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  1. It’s sad to hear about things like that happening in the past but thankfully for millions you now have wealthy government officials with multi-million property portfolios to protect. They won’t let anyone go under without a fight.
  2. There’s huge animosity amongst those that’ve endured the most challenging time of their working life, whilst millions benefited greatly from the likes of furlough and time off as a result of isolating. I’d rather of felt ‘slightly guilty’ and got what will hopefully turn out to be a ‘once in a lifetime’ fully-funded career break, than of worked throughout as I did. (Often longer, unpaid hours because of overtime payments being suspended to protect the company). What happens next depends on the government and their corrupt financial institutes. Do they stop lying about inflation to stop it spiralling further out of control, and to halt the grotesque consumer spending? Sadly I think we’ll see record spending levels this Christmas as the government cobble together a furlough 2.0 to protect struggling industries that were failing even before the pandemic.
  3. For starters they’ll of achieved a far higher loan to value without actually ‘earning’ it. So cheaper rates. Also, who’s to say many aren’t downsizing or just selling up to move to the next area that will boom?
  4. Things have gone mad. I think houses build post-2000 are a good metric for analysing prices because you have good sample sizes when dealing with estates and you can compare location/size more readily. In 2016 you could get a ‘budget’ detached house in a less desirable location in central Scotland for about 180-200k. Bigger 4-beds in nicer areas pushed that up to 250-280k, with really nice ‘executive’ detached newer builds with the 5-beds and double garages about £325-350k. Now any detached house, irrespective of it being in crap town with crap schools seems to be 300k. Generic new-towns in the commuter belt between Glasgow and Edinburgh, with very average schools and amenities, are regularly asking 350k for a generic detached house overlooked by 6 neighbours. If you look at the more desirable semi-rural places like Kinross, all the big detached houses are now £450k.
  5. It’s too late. The housing market is so pumped up we need falls of 40-50% to fix it now. Ive just went through about 20 houses in my search radius. It’s sickening how insane the rises have been over the last 4 or 5 years. So many houses in the list sold for about 80-100k less in 2016. I bet these people cannot believe their luck. This is the 250-350k price range where they’ve risen about 30-40% in that time. Many 50%+ rises.
  6. They were close to Sainsburys in price but the £60 nectar points tipped it.
  7. Last year the cheapest supplier of electricity I found was 20p standing charge, 13p per KWh. 12 months later the cheapest is 23p/18p if you exclude the 2 very cheapest which are an OFGEM nightmare. Across both fuels, we are getting a fixed rate for 12 months from Sainsburys Enegry that represents a 40% hike on last year. £1150 increase to £1600… But according to the ONS inflation is 2%….
  8. I can’t think of any rationale for the exceptional fall in transactions not fuelling prices. Over the last 18 months I’ve put two offers in for houses. On both occasions the estate agents gloated about receiving 20-30 offers on the closing date. We offered 20% over the home report valuation on one place in an effort to have it removed from the market, however the agent boasted that with 70 viewings lined up we had no chance. (The sellers rejected it and ironically it sold for a little less). The agents I’ve spoken to say that everyone’s desperate to buy but there aren’t enough houses actively listed. People are putting in big offers because they know if they don’t try they could wait longer for another similar place to come up.
  9. The Scottish Conservative Party share the same policies and ideals of Boris’ administration. So the notion that the SNP are only popular because of a lack of opposition, particularly when discussed in the context of the union is quite ridiculous. You really cannot underestimate how deeply unpopular these successive conservative administrations have been up here. Your second point is undermined by the fact that we have our own parliament, devolved powers and laws. Our economy is founded on different industry, manufacturing and skill sets. The argument you present of “not everyone gets the government they vote for” is quite bizarre when ‘not everyone’ in this case is the overwhelmingly majority of people in a county. A nation that is quite different to its neighbours for the reasons listed above. It’s not arrogance. it’s not bigotry. Please look at our election results and present a tangible argument for why anyone in right mind would want to stay in the union as it stands.
