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  1. I’d want 40% out of spite but I’m afraid prices will only rise. I’m tired of embarrassing myself with the “this is it guys!” rhetoric. We are entering an era where WFH will only channel even more of our income toward buying houses. Particularly when typical mortgage rates will never rise above 2 or 3% for anyone with a decent LTV over the next 10-15 years. Who needs two cars anymore? I don’t. I actually convinced the wife she should just sell hers. We both WFH so what are the chances of needing both more than once in a blue moon?! Further savings that millions of couples could, and probably will funnel into house buying. Honest guys… it’s over. Let’s all stay friends though.
  2. Unfortunately pro-Indy supporters are tiring of the SNP delaying a second referendum. I’d take the SNPs ‘indyref2 within 5 years’ with a huge pinch of salt.
  3. I’ve only had the flu once, and like most people here I can vouch for it being dramatically harder to deal with that a cold. I felt incredibly run down and it was hard to function at times. Maybe my ‘working through it’ comment was a slight exaggeration but I stand by the sentiment. I’ve spoken to several colleagues that’ve said this was worse than any flu they’d had in the past. More importantly, it lasted longer and has had lasting effects on several of these people, even a year later. I agree the government response went too far. I also agree lifestyle, diet, and basic decision making goes a long way to preventing you catching it, or indeed really suffering. I think even comparing it to flu however is pretty disingenuous because we know deaths related to covid dwarf those you’d typically expect from a normal flu seasons.
  4. I’m hearing you, however….. I work in highways with a wide range of pretty fit and healthy people of all ages. Hard working men, the majority of which work long hours and don’t have time to drink because they are on a standby rota much of the year. These are guys in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, most of which are well toward the healthier, upper percentiles for their age. These are people that will have all had regular cold and flu viruses throughout their lives, often feeling forced to work through them because of work pressure. Now for my direct experience of ‘covid’ within our company… I know of a good 25 people that have tested positive for covid. The younger guys in their early 20s didn’t feel a thing - they said they felt a little hung over for a few days. It was nothing. The workforce however have largely spoke of it being the most horrendous flu they’ve every had. One guy in his late 30s is from a military background and still hasn’t recovered fully. I know guys that prided themselves on having never missed a days work for 20 years - only to miss 3 months and come back to work a shadow of their former selves. I’ve sat with these people and like other colleagues I’ve been intrigued to hear their account of it. I’ve watched a couple of grown men tear up and say they felt they were going to die. I don’t deny health plays a huge factor in this - but fit men and women I know have described covid as a living nightmare that’s incomparable to a normal ‘flu’. Many of them have been left with other ongoing issues.
  5. So we’re just ignoring the 100s of billions £££ in oil that the UK government collect from Scottish waters before redistributing to the UK as a whole? Yup, I thought so. You don’t even have sufficient levels of drinking water in England for god sake!! Relax, the oil industry has had its day so the English government and its propaganda mouthpieces like the BBC will change their agenda and ‘let scotland go’. You think independence is about money. It’s about having control over our own affairs. The broad political views up here aren’t shared with the those in the south. The Tories have went from strength to strength with that moron at the helm.
  6. It’s already 6-8%. Im just buying a chippy that’s gone up 15% in the last year.
  7. You’d have to either be a child or a complete mug to believe the average cost of goods and services has only risen 2% over the last 12 months. Fuel, energy, food, clothing, building materials and leisure have all gone up by far, far more that. Jeez, not to mention cars and houses!!! I finally took this kids to a softplay that’s reopened, it’s twice the price for half the time!! The food they sells gone up 50% too. A pal recommended a caravan park he takes the family to regularly…. It’s now £1200 for 5 nights. Up 30% on what he he’s typically paid in recent years. 2% though. Sure.
  8. The BBC are reporting inflation is back down to 2% target because clothing is cheaper. Is anyone believing these lies?!?!
  9. Building materials have rocketed. Suppliers blame brexit and/or covid but the reality is they are just capitalising on a year where lots of people have had plenty of time to get jobs around the house done. I feel food has risen too. I’ve kept a few receipts to see if I can spot any rises in the coming months. I just feel retailers have broadly enjoyed the pent up demand and boost from people not spending money on the likes of foreign holidays. It’ll be very interesting to see how much money is spent in December. Will people reign it in? Probably not. The retail park near me is often packed mid week with bored boomers window shopping. Not sure if they are spending money or not though.
  10. I only really scrutinise the Scottish dashboard, but to be fair the stats couldn’t really look any more positive in terms of moving forward. Only 40 people in the whole of Scotland in ICU with covid. Naturally, you’d ask what is the broader state of their health. Deaths of those younger than 60 in Scotland attributed to covid… (since the start of the pandemic so irrespective of vaccination)… it’s barely 1 or 2 deaths per week. That’s under 60s and let me tell you many of my fellow countryman do not look after themselves very well! We all know these numbers have been massaged - if in doubt, blame covid. So I really don’t see any evidence of the Indian variant causing concern and the probability of another lockdown is nil. My armchair analysis of covid was that it ripped through care homes and the elderly, representing a horrendous flu season. We overreacted which I can understand, but now governments are realising this wasn’t as deadly as they feared. If you look after yourself and take some basic precautions you’ve nothing to worry about.
