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  1. Unfortunately we live in a time where people are so stupid they believe the world is flat. It’s a sign of the desperation some morons have to believe that they know better than others. I don’t know who you’re quoting as saying ‘covid vaccines have done more harm’ but I assume it’s borne from the fact that we live in an era of fake news and misinformation on social media. Like I say, I wonder how many anti-vaxers gratefully had their own kids vaccinated in their early years.
  2. You’re over-complicating matters in an effort to justify your position. 1. Who says I’d want my kids to take a covid vaccination? I wouldn’t. 2. We didn’t know the mortality rate a year ago and will NEVER know what it would’ve been in the UK had we not had the vaccination. 3. Who says most people are going to take a covid jab every six months or ever again for that matter? I probably won’t. 4. Covid passports are about separating the compliant from non-compliant?! Give me a break. The government couldn’t care less that a small minority of people are unvaccinated. 0 I’ve said it before and happily say it again for all the delusional people out there. Rewind 12 months and far more people were dying from covid and/or were in ICU. That was at a time when the schools were shut and social interactions were non-existent. Today, ICU occupation in Scotland is down 70% in spite of kids being back at school, gigs and events being back on and people clearly easing up on their own personal measures. Maybe… just maybe… that’s because of the vaccination programme… 🙄 PS. You’re welcome. I took that jab for you guys.
  3. Why do people scoff at 1% mortality? That could be a relative of mine or a good friend or colleague?! It could be you or I. We didn’t know the mortality rate of covid when work on the vaccine started. We didn’t fully understand how deadly subsequent variants could be. We still don’t fully know what the lasting effects of covid may be. On vaccinations or vaccine passports, I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. In Scotland you can ‘opt out’ from any calls to take the vaccine and this simply means that over winter you effectively cannot go to a nightclub or major event. Big deal. Im kinda scratching my head at why anyone reluctant to take the vaccine would take issue with that. We live in a democratic society and unless I’m mistaken 99.99999% of us were vaccinated at birth with no objections…
  4. Correct. Many people here forget prices have a direct correlation with mortgage rates and that it costs a fraction to borrow money nowadays. A 300k house with a 6% interest rate 15 years ago was probably dearer than a 450k house today with a rate of 1.5%. The interest you pay is a fraction of what you’d otherwise pay in rent. The WFH shift prompted by covid boosted prices but within the same timeframe rates continued to edge down and confidence in them remaining low for many years to come was bolstered. I’d be amazed if the base rate goes above 2% over the next 10-15 years. Mortgage rates therefore aren’t going anywhere.
  5. Did you actually believe they was legit for a second?! 🤣
  6. I was looking at the bookies odds on Boris departing Q1 next year… thinking I’ll have a wee flutter 😎
  7. Why we talking jabs in this thread?!
  8. Perhaps someone can educate me a little. As the Tory’s lack an overall majority - why don’t the other parties table a vote of no confidence?! Surely Boris and crew have made enough mistakes now to warrant one? Is it simply fear that they will just win another election and does that just reset the 4 year term? I wonder if labour think there will be a better time in the short term to beat the Tories…
  9. I’m amazed the BBC published this but I trust it’ll drop away shortly and not be a the headline for an entire day like the ‘drunken SNP raises voice’ story haha!! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-59270798 He’s the living embodiment of Harry Enfields ‘Tory boy’!
  10. When we’ve had offers accepted on places and they’ve been ‘removed from the market’, my mum who can’t help herself always rings the agent to call their bluff 🤣 ”Oh I see it says under offer but name your price”…. It’s never unearthed any bad ‘uns. I think agents these days just want the sale done and couldn’t care less on a percentage of a few extra thousand.
  11. The BBC are on hand to manage the Tory reputation through this difficult times. Some good old-fashioned unfounded smear or other parties being peddled to even the balance. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-59243206
  12. Why did a Scottish guy choose a company car where the benefit in kind contribution is barely £5 per month? Is that what you’re asking?! 🤣
  13. Anyone know if the new car supply problem is across all manufacturers? Has anyone recently bought or taken a new company car without a long lead time? I move companies next month and not sure what’ll happen. One thing’s for sure, at least for now anyway - I’m done with EVs. This weekend the car was fully charged, 209 mile range. A 70 mile round trip saw that fall to 65!!!!!, then after a 20 mile commute to work it’s down to 25 which meant I couldn’t trust getting home without charging it again. Totally pointless!!!!
  14. Building materials and in particular timber will blow your mind. You used to be able to buy sheets of half inch mdf and 5mm ply for under £10 from timber merchants 18 months ago, but now it’s £30. Facings used to be 90p per metre but now £1.70.
  15. Yup, amounts that literally equate to £20 per month for every 200k owed. Sigh.
  16. Exactly. Most people could just cancel their sky package. Im more interested in unemployment levels in Jan/Feb. Once the holiday season is over and everyone’s out of cash, how will that impact businesses? I think that’s the only way we see this crash. Rates aren’t going to be raised to the levels they should be.
