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  1. If doing 3 days per week in the office you only need 2 nights in a travelodge. Would be worth it for many people, don't need to uproot the family to go and live miles from anywhere which is how a lot of the population view Aberdeen.
  2. The effect on house pricees in Aberdeen from this pandemic, and low oil prices, will be fairly significant up in Aberdeen , but the negative impact caused in an already devastated office building market will be immense. Even outwith oil and gas, companies had offices based on the thought that they needed to have a local presence, face to face interaction between colleagues and customers and so on. With the present WFH situation they will now be thinking, 'wait a minute we can have someone with a laptop based anywhere to do these jobs, why not where we can employee cheap labour', so third world
  3. Ah, someone else who noticed this. Also very astute in their choice of jobs and IR 35 understanding, and hugely lucky in his contractual terms meaning outside after being found in. A truly gifted individual.
  4. They may still be trapped in a lease but I doubt very much Wood or BP have many, if anyone, still in that building. Used to look at it on an early evening in the winter on my way to the rail station and only the top floor ( just a few lights on) and 2nd top floor (all lit up ) showed any signs of life.
  5. With the way the Aberdeen economy is just now, it's possibly no surprise that there's a lot of properties coming on to the market. As for prices, it's the selling prices that count not asking prices.
  6. To be honest mate with the state of high street retail just now I doubt anyone will be in much of a rush to build any more shops, designer or otherwise. Personally think it'll maybe just sit empty and decay for a while before the council demands something done and then maybe demolish and affordable flats built.
  7. Maybe because oil is perceived by the financially astute as not a good investment for the future. But then it's strange that 5,000 people didn't pour in to it I guess, or are they all Saudi's?
  8. Saudi Arabia has huge quantities of oil and are just as likely to run out of sand than the black stuff, take that as read. There are only millions if not billions that know that, and now you. However OPEC is indeed a spent force, based on the fact that they have a product that people will be needing less and less of in years to come, and that there are copious amounts of it all around the globe
  9. Global supply has also been destroyed by OPEC + production quota cuts, and shale oil producers etc. reining in their output/facing bankruptcy. As soon as oil reaches 50 or more bucks per barrel again the taps will start to open up, and so the cycle will go on. There's also the 'renewables ' revolution and the fact that there are far cheaper and easier places to exploit the black stuff. I just can't see Brent getting to 100 dollars anytime in the near to mid-term future if ever. Another dampening factor is that production facilities are becoming more and more efficient and needing less man pow
  10. You sound like me, your house is somewhere to live in and not looked upon as an investment. As long as you're happy where you are then the value is immaterial at the moment. It's people who've bought property as investments that are the real losers here. I know a few in Aberdeen who are stuck with properties that are now a liability. However no doubt someone will be along soon to tell me they're the exception to the rule and they're really lucky that they bought at the right time, have great tennants who pay loads and so on. Some folks are just desperate to save face and deny the realities of
  11. Must be written by that guy from ASPC that does the quarterly reports, or a certain poster on here.
  12. By community charge I mean any communal sharing of services.
  13. And of course there's the other regular bills for maintenance, community charge, utilities and so on.
  14. There are conditions to this grant i.e The one-off £10,000 grant is available to ratepayers of small businesses in receipt of the Small Business Bonus Scheme (SBBS) or Rural Relief, or eligible for SBBS in receipt of Nursery Relief or Disabled Relief, and with rateable value up to £18,000. Also, I'm sure you and others on this forum will be aware of one poster in particular who always seems to land 'sunny side up' shall we say. You can make your own mind up as to the veracity of their claims.
  15. My first thoughts as well. There are acres of empty office space in Aberdeen and I'm sure a lot of owners would like to wash their hands of these liabilities. Some buildings have been empty for years now and no chance of finding occupants anytime soon if ever. They're lucky there's not the same issue with squatters up here that there are some places down south, however, eventually, lack of maintenance and vandalism will soon catch up with them. On Aberdeen house prices, my own thoughts are that they'll continue to tumble for 2 or 3 years yet, even before the horror show of Covid and prese
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