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  1. Yes but I thought they had included assets in the formula (not sure how they could be maybe someone else knows if this is true).
  2. I have honestly never seen those GINI figures below, they are absolutely shocking. I assume that's the national debt plus individual debts blobbed up, but how could our fellow countrymen be so stupid as to accumulate such a bill. On a personal front, most of the people I know are home owners and, although I couldn't say for sure, I doubt even one of them has more debt than equity (at current prices) so I wonder how others manage to accrue such an amount. One thing I think is for sure, those figures are unsustainable.
  3. Nice to see you back to your old self Count. ☺️
  4. This is what they say about their data: " Definition of Unemployment rate The unemployed are people of working age who are without work, are available for work, and have taken specific steps to find work. The uniform application of this definition results in estimates of unemployment rates that are more internationally comparable than estimates based on national definitions of unemployment. This indicator is measured in numbers of unemployed people as a percentage of the labour force and it is seasonally adjusted. The labour force is defined as the total number of unemployed
  5. What I am learning is that people put up objections to data provided by authoritative sources but fail to back them up with alternative data. But let's hear your objections to this data. I have absolutely no doubt that the UK count people as being employed when they are not but hopefully we can have some kind of data to back this up and compare it to other countries to see if we are the sole offenders. Why am I trying to convince British people that the country is doing quite well πŸ˜‰
  6. How about we approach it from a different angle then - number of adults in employment (standing by for zero hour contracts etc). How difficult it is to get some people to accept good news: https://data.oecd.org/emp/employment-rate.htm
  7. So they want us to include people who have taken early retirement in the jobless figures - I'm unemployed and I didn't know it πŸ˜ƒ
  8. Probably about 2008, I Googled it but couldn't find it. It was totally justified then, as it is now, so I wasn't put out in any way.
  9. How about the OECD figures? http://www.oecd.org/sdd/labour-stats/unemployment-rates-oecd-06-2020.pdf
  10. It has already started: https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/cbp-8798/
  11. Its going to happen sometime, BREXIT might just accelerate it (although I now feel like the EU in its advice to the UK, but with more conviction, "Be careful what you wish for").
  12. Latest OECD projection for UK, before deal was announced and before the full effects of current COVID spread are known: https://www.oecd.org/economic-outlook/
  13. Debt by country (accepting that it will have gone up but no recent charts found on search (for example I know UK debt has now gone over 100% of GDP, presumably the NL debt has stayed similar with its unwillingness to support business): https://spendmenot.com/blog/national-debt-by-country/
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