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  1. The talk is rents will increase. There will be a huge demand for rental properties as mass unemployment hits. HMO’s will be popular for renters and are the creme of the crop for investors right now.
  2. I am fairly certain that the stamp duty holiday will not be extended. If it isn’t, it’s game over. Multiple chains will break and the bubble will pop. It’s unbelievable that the bubble has continued to inflate over the last year. A 3 bed terrace in my area is £350. How is this even possible? Who are buying these? Furlough will not finish, it will be transferred to UBI. I am 100% certain that house prices will fall this year. There will be greater falls next year. I still stand by my theories, from the start of Covid, that the economy will crash and reset in 2025. At the end
  3. So why are you so bothered that house prices are about to crash? Why are you not enjoying your home and on a house price crash site? Why do you gloat at the renters on here trying to make a better life for their families? It’s not nice.
  4. Lenders are no longer accepting deposits from bomad. You have to jump through hoops to get a mortgage now. Even with a high deposit.
  5. I agree. It has turned brutal in the last few weeks. It will be left to crash. There will be no stepping in to save home owners this time. You are on your own. The housing market is being left to crash. This was always going to happen. The SD, furlough, help to eat out, loans and money thrown around..... looks like they did try.
  6. Banks will go under. One went in September 2019.
  7. We have the perfect storm on the horizon; mass redundancies, the ending of the mortgage holidays, repeat lockdowns, a shrinking economy, recession and a no deal Brexit. Prices are going to increase?
  8. House prices will dramatically fall next year. The bottom will take a few years to happen. You don’t want to be in cash past the end of next year.
  9. Hey Deckard, substantial tightening from lenders, removal of BTL mortgages, chains breaking and down valuing. Huge reductions in flats and falls in SE. You can now buy a house for less that £250 in my area, this hasn’t been seen since 2016. Vendors are learning and reducing, nothing is selling. Who would buy a house right now?
  10. I still think the economy will collapse and there will be a re-set. House 3.5 x wages and interest rates between 5-7% by 2023.
  11. Unfortunately, we are going to get a lot more than a HPC.
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