  10. If the Scottish elections were a two horse race between blue and red as they are in the UK elections, then perhaps you’d have a point. Representation in Holyrood however shows how we differ politically. The Conservatives tended to only get 15% of the vote share. Latterly it’s been about 20% because our system gives 2 votes and the second is used tactically. The Tories campaign is always simply ‘vote for us to save the union and oil industry’, and still that’s the best they do. So its clearly not short-termist. You’re not appreciating that a generation of 30-something voters like myself haven’t had their voices heard in the UK parliament. In fact, the majority of votes cast by Scots in the UK elections since 2003 have had no impact on the outcome. I understand in any election a significant proportion of voters don’t get the government they voted for, but we effectively don’t even have a horse running in the Westminster Cup!! I can’t see us both voting labour any time soon so things will simply not change.
  11. The consumer price index will use staples like oats or unbranded corn flakes as the metric for that category of goods. Sure, we could all just go for the cheaper option that probably hasn’t rise much over many years, but the fact remains your average weekly food shop has gone up considerably in the last 12-18 months. Lots of things have risen dramatically as businesses capitalise on all the sore covid cash millions of people have swindled. The ONS’ claim of 2.5% year on year inflationary rise is scandalous. Go to the barbers, they’ve put their prices up 10-20%. Go for a coffee and sandwich anywhere and it’s risen 20%. Being Scottish, l make it my business to memorise every single expenditure!!!
  12. The SNP don’t ‘trumpet’ on about independence enough - that’s the problem. Year after year and in spite of the pro-Indy vote peaking to a comfortable majority late 2019, the SNP did nothing to capitalise. Their recent election campaign shirked indyref2, and the latest we are hearing is a commitment to holding a referendum ‘within the next 5 years’. It actually shows how manipulative the MSM and BBC are that you believe the SNP stand for nothing other than independence - Sturgeon has literally done nothing to promote it. She’s actually been complicit in blocking other pro-Indyref players from advancing the cause. I don’t understand how any democratically minded person could look at the political map of the UK and argue that it’s not time to parts ways.
  13. I noticed a few things in Costco have risen a fair bit. Two pack of 1kg Kellogg’s crunchy nut was always £4.50…. not now, £6.99. Nature valley 40 pack of breakfast bars is now almost a tenner where it was previously around £7. Retailers just aren’t putting anything on offer right now because everyone’s got bags of covid cash.
  14. It’s over-simplified. I’ve got an electric company car which slashes our out-goings. Plus we don’t have any CC debt or loans, other than a mortgage… We both earn around the national median wage but the reason we do alright is we are incredibly savvy when it comes to buying certain things and equally ruthless when it comes to selling them. We always donate the baby things, but anything else gets shifted on eBay/gumtree to recoup cash. Ive seen myself buy things like bikes for £500, use them for a year then sell them for a shade more. Last Christmas we discreetly sold some of the wee girls old toys for a small fortune that practically funded the current Christmas expenditure. Toys hold their value pretty well. We really try to reduce the amount we waste and try to get the best price for things. We’re almost at £2000 earned via top cashback and we forget to use that a lot.
  15. At the moment we’re 52%, although once my wife goes back to work properly we’ll be 68%. (She’s on reduced hours temporarily because of the wee one).
  16. Do you really think the government would impose another lockdown? I just can’t see it. I think the worst we are looking at this winter is a very soft set of restrictions where they give it the old “work from home unless it is absolutely essential” and I could envisage some rational curfews on the likes of pubs and restaurants, or limits on mass gatherings. Honestly guys, mark my words - there won’t be another lockdown….
  17. I went into Morrisons today to buy more plates and bowls to match those that I bought on a whim 6 months ago. (This is a serious story). The plates were still in stock, but £4 each. The bowls I had bought earlier this year were now £3.50. I stared at the prices for a while and knew there was no way I paid that much 6 months ago!!! They were definitely only £2.50 or so. They’ve risen about 60%. You lot think I’m taking the p*ss with all these stories but everywhere you look prices have go up sharply this year.
  18. It’s easy to lose track of what we are arguing about here guys! 🤪 So for the avoidance of doubt, I pose the following question… According to the Scottish government covid dashboard, Average deaths per 7 days have pretty much flatlined this summer despite almost all the restrictions having been lifted. Deaths are down about 90-95% compared to last summers outbreak. ICU and hospital admissions are down about 60-70%. Are we in agreement this is because an overwhelming majority of the population have been vaccinated? I appreciate there are valid arguments regarding the price we’ve paid to achieve this and the the collateral damage it’s caused. But is there at least acceptance that the vaccination programme has reduced deaths dramatically?
