem to want to.
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