  11. Won’t the boomers money ultimately line the pockets of the millennials in years to come, further pushing prices up?!?! My parents are almost 70 and despite modest careers in jobs that weren’t particularly well paid, they are, how can I put this, erm, utterly loaded. Not all that wealth disappears. I think that’s part of the problem with houses prices. A generation of 30-40 somethings are inheriting the fortunes ‘made’ on HPI on their parents watches.
  12. I think it’ll be extended for the travel industry until such times as they remove the current traffic light system. I think that’ll be a bit later in the year. Pinning my hopes on a family holiday to the reef later this year!!!
  13. I don’t think we’ll see much change on the lower limits of shorter fixes until the BoE base rate changes. Longer fixes however continue to creep down. You can get 7 year fixes at 1.49%!!!!
  14. But more importantly, bread and milk represent a very low proportion of the average persons outgoings on food & drink. When you sift through the ONS’ indices for groceries you can see how rudimentary they are. There are lots of things we only tend to buy when they are on offer and over the last year you’re not seeing them discounted because everyone’s been stuck at home so demand for basic luxuries has risen.
  15. Walk into any shop and you can see prices have broadly risen at least 10-15% over last 18 months. The RPI measures a lot of staples that probably haven’t risen as much, but these indexes don’t capture the reality of shopping. For starters there are far fewer ‘multi-buys’ because people are spending more money staying in. You see it with alcohol, soft drinks and confectionery. Flat prices - take it or leave it. Prices in the likes of B&Q will blow your mind. Timber has more than doubled over the last 2 years. It’s sickening. They had a cheap looking pair of secateurs for £20 for god sake! £36 for a sheet or MDF, £22 for a fence post, £25 for a roll of loft insulation, £17 for danish oil!!! These have all risen 70-80% in recent years. It’s everywhere. Every shop. Yet they report 2.5% year on year. It’s all lies. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!
  16. Within my social circle I don’t know of anyone that’s been told WFH’s cancelled. The Mrs works in the NHS as an analyst. They’ve all been told WFH full time is fine by their managers that are obviously loving it themselves. I work in Highways and we’ve been told that a 50/50 hybrid model is the new norm because that’s what the Scottish Government and indeed Transport Scotland want to see. I know lots of people in various roles in local authorities and it should come as no surprise that they are lapping WFH up. They are literally stripping offices ahead of selling them!! I know people that work in other admin roles and in education who are also being told WFH is acceptable. The message in Scotland was always weighted more toward well-being when it came to WFH. The benefits are obvious so I believe it is genuinely here to stay.
  17. I don’t agree with the sentiment of this post. Everyone I know across many industries is being told by their employers that WFH is here to stay. Employers clearly see the savings in having people off site. Also, I can see it being used to curb wage rises as staff benefit from reduced travel costs and child care. Local authorities around me are stripping office spaces ahead of selling them!!! That lot are loving these people pandemic times!!
  18. What’s the recent advice been in England? Although we’ve dropped our restrictions in Scotland, our government are looking to pass laws to enforce the wearing of face masks. Also, Sturgeon has made it a key message that they will work with businesses to encourage working from home in a hybrid form, even beyond the pandemic. They’re saying that change is needed and a balance is important to well being.
  19. I work for a big engineering company and they seem to fully support the ‘hybrid’ working. They’re saying a 50/50 split is there for those that want it, even beyond the pandemic.
  20. Hopefully millions of people are waking up to the fact they don’t need half the cr*p they consume. Pandemic or no pandemic. My kids will be spoilt at Christmas while they’re still young and believers in the big man. Beyond that we’ve chilled a bit on the excessive spending. It was easy during the lockdown - looking for things to entertain them.
  21. Gruffydd, you think BoE rate will rise this week? Ive told everyone it will so I will look like numpty if it doesn’t.
  22. Markyh, The Gran Canaria is normally our go to in October/ early November. Nothing beats leaving the cold, wet, pitch-black to land in the Canarias with its heat just 5 hours later. I feel you’re pain on the cost of staycations. We’ve ruled them out but that’s partly due to having a new born to keep us busy. Like you say - anything half decent is £300-400 per night for a family before you even think of food, transport and activities. Sod that. I’m hoping they’ll ditch the testing regime later this year once most of Europe has been vaccinated. Then we’ll get either Tenerife or Gran Canaria booked.
  23. Sounds a worthwhile policy but let’s hope it’s not open to abuse. Ie. Surely people won’t just relocate, WFH, then leave a few years later!! I assume it’s an allowance per annum over a number of years.
  24. 2014 diesel golf & a 2021 Electric Peugeot 208 (company car). Our cars have never cost more than 5 - 7k or so second hand. Bought with cash or the odd 0% credit card.
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