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  1. Lol. They should get a year to move out tho. 6A form is currently 3 months notice due to Covid and then court. Huge backlog when the courts open for eviction, so many tenants not been paying their rent and LL want to sell. Rightly so, can’t get the tenants out. The courts will be sympathetic and on side of tenants due to Covid. LL’s going to be hit hard with this and may end up with non paying tenants they can’t legally remove.
  2. This is wrong. The LL cannot legally do this. They can’t make them leave. The house will be sold with tenant in situ and the new owner will have to start eviction proceedings.
  3. I agree with this. You insult everything that I have ever learnt in the field of surveying and economics. Your opinions contradict everything that I have ever been taught. You insult my intelligence. I have never once seen anything from you with concrete evidence or data. It is very hard to do this. You reel off utter nonsense. What has materialised? The whole bloody housing market is falling apart. From the inside. You are giving people advice that I strongly disagree with. I find it hard to remain silent, when I have evidence based on the opposite. You are encouraging people to buy in a falling market, on the edge of a highly likely house price crash. This is dangerous advise. What are your qualifications to give such advise?
  4. This is a contradiction. How can a below market value house be overpriced? If a below market value house sells for 20% less, do you know what that means? The crash is on. You repeat yourself again and again and again. It’s like you are suck on repeat. Changed my mind, you are not an EA, you have a lack of knowledge on basis factors. I would say you are a highly leveraged LL who is sh**ing himself.
  5. Are you for real? Are you actually living in the same world as me? With all due respect, if you believe this, You are deluded. Everything has changed and I am living it on a daily basis.
  6. I am about just outside of London. Nothing is selling here, the market is dead.
  7. You completely underestimate what Covid has done to the housing market.
  8. I don’t agree with this. They will stop building when their company defaults. Until then, they carry on regardless. Some are so short for cash, then they rent the properties out and try and sell with tenant in situ. Others would take 50% off in desperation to get the banks off their backs. Reckon they would sell 2 at half price to make the payment due. They have tight plans and have to meet the deadlines. This is all over UK. Sales are taking 3 times as long to go through.
  9. I retire too with a smile on my face. This is because house prices are now falling and the market is at long last correcting itself. All those priced out, hard working families will finally have a home of their own. Does it make you happy that families are forced into rented accommodation? Is that what makes you smile?
  10. You sound so bitter. I thought that you had enough of this site this year and wouldn’t return until next year. Yet, here you still are.
  11. In my area, in the last 24 hours, 30 properties hit Rightmove. 24 of those are reduced.
  12. Why exactly are you on this site? If you have done so well, then why are not not enjoying your life? Why do you feel the need to spend hours on a HPC site?
  13. Is this not what you are doing? I do feel your fear. Your posts come from a place of fear.
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