  17. I think a high proportion of those that took the vaccine did so after weighing up the risks, as opposed to blindly rolling up their sleeves like sheep. I wouldn’t want my kids to take it - I don’t see the benefit. I will also be hesitant to take the booster or any subsequent vaccines until I fully review the data for myself.
  18. We shouldn’t lose sight of the growing threat covid posed back in the autumn of 2020. Deaths were starting to mount again and many of us knew friends and colleagues that had been hit hard with covid. There was also strong evidence to suggest the delta variant could be particularly worse. We will never know what the death toll would’ve been without lockdowns or the vaccination. Would it be 20% higher? Or 50%? Or would it of been lower? No one knows and never will. I don’t agree with the governments economic response to the pandemic but I broadly accept the restrictions and lockdowns that were imposed. I initially don’t think under 40s should’ve been vaccinated but rewind 6 months and covid was rife amongst the younger generations. Gigs, football and pubs all becoming a breeding ground. I work with a young guy who caught covid 3 times - all from going to football games/gatherings.
  19. Because age is trumped hugely by health when it comes to deaths. It’s incredibly rare for healthy people to die of covid. It’s killing the most unwell in society and in particular those that are overweight and with resulting underlying conditions. That’s why deaths under 40 or even 50 are miniscule. It doesn’t surprise me that the Scottish government are suggesting the trend is closing on proportion of deaths between vaccinated and unvaccinated as the programme started almost a year ago, and within each of those cohorts the health of individuals is skewed. I don’t need stats or data to tell me that if you were to take 100,000 people at random, then the 20,000 unvaccinated people you’d expect to find are going to be broadly younger and ‘healthier’ than the vaccinated. It stands to reason that the vaccinated group are those far more vulnerable to the potential consequences of catching covid - that’s what compelled them to take the vaccine. The people I know that declined the vaccine are generally younger and healthier than the those that received it in the first wave. Ie. Friends and colleagues with underlying health conditions who were desperate to get. I therefore don’t see why it comes as a shock when a higher proportion of deaths are of those that are vaccinated.
  20. It’s human nature to raise prices when you have an endless queue of muppets waving free cash in your face. I like to list some things on gumtree for modest prices but then just give them away for free. If someone’s coming to pick up second-hand baby clothes or a pressure cooker then they need the money more than me. Some toys and tech however are thrown on eBay and it’s crazy how often you get back more than you paid. All thanks to brexit of course. I have links to the building trade and know of a few builders merchants boasting about how they just keep putting their prices up. Their businesses are getting quieter and quieter but they don’t care. They’re making the same profits flogging half the goods.
  21. The portrayal of ‘88% covid deaths are vaccinated’ as a means of suggesting the vaccine is ineffective is incredibly disingenuous and you’d have to be stupid to interpret it in that way. 80% of Scots have had at least one dose and it’s skewed toward older people and the vulnerable. Skewed so greatly in fact that the over 40s are now 96% fully vaccinated. Take a minute to think about the typical health of those aged 0 - 40 compared with 41 - 90. Take another minute to look at number of deaths of under 40s compared with the overs - there are barely any deaths amongst younger people at all!! If 17 or 18% of your population are ‘children’ and the overwhelming majority are unvaccinated and equally highly unlikely to die of covid then it stands to reason that covid deaths will be amongst those that are vaccinated. This is because a huge proportion of the remaining population are vaccinated. I see podcast after podcast with morons beaming with excitement about this falsehood. ‘Take the covid deaths in Scatland’… (that was my impression of an American). The stats irrefutably show that vaccinated people are less likely to get seriously ill or die from covid, not the contrary. Last winter we had incredibly harsh restrictions, our schools were shut, and the death toll was 3x what it is today.
  22. A generation of young people only know ridiculously low rates and the BoE will take years to raise them above even a pitiful 1%. The only way we’ll see HPC is if unemployment rises and I think that’s likely early next year as people find they’ve less money to spend in pubs, restaurants and on retail.
  23. Thanks for the solid work, count. I trust we Scots will not let you don’t in the coming months. Prices will fall. The market is already completely dead in spite of there being some decent properties there for the taking.
  24. ‘The cruel world of politics’ he says. Just let those words sink in whilst we spare a thought for the millions that live in, or close to poverty. The millions of low paid, hard working parents who take on extra hours to the detriment of time with their families to earn a fraction of the salary this man benefited from. Listening to Shapps defend and deflect was sickening. I keep hearing “they think we are stupid” in response to their lies and excuses. No, they don’t think we are stupid. They simply don’t care enough to entertain anything other than cliche rhetoric.
  25. It’s staggering but not surprising. The next review is the 16th December so guaranteed to be another hold again next month.
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