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  1. More did die in January and February. Since then fairly consistently negative. Amazing how that went from the gold standard metric for 18 months.. then when goes "wrong way*" is totally ignored. *Wrong way if you have spent 18 months selling papers and clicks on fear.
  2. The latest stats for excess deaths show... Still negative, i.e less than expected over a 5 year average Whoops can't put this ongoing horror into context. Back to panic. Where's my megaphone to shout that someone else ideally in a council block stays indoors? Need to get this done before I put the BBQ on.
  3. Be realistic. Do you mean prevented or deferred
  4. 1. Children arnt eligible for a jab. The risk reward for them isn't clear cut. Unless you completely overstate the risk... 2, you literally said seperate the unvaccinated from the vaccinated so they can contract the disease. If that isn't a concentration of disease camp what is it? NZ and Australia it might be news but are utterly isolated from any other land mass. The UK is not and as previously stated managed a whole of 18 hours before panic set in from a lorry pile up with a closed french border.
  5. 1 has happened. Daily first jabs are less than a third of daily 2nd jabs and over 18 have been offered it already for weeks. 2 , mass quarentine of people in concentration of disease camps will never realistically happen and nor should it. As for borders, even Australia hasn't managed that one this time. And unlike them.. we shut the border with France for all of 18 hours .. net impact was lorry's parked for miles on end and supermarkets warning to ... Sort it out guys. 18 hours.
  6. I now sign in at all of those things manually. Use real name and number. So if there is an outbreak of strain X and really need to contact me they can. Letting the sensitivity of an app which has no knowledge of context, dictate whether you stay in your house for 2 weeks or not is somewhat bizarre.
  7. I was an at an outdoors event with someone who later tested positive. Contacted by them rather than called by someone from test and trace. Taken a test. Came back negative so now not isolating. Think we have moved beyond the arbitrary 10 days thing. You'll never leave your house if you follow that now.
  8. Hopefully. Although the hypocrisy is so in your face this might be a cheap version of eat out to help out.. Think guys. Restrictions are off now.. how do we convince you after 18 months of you will die if you don't... Cheap burgers... Hmmm.. not twice... Ah here we go we will just go full steam ahead with hypocrisy. Nobody likes hypocrisy and once people in charge do it, everyone stops following the rules.
  9. Well.. you are suggesting the UK isn't "looking into it" when they quite clearly are having recruited 5000 volunteers no less and started the process months ago.. You continually imply some reason other than the obvious.. it's totally unproven as of yet for treatment for covid 19, for the lack of prescription. A view not just held by the UK regulator but the other mainstream regulators as well. Just because something works on a sample in a test tube doesn't mean it translates into a successful treatment. Bleach being the most obvious example. "Results from clinical studies were varied, with some studies showing no benefit and others reporting a potential benefit. Most studies EMA reviewed were small and had additional limitations, including different dosing regimens and use of concomitant medications. EMA therefore concluded that the currently available evidence is not sufficient to support the use of ivermectin in COVID-19 outside clinical trials" Ema view on lack of data- https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/news/ema-advises-against-use-ivermectin-prevention-treatment-covid-19-outside-randomised-clinical-trials FDA view - https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/why-you-should-not-use-ivermectin-treat-or-prevent-covid-19
  10. Jeez I don't know why you are pushing this ivermectin conspiracy. It's been added to a full UK government trial for months https://www.clinicaltrialsarena.com/news/ivermectin-principle-trial-covid/ And https://www.principletrial.org/news/ivermectin-to-be-investigated-as-a-possible-treatment-for-covid-19-in-oxford2019s-principle-trial It's just currently unproven. Once the trail is over we will know. Other drugs have been fully trialed and found not to work so are now totally ignored which is fair enough.. given they don't work.
  11. A quick Google suggests 9k a year. If you had a career of 40 years suggests 360k doctors
  12. Part of the problem is salaries in the likes of the USA reflect that doctors have to pay in full for their training and end up with a 400k plus debt. In the UK even with 9k a year fees the state pays the vast majority of the cost. Seems unreasonable that post doing that doctors can just leave and practise elsewhere.
  13. It's just a natural graduation of the 100% in or 100% out approach that you reach that level of absurdity. Vaccines are good, covid is bad, ignore all else, how do I achieve 100% of each. That and an element of the deliberate state fear campaign working a little too well.
  14. Not really no. Given the mortality rate for the vaxxed has called by 90%, and vaxxed cohorts make up 99% of prior deaths.
  15. Where's that % coming from? Doesn't seem to take into account vaccine nor minor point that we've been mass testing school kids into submission since march causing distortion to any CFR by dramatically increasing the asymptomatic or naff all systems cases.
  16. The systems are all linked in so much that if the FDA analyses data of Americans and concludes that X drug causes potential issue Y that data is shared with European, British regulators etc. So while the issue was first identified in Denmark the rest analysed their own data once identified and took appropriate action.
  17. There's something in that for sure. However, France who haven't had a decent vaccine roll out have just introduced internal vaccine passports effectively to get the numbers up. A poor vaccine roll out on take up would have left calls for the same here.
  18. Other than that very system picked up issues with blood clots in younger people and allowed a change of tact..
  19. To be fair they are discussing number of infections on a very regular basis... Difference between this time and last time when we had 35k cases seems to be naff all deaths (if you look at excess deaths)... Where as last time there was a large spike. So something must be different.... You then look at countries with low vaccination rates and high cases, Russia being the closest as most of Europe is similarly highly vaccinated.. and low behold significant cases and excess deaths. Not great for the vaccines don't work school of thought.
  20. You can look at the dashboard. The gap between the expected two numbers isn't far off. And the gap in full itself isn't 30%.. Which strongly implies while there is the odd person who isn't getting their second jab the vast majority are simply waiting for their second jab booking which is due within the next 12 weeks.
  21. That or it's roughly in line with a 8 -12 week gap between bookings... I.e the spread between number with both jabs and number with one is the sum of first jabs given in the previous 12 weeks.
  22. That's a nice house. The untendered PPE contracts on the fast track scheme, run into the billions. Often the kit was never used in the end and the sole supplier chosen wasn't qualified to make it. Still don't think this crap goes on here? Will be interesting/amusing to see how many ex ministers get surprisingly lucrative consultancy deals on leaving office. Interestingly the foreign press is better at picking it up.. funny that https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/12/17/world/europe/britain-covid-contracts.html
  23. You must have enjoyed the Zuma state paid for swimming pool.. sorry, sorry fire protection pool! Although Hancock's landlord got a nice Juicy PPE contract. And the UK spent billions on overpriced PPE sourced through a "fast track" system where contacts of senior MPs were the only bidder.. so went for a really erm profitable priced bid. That swimming pool doesn't seem so ridiculous in scale now...
  24. Tinkering round the edges? What planet are you on? It's a total reform of the system replacing all existing ones (40 odd) with a singular less generous one. It's the biggest reform they have tried in 50 years. As for less generous I'm not going into this tedious let's pretend occupational pensions don't exist in the UK again.
  25. Well it's not as wide a spread as you think. Replacement rate if you do an actual comparison as apposed to these we exclude company pensions as it's a Wednesday, the UK’s net replacement rate is 61.0%, while the OECD and EU averages rise to 65.4% and 67.0% respectively. As for France coping. Simple answer is they are not. With pensions taking up 14% of GDP they are going through or trying to push through massive reforms as it's not sustainable. https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/frances-macron-says-pension-reform-go-ahead-virus-situation-permitting-2021-07-12/
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