  19. You’re assuming that by advocating the wearing of face coverings in certain settings, that I’m prepared to comply with whatever the government try to impose next. I’m not, and neither are million of other seemingly compliant people you see wearing masks. It’s a common trope amongst anti-vaxxers & maskers that we are obedient sheep that have had the wool pulled over their eyes. Like yourself I read a lot about the pandemic and the global response. I understand both positions. I think like probably millions of other people I’ve broadly complied with the governments advice but there’s been a gentlemen’s agreement that there is an end in sight. Whether that’s simply that we get our vaccinations to help suppress the risk of hospitalisation/death, I can assure you I won’t be put back on lockdown again. I won’t deny my kids the ability to visit friends & family. People won’t stand for that again.
  20. I’m tempted to buy these for the kids and take them to Tesco for a laugh 🤣
  21. Am I right in saying the English census of 2021 is still being collated? (Scotland’s is next year). I hope it’ll be a watershed moment when the results show that these ‘gender neutral/fluid’ loons are deeply over-represented and that their position on gender is just part of a spectrum of mental disorders. I often joke that I don’t actually identify as male other than when I occasionally select ‘Mr’ on the odd application form. I suppose I dress consistently with most other males and have dominant characterists that most would assume to be ‘male’, but I also have things many would say are traditionally feminine. I just don’t understand why people are offended by their biological gender. What’s a pronoun got to do with who you actually are as a person? Nothing.
  22. Beyond the initial lockdown which eased around May/June, things began to feel normal again for our young family. We… erm… didn’t do the whole grandparents on the other side of patio doors, we met regularly outdoors but kept a safe distance. The grandparents got their hugs and kisses with the little ones later that summer. (Face masks on at first, but not latterly). Youre right, if families had stuck to the gov advice to the letter it would have been damaging to us all in the short term. Too high a price to pay when you square it with mental well-being. Thankfully I don’t believe we will ever go back to the lockdowns/restrictions we experience previously because the buy in for them would be minuscule. This is why I feel silly masks are a small price to pay. Even if the net benefit is such that 10 masked, covid-stricken punters walk into a pub, resulting in as many as 8 or 9 of them ultimately still passing the virus on. I just believe we need to take lots of these small precautions to do what we can to buy a bit more time.
  23. I mentioned this in one of my first posts to be fair. There is huge animosity amongst those that are pro-independence, that the SNPs views on gender and equality are frankly poisonous. If Scotland became independent the SNP would lose power. In our elections last May there was a significant consensus amongst SNP voters that this was their last chance. Deliver on the promise of indyref2, or say cheerio to our votes next time. Hand on heart, I will never vote SNP again unless they change their position on gender. I take the point on making a decision based purely on the current party in power, but it would take a seismic shift for the broader political views of the Scottish to ever be aligned with the English. You guys can’t get enough of Boris. I actually thought Starmer did a great job initially as he dismantled Bojo each week at PMQS, but it’s not enough. No amount of incompetence from the Tories will see them toppled now. Their unaffordable, doomed covid support packages have just bought them even more support. If we had the same electoral system as the UK government there would be about 120 SNP msp’s and barely 1 or 2 Tories. That’s how dramatically unpopular Tory ideals are up here. I think it would be naive to wait on things changing in my lifetime…
  24. ‘Marginally’ more deaths would be 3 or 4 thousand, not arguably 100,000 which could represent an increase of 300-400% in a calendar year!! The thing people forget is we didn’t know just how deadly (or not if that’s your view) this was going to be back in March/April. The scenes from Italy were appalling. To me the first lockdown was wholly justified, at least to buy some time. The second ‘just to save Christmas Day’ lockdown was the one they betrayed us with!! They had no intention of that being anything other than a prolonged shut down. I think they lied about the Indian variant to support that narrative.
  25. As someone who had a baby boy precisely 1 week after Boris’ fateful lockdown speech, I can confirm that’s nonsense. It’s just a bit of fabric over your mouth and nose. Swallow your pride and just wear one 😝
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